Tales from Atlantis


Echoing songs of worlds before…


Tales From Atlantis is a musical expose of times long passed… back when humanity was young. The 30 minute title track is a watery collage of fluid and bubbling sound that washes over and around… a sea of emotion… with an ocean of mind flooding in. Distant songs.

From the physical animal, humanity reached out through the mysterious etheric tides of swirling delusion. Crossing the bridge of the lower concrete mind to explore the expanse of imagination and the infinity of spirit. The other three pieces on the album are echoes from the domes… short melodic stories from days gone by.

Those from Atlantis sensed the pull of the godhead but were seduced by the distraction of the physical. Initiates in those times had control and vision not unlike those moderately advanced today. Their cities were connected by ultrasonic transporter tubes that would hum as they floated between domes. We can reflect on how far humanity has come and take measure of what is to come.


1 – Tales From Atlantis (30:19), 2 – New Horizons (8.34), 3 – Reflections (4.03), 4) The Nine (3.48), 5 – Tranquility (10.51)

Tales from Atlantis By Japetus

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Length: 57 minutes

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Please Note: Japetus music is very rich, deep and powerful  and is actually designed to be played just slightly above the threshold of hearing – when it is almost unconscious.

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