Affirmations For Weight Loss

positive affirmations for weight loss

Affirmations For Weight Loss – Begin Today!

Affirmations are not the be all and end all, however, they must become a part of your daily routine if you are to lose weight. Weight loss is not only about eating correctly, exercise and counting calories, it's also being very aware of all that you allow into your mind – both negative and positive. Make affirmations a part of your daily goals

How many times have you caught yourself saying things like 'I was born this way' 'I'll never lose weight!' or even 'Weight loss is fine for others but not for me!' All of this is negative self talk and does not help your cause. No matter how well you eat you must  begin to change the negative self talk and replace with quality affirmations.

affirmations for weight loss

What exactly is an affirmation?

An affirmation is a positive statement set in the present tense to help you to change your life for the better. Affirmations for weight loss are used  in conjunction with a good diet plan and exercise. Here are a few examples of good affirmations for weight loss;

  • Every day in every way I'm feeling better and better
  • I am now choosing the right foods for my body
  • I am now feeling alive and radiant
  • My exercises are working for me
  • I'm now losing weight daily

Notice these affirmations are in the present tense and are about YOU – they are not said in the third person. Make the affirmations personal. Allow the affirmations for losing weight to connect with your emotions. Say the affirmations with emotion – this adds much more power to them – so you are connecting on an emotional level as well.

Losing weight (and gaining weight) is emotional based, so it is more important that you connect to that emotional part of yourself.

How to Use the Weight Loss Affirmations

Affirmations can be used in a number of different ways. Firstly, you can record your affirmations and listen to them over and over again on a daily basis. There are many software programs out there that can take care of this for you! I've often put affirmations on my ipod and found them really beneficial when I'm out walking.

When no one is around, say them losing weight affirmationsout loud – really feel them and enjoy them. Believe in them! I know this is hard  at first, but this is only because you're only use to your negative self talk! Begin today to get use to a new way of life – a positive way. Here you can see The Top 20 Weight Loss positive affirmations here.

This is the NEW YOU! Speak them out loud over and over again with as much excitement and emotional packed charge as possible.

You can also go to sleep with them playing on your ipod. What better way to finish the day off with positive affirmations playing for weight loss! Even whilst you sleep, they are still entering your subconscious mind.

Write Down Your Affirmations For Weight Loss

Write affirmations out and pin them up on the mirror. I still have affirmations up on my mirror that I wrote many years ago. They are now just a regular part of my life. Every day I would be forced to see it when I looked in the mirror. If you can't yet look in the mirror, then pin them up on a wall near your bedroom – or put them in the car when you are diving. Anywhere that you can see them, is a good place to place them.

Here are Some Subliminal Affirmations You Can Use For Weight Loss and Food Addicts












Losing Weight With Subliminal Affirmations

Subliminal Affirmationsare even better! These affirmations are set under the normal threshold of hearing. Your conscious mind can't hear these so you cannot reject them. They enter straight into your subconscious mind – this is where the real change takes place – within your subconscious.

Usually they're played with music in the background. So all you will hear initially is beautiful music, yet underneath this music are positive statements that are spoken – helping you to lose weight.

Want to take it to the next level?

OK, so you're feeling like a major positive shift in your life and you really want to begin to lose weight. What next? Here is a little program that is available now as a download from the trusted website MIndZoom.

Here you can begin to reprogram your mind and body in an instant. Not only will the MIndZoom Program help you with weight loss, in fact it can help you with whatever you would like to achieve! Mindzoom (through subliminal affirmations) speaks right to your heart and soul through your subconscious mind.

Click here to Purchase it now and be using it in an instant!

With MindZoom you can use pre-recorded affirmations or even create your very own. Personally, I LOVE this little software program.

Not only that, positive affirmations can also be flashed upon your screen safely and easily that fast that you can't even read them – but your subconscious mind is taking it all in.

It also comes with a money back guarantee. If after 8 weeks you are not satisfied, they offer a money back guarantee 🙂 The program is worth every cent! It's $47.00 and comes also with over $400.00 worth of bonus products.

You can even purchase beautiful nature sounds to go with it as well to enhance your listening experience and help you chill out.


Losing weight with affirmations has never been so easy. Try MindZoom now for affirmations for weight loss.

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