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Best Music To Relax To

Best Music To Relax To

Michael asks…

What’s the best way to have your guests relax at a party?

Being friends with all guests mean I’m confident in engaging conversation and flowing from person to person – however, a majority don’t know each other. What’s the best technique for making them more… ‘approachable’. Will having the smell of lavender or camomile in the air make them too relaxed? Alcohol makes them too ‘easy’, and no, I’m not going to pass around marijuana.

What’s an effective way of having them enjoy food music and company without being too self-conscious?

admin answers:

Good music, good food and some alcohol i agree people being drunk is just plain annoying, introduce people to each other! Usually people gel with one another when introduced etc… And make sure its an equal mix, not too many couples! I remember as a single person that when i went to a party most women behave as though you are going to steal their partner because you dot have one ! Amusing to begin with but then you feel isolated! Not a good feeling!

Some great relaxation music if you  just want chill out music is some of the following:


Sleep Soundly

These are best played at a lower volume – this gives the place a REAL relaxed feel.
Have fun!!!

Maria asks…

Best Instrumental Music for going to sleep?

I’ve recently discovered the joy of falling to sleep to relaxing instrumental music, but my selection is pretty small.

I like Guitar, Piano, brass instruments.

I’m not afraid of a beat, but too fast or too loud and it will keep me awake.

What do you think?

admin answers:

There’s a series of CD’s in the classical genre. I think they’re called “The Best Classical Album In The World” or something along those lines, they are great! Also check out Eva Cassidy. She did a lot of cover songs, but her voice is sort of bluesy and soothing. You can also try our MP3 designed to assist you to sleep! http://www.relaxmeonline.com/brainwave-entrainment/sleep/

Sandy asks…

What music is best to listen to when it’s past midnight and you’re starting to get tired?

I like nothing too upbeat. I prefer something very melodic and emotional or very depressing songs. It relaxes me :p

admin answers:

Again you may like to try this: http://www.relaxmeonline.com/brainwave-entrainment/sleep/ OR some Soft, gentle ballads….!!