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The Best Meditation Music On Offer Today

Relax Me Online offer the best meditation music online today. It sounds conceited I know that I am writing on a blog here on my site and saying that we have the best meditation music available. conceited or not, when I believe in a product, I will do all I can to promote it and allow others to experience the joy that I've experienced in listening to this music.

Dr Christopher Lloyd Clarke's music happens to be some of the best meditation music in the world. And yet I'm sure you've never heard of him. But please, do yourself a favor and take a sneak peek of his beautiful music. It's great for meditation, relaxation and Reiki healing too.  I've had the pleasure to sell his music over the past 3 years and it is not only me that thinks he has the best meditation music on offer!

His OM Mantra with Theta binaural beats – Sacred Chanting for Deep Meditation has had tens of thousands of viewers per month visit thisbest meditation music high quality youtube video and later purchase the full album here.

Sample one of his beautiful pieces right here and tell me if this is not some of the best mediation music that you've heard in a while?!

      Preview Heaven and Earth - click HERE!

There are many wonderful composers out there of high quality meditation music, but we must never underestimate the beauty that  we don't hear so much of. Dr. Christopher is one such composer!

Another unknown composer who has been around for years is an Australian composer by the name of Japetus.

Can I take a moment to share with you my connections with this man called Japetus?

Way back in the 1980's when I first started to get into meditation, I came across a tape of Japetus (Yes, it was a cassette tape back then) called "Once Around The Sun." Here is a sample right here:

Preview Once Around The Sun CLICK HERE!

Oh, I can' t tell you how far away this music took me whilst I was meditating. I mean, I believe I actually DID go once around the sun.. .maybe twice! I will never forget these magical moments.

Finding it hard to express myself in words, Japetus music was something to be hold. I hope one day I can personally meet him and thank him for his most inspiring and beautiful work he has offered me (and you!) here on Relax Me Online.

Another favourite of mine is his album (a double album) entitled Peace and Quiet.

      Preview Peace and Quiet
  Please take a listen to it here. I actually decided to use this  meditation music on my home page of Relax Me Online. 🙂 It truly is some of the best meditation music you can find today.

Honestly, if you are looking for high quality meditation music, and are prepared to pay some money for it, then these two artists mentioned above are worth giving your hard earned money to.

There are many more artists at Relax Me Online that share their talents to you on this site, however, these are just two of my favorites.  I ask you to TRY these artists in your meditation experience. If you are not 100% happy upon your experience of using the best meditation music on offer, I will personally refund your  purchase in full – no questions asked! Simply let me know. Namaste.

Please take a look at my blog on Squidoo and the top benefits of meditation. Then you will see why it is so important to listen to the best meditation music online today 🙂