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Your Questions About Meditation And Binaural Beats

Maria asks…

Has anyone tried binaural beats for meditation or producing delta waves?

I’m looking for a good inexpensive mp3 or cd I can get that will help me produce Delta brainwaves so I can get to sleep. I also want to use it for meditation purposes. Can anyone recommend and good links?

admin answers:

There are some really great mp3s out there to help you get to a delta state. One that comes to mind is  here: http://www.relaxmeonline.com/brainwave-entrainment/stress-relief/ After 5 minutes of listening, I fall asleep.

You don’t have to buy anything, you could put yourself into a deep delta state just by meditating. However binaural beats and brainwave technology make it so much easier to produce certain states of awareness.

The link is down below if you want to check it out further information on it. It only costs like $12.95. Extremely inexpensive, but definitely worth taking a look at.


Richard asks…

meditation and binaural beats?

Do binaural beats work for meditation because it hard for me to concentrate and when i meditate i’m not sure if i am really in the meditative state, so i was wondering if this would help…

Also, if you use it for a while will it make it easier for you to meditate without it? …. Or could it make it harder?

admin answers:

This is a complicated method of developing a meditative state, and if you are finding it difficult, binaural beats might be overwhelming and not come naturally.

One point of interest, your first statement said it is hard for you to concentrate when you meditate. One goal in certain types of meditation is not to concentrate, but to let go of that kind of focus, allowing your thoughts to become more random.

More about your question, this answer is hard to do justice to such a complicated topic but I will try to shed some light.

In meditation, experienced meditates can simulate specific frequencies that stimulate glands which will produce hormones from the brain.
Some people can achieve better sleep if they can reach this level of meditation before bedtime. People who are able to use the binaural beats can produce the natural hormones to allow them to develop a feeling or phenomena achieved by entraining the brain to a specific frequency.

Binaural beats have also been used in the recovery of repressed memories and serious addictions. Also post traumatic stress disorder can be treated, which can lead one back to memories and determine which are authentic memories versus false memories.

Often therapists use a method of causing the patient to simulate rapid eye movement when used in psychotherapy.
This is related to your question, causing the brain to calm and stimulating hormones produced by particular frequencies.

This is an interesting topic to study!

Laura asks…

binaural beats, help in later meditation?

Do binaural beats work for meditation because it hard for me to concentrate and when i meditate i’m not sure if i am really in the meditative state, so i was wondering if this would help…

Also, if you use it for a while will it make it easier for you to meditate without it? …. Or could it make it harder?

admin answers:

Indeed they have assisted me with deep meditation many times. Remember it is important NOT to concentrate when you meditate – and try not to be connected to if you are in a meditative state or not. Let go. If your mind wanders, go easy on yourself, bring your focus back – focus on your breathing. Try this one Laura: http://www.relaxmeonline.com/brainwave-entrainment/zen-monk-meditation/ This can really help to place you in the zone.

Joseph asks…

Where can I download some binaural beats for various things like help to sleep or meditation?

I had seen a website but I can’t find it anymore! I want some binaural beats that are tailored to help with different things like sleep, meditation, and past life regression?

Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

We plan on having MANY binaural beats here at Relax Me Online. Please stay posted. In the mean time, please visit our co-store www.zenmanscrystals.com.au for many different binaural beats and entrainment CDs. We have binaural beats for everything from losing weight to improving memory – including the things you are looking for!

George asks…

Binaural Beats and Subliminal Messages?

I was browsing this website:

and came across some binaural beats for meditation and subliminal messages. I’m wondering if anyone has experience with either of these, and how well they work.

I’m fairly certain that binaural beats are great for meditation, but its the ability of subliminal message Cd’s to actually change a person’s character that I’m skeptic about.

Has anyone ever changed a behavior after working with subliminal messages?

admin answers:

I recently produced  a CD of binaural beats with some calming music to go to meditate to and another to sleep by. They worked in giving me very deep sleep and also letting my mind sort of roam free. We also offer a  tibetan singing bowl MP3 and the tones of the bowl when it is hit are reminiscent of binaural beats, and also create a meditative state of mind. You can check it out here:  http://www.relaxmeonline.com/relaxation-music/for-meditation/

Tibetan Bells Night Meditation By Jason Stephenson

      Tibetan bells night meditation preview

Length: 50 minutes

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