Your Questions About Can Children Meditate

Maria asks…

How do I teach my active child to meditate?

I was reading a best answer for another question and it was suggested to teach an active child to meditate. Well I dont meditate and I am not sure of how to do this. Are there any books anyone can suggest? Any advice that pertains to children in particular? How do you teach a child yoga…especially a boy that may think he is to cool for that? Yes, I know I can make him but that defeats the purpose of calming him down.

admin answers:

Well, there are readily available books, and an old-fashioned public librarian might help.
Here is something I found helpful. Tell your child that you would like for him to play a new game. Ask him to sit on the flloor and imagine in his mind that he is a large whale. Tell him to try to be that whale. Tell him to imagine that he is deep inside the ocean, in cool water, that he moves quietly, that he is powerful yet kind. Tell him that he is not affected by any problems outside of him because he is cool and strong. He does not affect others either because all he wants to do is swim around peacefully. You suggest these things in the beginning, then allow him gradually to say things. Try to keep the tone low as you speak, but do not criticize if he raises his, or moves around. Soon enough, he’ll pick up on your pace. Avoid stressing him if you think it is not working well at first. Let this game time increase day after day. Try and do it every day. If you’re a whale, you want to think you’re spouting water high up, with every exhale. Meditation requires repetition of a mantra, which is the exhale. It does not have to be a sound, though it would be better if you went “whoosh” with every exhale. Reward him with something afterwards, but never reward with food or money. Reward with hugs, with admiration, with your own excitement at the game. If he suggests another animal, then go ahead as long as: it is not an animal in action, as in a lion tearing apart a rabbit. Any animal that, in his mind, is in a state of calm and inner power, and makes him get into this state, where he is focused on the “game,” rather than being hyper, will work. And remember a mantra repeated rhythmically.
Good for you and him, and a great idea you have looking into this.


John asks…

How do I meditate??

I used to meditate as a child, but am no longer able to.. How can I get this ability back?? I need it to relax and feel anxiety free.. Please help….

admin answers:

Begin by tuning in to some of our relaxation MP3’s – the guided relaxations are an easy way to get back into it. Another way is to take a yoga class…its a great way to start……since you have had success with meditation in the past, it will be easy for you to re-learn this.

Donald asks…

How can you meditate at home when your household is obnoxiously loud?

I’d like to begin meditating at home. I’m still in the “beginner” stage and could really use all the peace and quiet I can get while I do this. However, my family is very loud. We have a toddler living in the home and we all know how noisy children can be.

Should I just try to tune their noise out and close myself up in my bedroom while I meditate?

admin answers:

Yes I can understand. I live near a noisy road.The best way to meditate, is to choose a time when it is quieter, like when the little child has gone to bed. Then use ear plugs and listen to one of our relaxation tracks. (We even have a FREE one available right now – just click on the FREE tab above and begin!) You can still hear music if you play it, but all the other noise is blocked out.The other way to meditate or ‘clear’ the mind is to use a Mandala or object to focus on with your eyes open. I used to use a picture of a dog I owned.Focusing like this will bring a result. It matters not how long you hold the focus, for meditation is hard at first.Remember have a ‘oneness’ in your room. Burn incense as it has a lovely aroma. Soft music, or a relaxation music does help .Don’t try too hard. Good Luck!