The Great Great Silence


"Japetus" "The Great Great Silence"

A journey beyond the stars…


This is where it all began. The Great Great Silence is a spacey two part adventure that takes you from within to travel out into the vast cosmos. On this inner expedition you encounter strange other worlds and other beings navigating their way across the dimensions. This universe exists within and without… and traveling in consciousness can take us further than any other vehicle. In our minds eye we can move our focus, from the grass, the tree and body devas, right out to the limit of awareness… and beyond.

Space is vast and, although it is hard to comprehend infinity, we can still use our sojourns to gather information on how it feels to evoke it. On Their side, things are progressing well and all we need do is offer up our tiny daily invocations to help create the bridge of love and light. Learning to explore the universe… learning how to explore it… is an essential part of coming to terms with the universal Plan.

The more proficient we are at holding the highest perspective… the further we will see… beyond times and spaces. At the end of the visualisations, you return with a real feeling of transcendence having contacted this deeper sense of being and opened up a pathway for its expression. Now you can hear… the still small voice within, whispering echoes of the great great silence.

Double album – Album 1: music with spoken visualisations plus Album 2: music only.


Part One: Morning (29:21)

1 – Dawn (5:38), 2 – Chakras (4:14), 3 – Exit (0:42), 4 – Space (4:49), 5 – Guides (0:54), 6 – Realms (3:27), 7 – Procession (3:29), 8 – Sunset (6:06)

Part Two: Evening (28:33)

9 – Storm (2:47), 10 – Evaporation (4:17), 11 – Exit (0:57), 12 – Space (0:44), 13 – Ships (5:08), 14 – Journey (7:57), 15 – Re-entry (1:04), 16 – Stream (4:59)


WHOLE LIFE TIMES: From Sydney, New Age composer – Japetus – similar in style to Kitaro and Vangelis, has released two very good albums ‘The Great Great Silence’ and ‘Once Around The Sun’. Melodic interpretations of natural cycles within and without using synthesisers to create a peaceful, spacious yet awe inspiring atmosphere. As good or better than Kitaro, this is by far the best New Age music to emerge from an Australian composer so far.

The Great Great Silence By Japetus

      Preview The Great Great Silence – Music only

      Preview The Great Great Silence – Guided Visualisation

Length: 2 hours (Double Album)

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Please Note: Japetus music is very rich, deep and powerful  and is actually designed to be played just slightly above the threshold of hearing – when it is almost unconscious.

Japetus Biography can be found here