Your Questions About Brainwave Entrainment For Anxiety

Chris asks…

Would they be able to tell what I bought with their credit card?

I’m not planning on doing anything dangerous or illegal, but I really wanted this anxiety brainwave  mp3 that will help me keep calmer that you have on your website. It’s around $10.00 dollars for the mp3, but the thing is, my parents wouldn’t want me using “Brainwave entrainment” for whatever reason. They usually have a problem with anything that sounds like it may be a mind altering device (even if it isn’t, they won’t listen to me). So, I figured I could just tell them I was buying a game on Steam and needed their credit card info, but I’m afraid they might find out I lied and bought the anxiety mp3. So, if they use a mastercard or a visa, would it tell them exactly what I spent the money on, or the web address the purchase was made on? A better question, without physically seeing the mp3 on my computer, is there any way they could find out how I spent the money? What evidence would lead them to find out, if they didn’t see it on my ipod or computer?

admin answers:

They could always ask the credit card company to provide the original receipt that has the item name on it.

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