Your Questions About Binaural Beats Sleep

Nancy asks…

Can listening to binaural beats made for sleep actually put me to sleep? Or do you have to be pretty relaxed or tired already before being affected?

admin answers:

If you get the right frequency, then yes. I have used them. 🙂 Try them – they may just as likely work for you too.

Daniel asks…

Will listening to alpha binaural beats before and during sleep induce lucid dreaming?

I’m *not* looking for an OBE. If listening to alpha would result in an OBE, please tell me. Thanks!
If I listen to alpha then beta during for too long will my body wake up, or just the mind?

admin answers:

Alpha makes it easier to achieve high quality imagery, but my understanding of lucidity is that it’s brought about through a spike of awareness when you are already immersed in alpha rather than the alpha itself. So, you might want to lace them with varying swells of Beta from time to time.

OBEs usually need to be worked at, so although they’re more likely to occur when you have unusually high awareness levels in your physical sleep, it’s unlikely that you’ll have one if you’re not deliberately honing a technique for them.

Lizzie asks…

Will using Binaural Beats to induce lucid dreaming put me in sleep paralysis?

Now ive been Using tools like Dream journal, and diffrent methods im going to try binaural beats

admin answers:

The simple answer: Yes, if you do it properly.

The needed steps involved to actively succeed with binaural beats are the same as the Lucid Dreaming technique WILD or Wake-Induced-Lucid-Dream. In order for binaural beats to work effectively, according to various binaural beat instruction, you have to lay still with eyes closed while the beat is playing for a set (usually longer) period of time. This is the same for the WILD technique. As for the binaural beats independent functionality, I can only say that it would add to some relaxation factor and mental stimulation, as well as brainwave conditioning needed to enter the sleep stage associated with sleep paralysis. (REM)