Your Questions About Music Can Relieve Stress

Daniel asks…

Does anyone know any good songs about music and how it relieves stress?

I need to know for an english report i have to do. any songs about how music relieves stress, how playing an instrument can, or the piano, please list here. any genre is alright with me 🙂

admin answers:

Smooth Jazz calms the mind and helps stress go away. The piano, harp and many more instruments will help calm stress. Ofcourse, we have many tracks hear that can calm you – some are very deep relaxation tracks.  The kind of music that has words of hate, swearing, harsh words or missing someone will either make you depressed, sad or angry feeling.

Susan asks…

How can you know when you are stress free?

Listening to music relieves stress they say… well I listen to music, yet I feel the same… I don’t even feel stressed to start off with but I know am…
Does masturbation realieve stress?
Just wondering…

admin answers:

Well I’m not a doctor but when you’re stress free it’s the best feeling you’ve ever felt in a long time. Nothing bad is on your mind and you’re positive about everything. I wish I was stress free every day.

Charles asks…

Where can you download free instrumental background music mp3?

That have a whole range of genres (adventure, action, spy, mystery, romance, rock, urban, etc) and that you do NOT have to pay any money. I’m broke, I wanna listen to background music to relieve stress, and I’m asking for safe, reliable, good websites in which you can download free instrumental background music NOT from movies and artists.
No “royalty-free” or any of that usual google stuff, it doesn’t help at all. Plz, good nice sites with a wide range of free background music.

admin answers:

Please check out our wonderful FREE relaxation music under the FREE tab above. Enjoy.