Your Questions About Relaxation Music For Meditation

George asks…

What are some good meditation/relaxation music?

I’m after some good music for relaxation and meditation.I love the sound of thunder and rain pelting or a babbling river something like that.And just some average relaxing music.

admin answers:

Some of my favorites are environmental sound scape. There will be more to come on our site (we are only relatively new) however you may want to check out the following: Here are some WONDERFUL water scape and also a beautiful album by Clinton Lourey with a combination of environment sounds and music… just amazing. Also, this one is extremely relaxing “Tibetan Bells” –

Now there is no such thing as “average relaxation music here at Relax Me Online, (:))))) , however this is pure relaxation music and PERFECT for meditation. – (The Essence of Peace)

Best wishes George in your searches.

Mary asks…

Good relaxation/meditation music?

I’m interested in buying some CD’s of relaxation music, like nature sounds, wind chimes, piano… Anyone know any particularly good titles I can get easily, or what sort of stores might sell some good stuff for cheap?
ps the reason I’m looking for CD’s is because I want stuff I can play on my ipod at night while sleeping or on my stereo at home, which can’t connect to iPods or computers. Plus, on my campus, from my room the only nature sounds I hear are construction of new facilities, trucks, and drunk people…

admin answers:

Please check out our other store on Ebay for MANY relaxation CD’s.  Zen Man’s Crystals and relaxation CD’s. 

Good luck and peace always, Jason.

Charles asks…

I do a class called Body Balance & I’m looking for meditation/relaxation music with instructions/steps?

I do a class called Body Balance I really enjoy the 10 minutes of relaxation/meditation at the end, I have trouble sleeping and want to use it before bed, I’m not looking for just relaxation music because I can find tons of that online, I’m looking for one with a voice over or “guide” – the one used in balance starts with the instruction relaxing everybody of the face to the toes- something smiler to that would be fantastic!


admin answers:

We have some great music here, but of course not voice recordings that you are after. I would suggest grabbing some relaxation tracks and then recording the voices yourself – this way you will be getting exactly what it is you want on your recordings. Good luck.

Lisa asks…

Looking for Relaxation/Meditation Music?

So I’m trying to find some good music to relax and meditat too. I don’t usually listen to it so i’m not framiliar with it but i need some songs that are like sound effects kind of like, Rain, the ocean, the rainforrestt, etc. I also enjoy that like indian? Buddha? music. Like Shakra or something like that. Or just like piano music, something that will bring me to another place when i close my eyes, like the middle of a field full of flowers. Thank you.

admin answers:

You have come to the right place Lisa – Please take a look at this section here for environment sounds…. There will be more to follow here so stay tuned. Also, you may like to listen to our tribal meditation music here. Best wishes!


Mandy asks…

Free relaxation music and exercises?

Has anyone downloaded any relaxation tapes for free and are they any use? Have been told a lot of American colleges provide them free for students but don’t know where to look. Would like some relaxation/meditation music also to help unwind. Thanks.

admin answers:

We have some FREE meditation music samples for you right now – Please go to the TAB above which says “FREE” and just click on the add to cart now (you don’t pay a thing) and you will have instant access for downloading 40 minutes of FREE relaxation music.

Sandy asks…

Recommend good music for meditation and relaxation?

Hi. I want to give a friend a music CD for her meditation sessions at home. She is much into yoga and Buddhist philosophy. She meditates a lot and likes to listen relaxing music.

What would be the best recommended music for this?


admin answers:

If you are after CD’s please visit our site at  for MANY varied relaxation, meditation, hypnosis and brainwave entrainment CD’s. Good luck.