Guided Meditations

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Guided Meditations have become very popular. It is a great method to quickly take advantage of Meditation, without all the trial and error. In this type of Meditation, you are guided by a voice, step-by-step, through this experience. These recordings, usually MP3’s, are professionally done by meditation experts.

Your goal may be for healing or self-improvement, with the aim of improving relationships, creating wealth, learning forgiveness, or any other personal objective. Some Guided Meditations are used for calming down the mind, and inducing a deep state of relaxation. Others are designed to bring you to higher states of consciousness.

Many Guided Meditations use imagery to produce certain experiences. This may be through the use of describing specific images, or making suggestions, and the listener can conjure up their own imagery. Sometimes instructions are given to evoke a physical response, such as controlling your breathing, or going through stages of physical relaxation.

You will learn which selections produce the best results for your specific needs. All kinds of subjects are covered with these Guided Meditations. For those individuals that feel uneasy with Meditation, this method makes it easy to take advantage of the many benefits of Meditation and relaxation.

Our Guided Meditations make it easy, and are suitable for people of different backgrounds. This is because they are non-denominational, and do not reflect any specific religion or spiritual philosophy. We take a universal approach, suitable for everybody.

Our site offers a great selection of professionally prepared Guided Meditations, all instantly downloadable as high quality MP3’s. Give it a try, and enjoy the experience of meditation with a special guide.