Relaxation for children MP3

The relaxation for children CD that started it all!

The relaxation for children CD that started it all! This CD I produced about 4 years ago now and was the reason why I began to sell relaxation and meditation CD’s and MP3’s world wide. Why did I select to produce a relaxation for children MP3? There is an easy answer to this and I will tell you a little about it.

It was when I was in school, way back over 20 years ago now, and there were times when I was bullied by a kid a lot bigger than me – which was easy to find a kid bigger than me as I was one of the smallest in the school! It seemed to happen on most afternoons after I would get off the school bus and he would start pushing me around. I never stood up for myself and no one else seemed to stand up for me either. It was not a very pleasant exchange of energy that’s for sure. I just lived and and kept on living it day after day.

Now, I really believe this bullying happened only because I was unsure of myself and did not believe in who I was… and so I was an easy target for bullies. My bully sensed the weakness in me and did not hesitate to attack me. I wonder if I would have had this CD or Mp3 as a child, could of this all been prevented? Possibly. Regardless, as an adult, I needed to do my part and to assist children to believe in all they have to offer – and so, this MP3 was born.

This children’s relaxation affirmation MP3 has 8 tracks on it. Tracks consisting of affirmations in fun and uplifting songs such as “I believe in me”, “I am a champion”, “I always make good choices”, and morning and afternoon affirmations. Take a listen to a sample here:

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The final part of the relaxation for children MP3 is a guided relaxation that takes each child on their own journey inside a forest and up an enchanted tree. And what makes this CD even more special? The final song called “Found” written by myself and Alex Harding has a chorus of people with disabilities singing along with me. A beautiful and inspirational song. Just click on the picture above if you would like to instantly download this MP3 album for only $9.95

Enjoy, and please, let me know what you think.