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Youtube Meditation Music Top 10 Videos

Youtube Meditation Music Top 10 Videos

youtube meditation music

I thought I would share with you a list of my favorite youtube meditation music videos. Most of the full albums are available here from Relax Me Online, or some are totally for free.

Please note: You can also sign the blue box at the top of the page and I will send you free meditation music albums and /or brainwave entrainment recordings for health, anxiety and stress. Please enjoy 🙂


YouTube Meditation Music # 1 video

INSPIRITUS By Dr. Christopher Lloyd Clarke

This is truly a beautiful relaxation aimed for relaxation and meditation. It is emotionally stirring and soothing. The 'choir' sounds really take me away to another world.It's a 1 hour (1 track) recording.

I've found it great to drift off to sleep to. The album has been elegantly composed by Clarke who produces some of the finest meditation and relaxation albums in Australia. Relatively unheard of the in ambient music industry, this will soon change! 🙂

Sample some of his beautiful music here, and I will feature more down the page.









YouTube Meditation Music # 2 video


This album has been a bit of a hit on YouTube for months now. The full 1 hour relaxation album is available on YouTube itself. No need for purchase. The comments I've been receiving are really encouraging to know that it is actually helping relive many people from aches and pains (especially migraines).

It has spacey sounds and water running with brainwave entrainment underneath.

Please remember to never listen to brainwave entrainment whilst driving, if you are pregnant, under 16, suffer from seizures or wear a pacemaker then brainwave entrainment is NOT for you.

It has been said a few times that those listening to it want to go to the bathroom due to the sounds of the water – so please go prior to listening!







YouTube Meditation Music # 3 video

MUSICAL RAPTURE By  Joao Cota-Robles through Frederic Delarue

This wonderful music you can find on YouTube HERE! Unfortunately, YouTube is not allowing me to embed it here, so please click on the link to be taken directly to the album.

Musical Rapture is a masterpiece and has been channeled through Frederic Delarue. This full album is available for FREE – simply add your name and email to the top of the page and you will have access to gain the full album (plus others!) at no charge.

I will also send you other free albums each new month. This is truly worth taking a listen to. It's ideal for meditation or contemplation.


YouTube Meditation Music # 4 video

DEEP RELAXATION By  Dr Harry Henshaw

Dr. Henshaw works in the United States as a clinical psychologist/counselor and therapist. He uses his music for those who suffer with insomnia, anxiety, or stress related problems.

His music is simple, yet highly effective in relaxing you to the core! His meditation music is ideal for sleep also.


YouTube Meditation Music # 5 video


Japetus is an Australian ambient musician who has been composing music since the early 1980's. Ironically, this is when I first discovered his music.

I often used this music to meditate to and it took me to far away worlds. I feel so blessed to have found his music once again. The full album is available here at Relax Me Online by clicking here. Visions of Paradise is… as the title suggests, paradise!



YouTube Meditation Music # 6 video


This album by Rudnik is a gem. This music is ideal to chill out to and put on when you simply want to let go of stress, put your feet up and relax.

Full album is available from Relax Me Online in the "meditation music" section which can be found here. "Paradise Called Earth" is well worth a listen to.


YouTube Meditation Music # 7 video


More relaxation music than meditation music, I had to include this here as Vangelis is something to behold. His music is beautiful, at times haunting, but always inspiring to listen to. This is a long play YouTube clip which plays for almost 3 hours.

Kick back, put on your headphones and enjoy the master of relaxation/inspirational music… Vangelis!


YouTube Meditation Music # 8 video

CRYSTAL RAIN By  Dr Christopher Lloyd Clarke

A new release by Dr Clarke, this quartz crystal bowl meditation music is one of a kind. Great for sleep as well as meditation, this has all the top elements of an exceptional meditation music album.

The vibrations of the crystal bowls is perfect for activation of your pineal gland as well. Crystal Rain has only recently been released and I know it's going to be a hit! Full album is available here!


YouTube Meditation Music # 9 video

GAMMADRONE By  J.S. Epperson

Put on your headphones and chill out big time to this meditation album which has specially embedded brainwave entrainment for ultra deep relaxation.

Tibetan Buddhist's experience high levels of Gamma brainwaves when they meditate – and this is the space you will be in when you listen to this amazing album.  do yourself a favor and take a listen to all of Jay's highly crafted meditation music albums here now!


YouTube Meditation Music # 10 video


I know, I know, I have another one of his meditation music albums. But I could not do a top 10 and NOT include this one. It's been a best seller for years and when you meditate to it, you will understand why.

It's haunting and can activate the pineal gland. It takes you into a deep Theta state of Mind where you will be almost in a trance whilst you meditate. Take a listen to the sample and then purchase the full album by clicking his name above.

I do hope you enjoyed my top 10 choices and possibly get something out of them. If you have any questions please let me know.

Also, sign up for your free monthly meditation music albums. I bring out a new album each month for free and will notify you of it by email. Just put your name and email in the blue box at the top of the page.


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