Your Questions About Does Hypnosis Work For Depression

Donna asks…

Does acupuncture or hypnosis work for depression relief?

admin answers:

Can do hypnosis targets the subconscious and reprogrammes the mind replaces negative thoughts. Acupuncture is used as pain relief and to cure ailments. So try hypnosis – We have some great hypnosis recordings here under the hypnosis tab above.

Carol asks…

Does anyone know if Hypnosis works for depression and marriage issues?

admin answers:

Hypnosis can be a very effective tool if used by the right people. Unfortunately many who hang out a shingle as a hypnotherapist are probably not qualified to handle the issues mentioned.

Now I am not convinced that some these professional therapists are much of help either. Personally I think part of the challenge is to find those who have references that you can check.

For depression, there are some interesting studies showing that activity can be just or more effective in the treatment than taking anti-depression medication. My point is that this is an area that is constantly evolving so I wouldn’t just get stuck in one way of thinking.

Marriage issues, well it depends. Hypnosis can be very effective in helping with issues of intimacy. It has a long track record there. It can be helpful in reframing the way partners view certain situations. Can it solve everything, no but neither can a lot of conventional approaches.