Your Questions About Meditation And Binaural Beats

Helen asks…

Is it safe for 13 year olds to use binaural beats?

A few days ago, I was looking up some random stuff and I came across this form of meditation called binaural beats. I’ve never heard of it before so I decided to look it up. From what I know, it’s 100% safe for adults to use, but children have chances of getting seizures, apparently. I have never had a seizure before and I don’t think I will ever get one from this. I tried using binaural beats yesterday for about a minute and I was perfectly fine. I was wondering if using it every once in a while would harm my brain or my body because I would really like to know and I want to try this if it’s OK for me to use.. Thanks!

admin answers:

Listening to binaural beats is not meditation in itself. Please use them as a tool to ASSIST with your meditation practise. At first, meditation does take quite some effort and this is where binaural beats can speed up the process. We do advise that children under the ae of 13 do not use binaural beats – simply as a precaution that it may effect them adversely. However, I have never heard as yet of anything happening negatively with children using binaural beats. The best thing is is to simply use music to assist with meditation – or use our Tibetan bells meditation.  Eventually you will observe progress. Besides finding that one’s mind becomes more at peace [fewer thoughts], practitioners who persist in this meditation develop a degree of suppleness such that they are very at ease and flexible in different conditions. This meditation is typically done as a starting meditation by practitioners of Soto Zen to develop a stable mind.


Body: Sit comfortably in a stable and pleasant position, free from disturbance, with the back reasonably straight. The posture should promote neither restlessness nor sleepiness. Place your hands (a) on your knees with the palms up or down or (b) on your lap with the palms up. The eyes should be open and look gently slightly down past the tip of your nose and in a relaxed manner. Establish a base physical posture for meditation which suits you. This will be referred as your base posture.

Breath: Breathe through your nose. Let the rate and depth of your breath be just as it is. Don’t interfere with it.

Mind: Begin your meditation with a joyous attitude. Feel fortunate that you are taking some time to explore yourself and care for yourself. Now attend to your breathing. Count each inhalation, and exhalation cycle as one up until the number ten. Mentally count the number with the out breath. When you complete a cycle of ten breaths, start over again from the number one.
· Place your attention particularly on the out-breath. Notice the quality of the exhalation.
· Be sure also to attend to the moments between the inhalation and exhalation and exhalation and inhalation.
· When you lose your count, return to the number one. Don’t worry about it. Just keep with the practice.

1. The seven-fold posture of Vairochana is recommended with (1) legs crossed (or feet flat on ground if in chair), (2) spine straight (relaxed), (3) hands in lap palms up, (4) chin tilted slightly downwards, (5) eyes half-open, looking slightly downward, (6) tongue and lips relaxed (tongue may touch upper palate), (7) elbows out to the sides, shoulders level.
2. If this is helpful continue with it.

Ruth asks…

Where can I find or download free binaural beats for Astral Projection,Meditation,Manifestation,ESP / Psychic,?

and also Christ Conscious,Motivation,Prosperity,Weight Loss,Lucid Dreaming,Memory Enhancer,Shaman Conscious,Self Hypnosis,DNA Stimulation,Endorphin Release,Remote Viewing,Spirit Guide,Aura Viewing,Creativity,Health,Stress Relief,Telepathy,Energy Enhancer and Past life regression.Im tired of money,i want something free or maybe you are kind enough to let me download or borrow your binuaral beats.anyway thanks in advance.

admin answers:

Wow, this is a large list. We do have a FREE section – just check the tab above, and we will change this on a regular basis to give our followers a taste of different forms of meditation. Enjoy.

Sandra asks…

Where can I get Binaural Beat music that is specifically made for meditating for telekinesis for free?

Hi I have been looking on yahoo answers..and lots..well actually tons of other sites for telekinesis meditation music using binaural beats.
I really NEED it free…and all of the sites that I have looked at..they all want money! So (if there is such a thing) I really do need a free telekinesis meditation music using binaural beats! For FREE!

admin answers:

Hi Sandra,

Sorry but I have not come across a binaural beat for telekinesis, although I can direct you to some fine quality recordings for most meditative purposes. We will be getting many more binaural beats coming soon onour site – please stay tuned!  There are recordings to enhance psychic ability which may meet your requirement.

Binaural beats technology is precise and proven to guide the brain quickly and safely to altered states of consciousness, but I would respectfully suggest that in Quality terms you get what you pay for, or not as the case may be.

I have used many freebies but I have not experienced the same profound effect available fromthe high quality recordings.

I relise that many are skeptical of this meditation method, but it is helping people deal with stress, find instant relaxation and generally enhancing their life quality. People who try it are very pleasantly surprised at the immediate benefits that they feel.

Hope the site may be useful to you,

Best wishes,