Your Questions About Is Meditation Harmful

Ken asks…

Is the sound of a bell (like a buddhist meditation bell) harmful to my pet rabbits ears?

the bell being used produces a sound that goes high pitched and lingers for a bit before being rung again. The first time my rabbit heard this sound he ran under the bed very upset. I don’t know if he was just scared at the unfamiliar noise or if it actually was hurting his ears?

admin answers:

Don’t worry. It was just scared of a new noise. Unless you have a 2ft high churchbell in your room of course 🙂

Sandy asks…

Psychologically speaking, is meditation safe for everyone?

I read an article that indicateded how Transcendental Meditation can cause anxiety and panic attacks etc…right here on this link… and here

What are your thoughts?
(Or articles for that matter)

admin answers:

The Transcendental Meditation technique is safe for everyone!

A Meta-Analysis conducted at Stanford University looked at 146 separate studies on the effectiveness of any mental technique that had any published research on it and compared the effectiveness of those technologies to the effectiveness of TM. This list of 146 studies included comparing TM to biofeedback, progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness, relaxation response, and many other mental techniques. TM was found to be twice as effective as any other mental technique in reducing anxiety and if only rigorous research was considered then TM was found to be 3 to 4 times as effective in reducing anxiety than any other mental technique. In addition, not one of the other techniques significantly reduced anxiety in comparison to a placebo.
Here is the citation for that study:
Eppley K, Abrams A, Shear J. Differential effects of relaxation techniques on trait anxiety: a meta-analysis. Journal of Clinical Psychology 1989 45(6):957-974

There has never been any published peer-reviewed research to show that the TM technique has any negative side effects. All the 357 published peer-reviewed research shows that TM has no negative side effects and many, many wonderful side benefits.

Contrary to the summary of the article posted on the first Web site you list, this review of 75 studies on meditation DID NOT REPORT A SINGLE STUDY showing that the Transcendental Meditation technique has adverse effects. It does, however, mention three studies reporting negative effects from OTHER meditation techniques.

Nancy asks…

Can doing Mantra Meditation be harmful some way?

But maybe one mantra can be good for one person and not good for the other. Can it be sth like that? Maybe it will affect my energy bad.

admin answers:

I doubt if that would ever be the case. It is the intent that is most important with any mantra and meditation. There are several stories that illustrate this point of the importance of intent when saying mantras. There are two stories which illustrate this point.

“Shudapanthaka was one of the sixteen saints and direct disciples of Buddha Sakyamuni. Born into the brahmin caste, he was a man of very dull intellect. Although he had been taught the Vedas, he could not understand them. Later in his life, his brother Mahapanthaka (another of the sixteen saints), ordained him as a Buddhist monk and tried, to no avail, to teach him four verses of the doctrine. Finally, in despair, Shudapanthaka was sent home. On the way, Shudapanthaka met the Buddha, who instructed him to clean the monks’ temple, and while doing so, to repeat the two words ‘sweep’ and ‘broom.’ Through the Buddha’s miraculous powers, as Shudapanthaka swept, the dirt immediately returned just as before. After some time had passed in unsuccessful efforts to clean the temple, Sudapanthaka suddenly understood the meaning of the words that the Buddha taught him. Holding the broom, he declared to his fellow monks that sweeping away dust meant cleaning not the dust of the earth, but the impurities caused by one’s emotions — desire, hatred, and ignorance. He came to understand the nature of things as they are, eliminated his defilements, and became a saint…Tradition has it that he dwells invisibly on Vulture Peak in Bihar, India surrounded by sixteen hundred saints.”

All sentient beings possess Buddha nature and can awaken to it once greed, anger and delusion are overcome.

“There was once a very holy and learned monk. He heard of a hermit who secluded himself on an island in the middle of a large lake and devoted himself to reciting a particular mantra exclusively every waking moment of his day. The monk heard of the hermit and decided to pay him a visit to honor the hermit’s devotion.

“After crossing the lake to the island and locating the hermit’s cave the monk heard the hermit chanting his mantra. ‘Brother,’ exclaimed the monk, ‘You’ve been saying the mantra incorrectly.’ He then instructed the hermit in the correct pronunciation of the mantra and left the cave.

“The monk then left the island and mused to himself as he began to row back to the mainland how foolish it was for the hermit to spend all these years reciting mala after mala incorrectly. How could the hermit hope to earn merit?

“When he was halfway across the lake the monk heard a voice. Turning in the boat he saw the hermit walking on the water asking, ‘Learned monk, would you please listen to see if I’m saying the mantra correctly now?'”

I hope this is of some help in answering your question.

May all be at peace.


Lisa asks…

what are the harmful effects of practicing transcendental meditation?

TM as its popularly called was introduced by the late maharishi mahesh yogi.

admin answers:

I was unaware there were any harmful effects of meditation…

Lizzie asks…

Does Meditation Works And Treat ADHD, Without Harmful Drugs?

1. Don’t Say “That You Need Medication Or A Doctor To Treat It” Because That Answer Is Unacceptable.
2. When You Say Yes It Works Give A Reason And Why, And When You Said No Give A Reason And Why.
3. Say Anything That Is Positive And Not Negative Answers.

admin answers:

It’s possible and certainly worth a try. Yoga and meditation are very effective for calming and focusing. There is a specific yoga asana for concentration (cow pose, from memory).

Some suggestions:

– Do yoga as well. It is designed to prepare you for meditation, and the actions of the asanas work on your hormonal glands to help release the appropriate levels.
– Do yoga and meditation under the guidance of a very experienced teacher. There are so many different asanas, all with different actions on the body. And there are lots of techniques for meditation. So, it would be most beneficial if you could get individual tutoring with someone who has enough knowledge to tailor it to you. Then you can try various methods, give feedback, and work towards the most effective ways for you.

If you have found anything that calms you down a little, that might make the early days of yoga and meditation easier to stick to.

Good luck.

Donna asks…

Problems with transcendental meditation.?

I just read alot of storys online about transcendental meditation and the harmful side effects some people have had with it. i feel like im havig the some of the same negative effects, can soeone who is a transcendental meditatior explain to me why negative side effects such as depression and dissassociation have been occuring inside of me, and how i can change my teqnique to fix this problem

admin answers:

I have meditated for ten years and have only seen positive effects. Is possible that nothing is wrong with your technique and the depression and disassociation are a product of other factors that are occurring in your life? Have you had any recent setbacks in your life? Are you sleeping regularly? Is your nutrition appropriate? I would suggest that you think about these factors and then only change your meditation practice if you rule out these other things.