Can’t Sleep At Night: Try Floating Cloud Guided Meditation Visualization

can't sleep tonight

Can't Sleep at night? Give our new recording a try!

Having trouble sleeping at night? Our new guided "floating cloud meditation" is more certain to put you to sleep than any other regular meditation or visualization. (HIGH QUALITY MP3 version is available below)

We've not only got a beautifully crafted meditation script written by Amelia Schmelzer, but we also have exquisite music from Dr Christopher Lloyd Clarke,  with Theta Binaural Beats. We believe this recording may solve your insomnia problem – once and for all!

Dr Clarke has carefully composed the music "Ascension" with Theta Binaural Beats so the guided meditation and the music will have you sinking off to sleep in no time at all. This in fact may be one of the most powerful guided meditations we've seen for some time.

Most guided meditations just rely on the soothing voice to help you sleep. This Floating Cloud Meditation not only has Jason's soothing voice, but has the powerful theta beats, scientifically proven to bring you down into deep theta brain wave state. (A sleepy/meditative state.)

Even the brain wave patterns in monks in meditation have been known to go as deep as Theta or delta  level. So you really know that you are falling into a very relaxed and blissful state when listening to this recording.

Help To Sleep At Night

We have developed many other recordings to help you sleep at night, however we believe this product is as good as any one product on the web that might be 10 times the price of this beautiful and calming meditation.  Or simply, click on our YouTube site and watch it here now! Please note that the MP3 version is of high quality audio MP3

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Tips To Help You Sleep

  • A few drops of Lavender essential oil on your pillow can work wonders. I do this, and it seems when I awaken, as soon as I smell the lavender, I drift back off again into a deep sleep. It works as a comforter.
  • Try to have regular bedtime patterns. Don't got to bed too early, otherwise you will awaken at night.
  • Prepare your bedroom prior to sleeping. Is it comfortable and not cluttered? Is their enough air circulating around your room? Put on some relaxation music to begin to bring your body down into a relaxed state.
  • Disconnect and turn off any WiFi that may be around your room. The sound waves may interfere with your sleeping patterns. Keep all electronics out of your room. Laptops, phones etc. Only use your bedroom for rest.
  • Don't eat large meals just prior to bedtime. This will only keep you awake as your body will want to process and digest the food you've just eaten.
  • Avoid greasy, fatty foods prior to bedtime.
  • If there are a lot of external noises that you have to cope with, purchase a small set of 'swimmers' ear plugs. This is an ideal way to block out external noise.
  • Begin to awaken at a reasonable hour. Remember, the longer you stay in bed for, the harder it will be to go to bed the next night at a reasonable hour.

We hope this recording will help you to get a good night's sleep. Please let us know how you go with it. Sleep Ezy Tonight.

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