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New age Musicians for meditation music MP3 download sales

New age Musicians for meditation music MP3 download sales

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Thank you for responding to our advert. Allow me to introduce myself. My Name is Jason Stephenson and I reside in Wollongong, NSW Australia. I am calling out to musicians and artists world-wide to become a part in making RELAX ME ONLINE into the PREMIER relaxation website. We cannot do this of course without your music. Would you like to share in the dream? Are you a Musician who plays ambient music/relaxation music/new age/ or record guided meditations?  Would you like to be a part of the meditation music MP3 download craze sweeping the world? If so , please read on…

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We pay our artists 33% – 50% of the final price of the download. Payments are made on a monthly basis – within the first week of each month. Payments are made via paypal.  Our average current download price is $12.90 per album (which would net you between $4.26- $6.45 for that album sold), although this will most likely fluctuate depending upon sales. Of course, if you choose to want more, we will certainly look at each individual and can also adjust our prices to give you what you may require.  For instance, if you wanted $8.00 per album, we would then price your album accordingly – $16.00… but remember, as a download, we try to aim to keep them as low as possible so we can bring more traffic to our site. All prices and payments are in Australian dollars.

We are currently after lounge/chill out music, new age material, hypnosis tracks, guided relaxations, binarual beats, brainwave entrainment tracks etc.. and we are interested in artists with collections of music, rather than just one or two tracks.

You keep the copyrights etc, we only want to assist you to get your work out there – and you get the rewards when your products sell. You will also have your biog published in our artists section with links to your shop/site if required.

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If you would like to be a part of this Global Phenomenon, please contact us by hitting the contact tab above.  We would love to hear from you. Please hit the contact tab above and tell us a little about you 🙂


Thanking you in advance


Jason Stephenson

Relax Me Online CEO.