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How to make subliminal messages that work

How to make subliminal messages that work

how to make subliminal messages


How to make subliminal messages

So, you want to know how to make subliminal messages in your music? If so, you've come to the right place.

In this blog, I will be explaining how you can make subliminal messages from home yourself, also some wonderful software programs that has many benefits of making subliminal recordings.

I will also cover the benefits of subliminal affirmations versus audible affirmations and the benefits of creating them yourself verses purchasing audios already made. You want to know how to make subliminal messages? Then read on.

How to make subliminal messages from home

I've made a number of subliminal recordings from home using regular recording software such as audacity or any free recording system you can get your hands on the world-wide web. Just google "free recording software" and you will come up making subliminal messages at homewith a handful of items.

Now, granted these aren't as professional as the subliminal recordings you can make from the software, however, contrary to what others say, they do work. I know as they have worked for me.

To do this you simply select any music that you want to mask the subliminal affirmations, and then on a separate track, add the affirmations at a level of hearing that is just audible.

Choosing the subliminal messages

This is an important step in how to make subliminal messages. The messages must be in the present tense and of a positive nature. A perfect example would be " I surround myself with love and wealth." This will work much better than saying "One day I will be surrounded by love and wealth."

You see the subconscious mind always works in the NOW moment. It only works in the present, therefore, we must 'trick' our subconscious mind in telling it that we have what we are after already… and not tomorrow.

As far as our mind is concerned, if we continue to say tomorrow, then it will continue to never give what you want today! I hope this makes sense.

Make  subliminal messages yourself


How to make subliminal recordings on youtube: http://youtu.be/1ayw4vWQNyw

The sentences must be short and to the point. It needs to be a sentence that the mind can recall if it was to hear it aloud.  For instance it would be better to say an affirmation such as " I am healthy, wealthy and wise" rather than saying "Today I am going make your own subliminal messageto be healthy all throughout the day and will be wealth and wise as well."

That's a bit of an exaggeration but I'm sure you get where I'm coming from.  I feel it is better to have about 10-15 affirmations played on a 30 minute track and repeat those affirmations rather than have about 50 different ones.

You see, you want those few to really sink into your subconscious mind and by playing the same ones a number of times, they will have a far better chance of sinking in and staying there. Leave about a 5-10 second gap between each of the affirmations for maximum benefit.

How to make subliminal messages with recording software

There are a number of subliminal recording software programs around. I use the Subliminal Recording System Software and have found this works well. It has benefits such as speech to text recorder, a screen strobe, and what is more important is a lifetime membership to their online subliminal audio centre. 

mindzoom subliminal softwareHowever, since purchasing this software, another program called MindZoom has come out on the market and looks even better. (and I think it's cheaper too!!!) I guess as time progresses, software programs can become more advanced and have so many more added features for a lesser price tag.

But in all honesty, my one works well for me so I am not going to choose another one.

There are many benefits of a software recording program and the main one being the high quality of the end product, not to mention the extra support you will receive.

You may even want to look into subliminal  success videos for extra power. You can find a series here.

Should I purchase ready made Subliminal Message MP3's or CD's?

This is a personal choice. Of course you can and there are many on the market to choose from. Subliminal MP3's are probably the largest supplier of individual subliminal message recordings on the world -wide web today – and they are reasonably priced too.

They have subliminal recordings for virtually anything you can possibly think of! I have produced a few subliminal message MP3's  here (I plan to do more later).

The only problem of purchasing ready made recordings and not making your own, is the fact that you cannot choose the affirmations that may suit you perfectly.

With making them yourself, you know exactly the words that will be in them and you can target the affirmations to be of most benefit to you.

How to make subliminal messages work

So how to make subliminal messages that really work? The best place and time to listen to subliminal messages are when you are laying in bed (yes, you can even sleep and your subconscious mind will continue to take them in.) or as you are exercising.

This is a great way to motivate yourself too. Choose music that is uplifting for you. This will have a greater positive effect in the long term.

I hope this blog will help you on your quest in making subliminal messages – and whether you choose to make them at home with or without software or purchase them ready made, the trick is is to begin to use them… They've worked for me during rough times in my life – and I know they can work for you too.

Put them to the test. I'm hoping my blog "how to make subliminal messages" has been inspiring for you.

Here is one subliminal recording in action that I've made myself!


Millionaire Mindset Subliminal Affirmations


Want To Take It To The Next Level?

If you're really keen to make quality Subliminal Messages, MINDZOOM is the way to go. The awesome thing is this program is how to make a subliminal trackavailable for Windows OR MAC, You can use pre-recorded affirmations of you can make your own. The choice is yours. I like this one as you can even add binaural beats to your messages to make them super powerful! They also have a TON of bonus products you get with the download with a value of $400.00 bucks. This is worth gold šŸ™‚ Comes with an 8 week guarantee as well. No questions asked money back guarantee.


Disclosure and Disclaimer: I review sites and I am  happy to be of service and supply you with inspiring content free of charge. In order to do this, please note that when you click on some links and purchase items, in most  cases (not all) I will receive a referral commission. Your support in purchasing within this frame enables us to offer great content and to offer you many freebies.  It helps us  to  empower our viewers worldwide and to blog with less stress and hassle.  We are independently owned and operated and please note that the opinions expressed on my page are my own. Thank you for your understanding.

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36 Responses to How to make subliminal messages that work

  • Thank you for a wonderful  site

    I am a non religeous, but spritual person born in Iran. I am a civil engineer educated in UK. I have been working on subliminals for 30 years now. I would like to be connected to you if I may, so may I be subscribed to your site and how?

    A question. I still don't know how to completely hide the message in the music so that not even a whisper can be heard

    • Thank you for your message and many blessings to you šŸ™‚ You can visit my twitter site at @askjasonnow and you can keep updated with my postings.

      When I make subliminals iĀ  take the level down just so I can barely hear the voice… But then when you mute the music or “masking” sound – you should be able to clearly hear the messages. I hope this helps and many blessings to you!



      • How often do I repeat the message. I have an 80 minute cd I am making of the OLDIES, Do I repeat it the entire length of the cd

    • wHY not make a silent subliminal recording

  • now my procrastinating self needs to record one sublimial message that will motivate me to record more sublimial messages for other categories šŸ˜‰

  • thanks for your good site
    i have a question about the language of affirmations in subliminal messages. i live in Iran and don’t know English completely. are the affirmations in English useful for me? thank you very very much

    • Hello,

      As the subliminals are spoken in english, this is what your subconscious mind will take in. So it will take in what you can understand… if that makes sense…. Best wishes!

  • Saved like a favorite, cool web site!

  • Jason, Thank you for who you are and what you do. ?

  • I finally found what I need. will give it a try. thanks for your knowledge

  • Can I burnt the subliminal messages as a FLAC lossless file onto cd? I prefer not to use mp3 files.

  • Hi..
    ACTUALLY IT IS ABOUT 2 WEEKS SINCE I read and LEARNED SOMETHINGS about subliminal messages.i believd it works,therefore i installed audacity (editing audio software) to make a subliminal audio.i record my affirmations then sets them to very low level to hearing(-48db) then covered it with my favourate music and finally exporedt as mp3 file. Did i make my sumliminal message correctly?


  • Hello jason, Thanks for your BEAUTIFUL work with the guided meditations. I FOllOLOW you in youtube, and i love “waking among the starts guided meditation” your voice is perfect and it helps me a lot when i cannot sleep.
    SorrY for writting all on upper Case but I have a PROBLEM in my ipad.
    Thanks from North Carolina

    • Peace to you Gloria. and thank you!

      • HELLO
        THIS IS SO amazing. CAN YOU please TELL ME IF MY affirmations IS GOOD.FOR example IF I WANT TO LOSE weight SO CAN I PUT THIS affirmation IN MY subliminal AUDIO.
        “MY body IS already SLENDER”
        OR SHOULD I PUT THIS “MY BODY IS NOW becoming slender ” OR ” MY BODY IS NOW slender “.
        PLEASE TELL ME which ONE should I PUT? THANK YOU

        • My body is now slender – is a great fit…. as this can make you feel good as soon as you say it.. .and it’s all about aligning with our feelings too.

  • I live in Ethiopia & i really need change in my every aspect of life. I definitely will try it, hope i can find a free sub rec software thank you very much.

  • Many subliminal audios carry like 12 (or more) voices in parallel and speaking very fast with basically no pause in b/t messages. So which is more effective, one voice with 5 or 10 seconds in b/t subliminal messages as you suggested or several high speed messages in parallel voices?

    • Some choose to like parallel voices – and lots of them… others, like me, enjoy the fact that subliminals are coming through 1 at a time… (just like when they are not subliminals as well. )

      Personally, I feel it’s a personal preference. Both work – although not enough scientifice evidence to say this way or that way.

  • hello.thank u for good sit.i would like to use sublimlnal but my enghish is not good and i undestand alitte english . i wand to make own subhLIminal but i cant buy software.what can i do for using subliminal.thanks alot

    • Hello – Here is the link for the mindzoom subliminal program. This is my favorite one.

    • Also, if you cannot afford to purchase, another way you can do it , is record the affirmations first. Add music to the tracks – but just make sure the affirmations are very quiet. So they then become in the background. I hope this can help.

      • thanks for reply. i try to made own subliminal . i wanted to use “from text to speech ”but this sit didnt soport persian( my language) if i record my voice is it good? i think it is not effective than”from text to speech”.is it true?

  • AND can U PLZ introduc ME GOOD AND exact application FOR recording VOICE .thank U so much

  • Please i have a very important question..I read that when i make my own subliminal i have to make my recorded voice at -17db and when i converted it to persentage i got 2% Actually this is too low i barely can hear but never can undrestand the affirmations so please can u help me with that

  • Hi.
    I have recently started listening to subliminals on YOUTUBE. I HAVE A FEW QUERIES
    1. cAN SUBLIMINALS FROM YOUTUBE BE DOWNLOADED WITH THE SAME EFFECT . Will downloading subliminals reduce the effectiveness on the downloaded video / audio file. And how can we download the file to give the same effectiveness after downloaded
    2. I am currently listening to many subliminals for different purposes. how many different subliminals can I listen at a time.
    3. how many subliminals can I listen for the same purpose at a time (back to back)

    please do reply