Natural Headache Relief Isochronic Tones

 natural headache relief

A Natural Headache Remedy Kit


 Tired of taking pills and medication for your headaches or migraines? Why not give this natural headache relief a go? Using a beautiful healing soundscape of ambient music combined with scientifically studied Isochronic tones, this music is sure to be a great natural headache relief for you.


  Since using Isochronic tones (and producing this music myself) over the years, I’ve not experienced a headache for many years now. I use to suffer with them often when I was in my 20’s and there were some really painful days where I just wanted it to end.

  Headache pills were often used but they certainly never got to the root of the problem.. the headaches would always come back again and natural headache remediesagain, day after day!


 Throw Away The Headache Pills!


 I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about here.  They were sometimes so bad that I would be physically sick from them.


   I’ve decided to put together a package that everyone can afford. Cheaper than a coffee and cake at Starbucks, this package has 3 recordings in it, all aimed to assist you to get relief from your headache and to repair and heal your head ache naturally – without drugs!

 This is what you will receive:


#1. The Natural headache Relief MP3 recording (30 minutes)


 A beautiful soundscape with Isochronic tones (headphones not required for this one). This blissed out recording (please listen to youtube sample below) will have your headache gone naturally within 30 minutes (At least that is the aim of it!).


   But not only will your headache naturally be relieved, but you will experience a relaxation like never before. The Delta brain wave patterns will have you experience a ‘zen like’ state of mind.


  A little about Delta brain waves – they are the most mysterious brain wave patterns of all and the lowest form. We don’t experience these much whilst awake. Baby’s in the womb do experience this pattern (imagine how peaceful they are in the womb!!) as do younger children and zen monks whilst meditating have been known to experience this.

  This is one of the main reasons you will ease your headache.. due to the calming effect on your body. Please don’t be alarmed if you fall asleep as well. This is normal under this MP3 with the Isochronic tones.




 #2. Muscle Contraction And Headache Migraine Relief (50 minutes)

 This is a 50 minute recording that comprises of binaural beats and isochronic tones for a double hard hitting effect on your headache. You will need headphones for this one to work its wonders for you. Use this one for migraines and headaches – especially contraction headaches.

  # 3. Bells Beach Waves with Theta Binaural Beats

 Just for a short period only, you will also receive this beautiful, relaxing recording of the waves off the South Coast of Australia combined with Theta Binaural beats and ambient music to take you down to a deep relaxation. Ideal for meditation or to go to sleep with, this one is perfect for harmonious bliss in your life! Please use headphones for this one as it has binaural beats.


 natural remedies for headaches Normally the 3 of these MP3 albums would sell for over $20.00  For this moment (and only for a short period of time) I would like to offer you the full download MP3 Package for $4.95!


 That’s it! No more to pay. 🙂 You will receive the 3 above albums and…




Natural Headache Relief Guaranteed!

If this does not work for you and does not relieve your headaches, please let me know and I will refund your money to you. No questions asked and only headache relief to be gained.

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