Relaxation Music is Epic

Right now, I just want to share with you the music I am listening to. It needs to be shared. We are so very lucky on this planet to have such wonderful producers and musicians that share their talents for the world to hear, to rejoice and to relax.  Aether Valley Vol 1. By Clinton Lourey

I love how Clinton combines music with the healing sounds of nature. If one aspect doesn’t grab you, the other certainly will. It is so peaceful how the water  feels like it washes right through me as I listen to his work. And of course, I am not denying that Mother Nature herself plays a vital role in this production. In fact, I’m sure it was Mother Nature herself that inspired Clinton to produce this very album in the first place!

This album runs for a full 79 minutes (much longer than most other albums ) and has 10 tracks on it. The tracks are as follows:

Track 1. Echoes of a windswept shore. Track 2. Breath of the rainforest. Track 3 Harmony with the storm. Track 4. Voices from the deep. Track 5 Softly Flowing Streams. Track 6 The sleeping jungle. Track 7  Dry winds of autumn. Track 8  Ballad of the river  Track 9 Of salt and sand. Track 10 A calm farewell


I am not the best with words, yet I can only tell you with my own thoughts, and hopefully connect with my heart to you , how beautiful this music is. I have a feeling Clinton will produce more. I dearly hope so. The world needs more music like this. It’s heaven! Thank you Clinton for sharing your gifts to the world!