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Relief From Chronic Pain & Migraine (Headaches too!) Brain Wave Synchronization

Relief From Chronic Pain & Migraine (Headaches too!) Brain Wave Synchronization


chronic pain and migraine relief

Here is what they are saying on Youtube about this amazing "Relief From Chronic Pain & Headache" Recording…

"Wow, thank you so much for this! I have both ocular migraines and neck pain,  and tonight has been a just really awful night. My medication wasn't even putting a dent in the pain. So I turned out the lights, and listened to this on my headphones. After just one hour into it, I'm already feeling so much better!   It's amazing how powerful music can impact your mind and body.
Seriously, after suffering for hours here… I am just so thankful for this. So thanks again, Jason Stephenson!  (hug)  You've got a new subscriber, and I'll definitely be checking out more of your videos.  :)"

"Here it is my experience with these sounds: all my body, every cell had the same rate of heart bitt-like ritm. Somethig very slow and calming down ritm. I do not now that is only my imagination, but I sensed a moving energy in 8 shape. Thank you, Jason!"
"ive suffered from migraines since i was a toddler and have just been able to find a way to reduce them. besides going to the chiropractor i listen to this and it relaxes the pain away and helps me fall asleep and when i wake up its gone. thank you so much for putting this up it helps so much"
"Amazing relief to find this. I suffer from tension headaches and migraines, and this literally took away my pain within a half hour. Thank you for sharing!"
"This really helps me with homework and it allows me to think better. It's like an enhancer and an auditory elixir to me haha 🙂 I am totally relaxed right now."
"The first time I fell into a deep peaceful trance. Woke up very hungry and had to urinate a lot. My headache was still there. The second time around 10 minutes into I fell into a deep trance and started to revisit my childhood memories, peaceful thoughts although I was making rice for hubbies lunch and burned it lol. My pain was gone the second time around. Is it safe to listen on a regular basis for help with sleep? Thank you!"

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There are many more testimonies like these and they can be found from my youtube page here: 

Chronic Aches and Pains Relief Begins Here

chronic migraine reliefThis is a beautiful Recording of 'space like' atmosphere with Isochronic tones, binaural beats and running water. This recording of brain wave synchroniazation  been scientifically proven to help in healing aches and pains. There are now many studies on it and the proof is not only scientific – the proof is in the pudding. MANY customers have loved this and are reporting that it has helped with migraines that have lasted for days, when nothing else has helped – not even medication!
Please note , I do not condone going off any medications. I'm not a doctor and cannot advise this. I can only offer suggestions. It is important that you speak to your MD before going off any medications. And if pain persists, please see a doctor.
Brainwave Entrainment must not be listened to by the following people:
  • Chidren under 16 years of age
  • pregnant mothers
  • Those who wear a pacemaker
  • Those who suffer from Epilepsy or any form of seizures

I have a Youtube Special Here! Anyone that wants to purchase this, for a limited time can do so for $6.95 (Normally $9.95)

My Guarantee To You

If you are not happy with the recording after using it for 30 days, please let me know and i'll refund your money. It's that simple. More brainwave entrainment for health and pain relief can be found here.

For a brilliant range of binaural beat recordings and brain wave syncronization for pain releif, headaches, relaxation, meditation, lucid dreaming etc – Click here to be taken to The Unexplainable Store. Please note, if you do click on the link above, for some of the links, I may receive a small commission if you purchase a product. This also helps me to keep producing a lot of free relaxation and healing music each month. (If you've not already signed up for it, please put your name and email in the blue box at the top of the page and I will let you know each month of FREE meditation music downloads.)

When using this relaxation recording, please go the bathroom PRIOR to listening as the water sounds and the entrainment, can make you want to go! Also, remember to listen to with headphones for best results.

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Limited time Youtube special for  'RELIEF FROM CHRONIC PAINS AND MIGRAINE only $6.95




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Always wanting to hear from you, please feel free to let me know how it goes for you and if I can use your testimony on this page too 🙂

Namaste to you for healing from your chronic pains and headache.








3 Responses to Relief From Chronic Pain & Migraine (Headaches too!) Brain Wave Synchronization

  • I have a 4 yr. old and 6 yr. old who are full of energy, and very lovable. Today I developed one of the worst migraine I have had in a long time. I have Migraines and nerve damage pain from a car accident; they can be rough at times. It took about a hour and 15 min, and It was gone. That is truly amazing! My psychiatrist is the one who first turned me to trying Binaural Beats, and Isochornic tomes. I am amazed at how much this works.

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