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Subliminal Weight Loss Affirmations; Does Positive Thinking Help With Weight Loss?

Subliminal Weight Loss Affirmations; Does Positive Thinking Help With Weight Loss?

Lose Weight With the Help Of Affirmations For Weight Loss

affirmations for weight lossLet me be honest with you, this article is not intended to be a miracle worker for you to lose weight.

If you want a miracle, please go to another site. There are plenty of other sites around that offer "miracles" potions, lotions, and cures for weight loss.

What I do want to offer you here is a chance for you to use affirmations (and subliminal affirmations) in your personal program to help you get the weight off – and keep it off for good. So, if you want to come along for the ride, read on!

What exactly is a Positive Affirmation?

A positive affirmation is a statement that is set in the present tense that you can speak out loud, write down, or listen to, to help you change your ways.  This could be a positive statement such as " I am now my perfect weight."

Notice how it is said as though you already have what you're after. I'm not saying "One day I hope to be the perfect weight." It's time to get rid of this type of dialog with yourself and begin to make your mind aware of what you want to achieve. And the way you do this is to trick your mind into believing that you ALREADY have what it is you want.

Here is an example (written) on YouTube  of weight loss affirmations where you must read them out loud to yourself. Please note: when you read them out loud, say them with feeling – as though you really mean what you say. Add excitement, passion and determination to your voice. Emotions will help you to reach your goals so much sooner.

People use affirmations not only for weight loss but for things such as quitting smoking, success, a new job, better relationships and so much more. In fact, you can use affirmations for just about anything.

Here is what Wikipedia says about affirmations. Notice they speak of people with low self esteem not believing an affirmation? So this is when subliminal affirmations come into play.

So what about subliminal affirmations?

The only difference with a subliminal affirmation and a normal affirmation is that subliminal affirmations are usually played under music positive mindset for weight lossor a masking sound – so you cannot hear the affirmations directly (or in some cases, see them) but they are entering into your subconscious mind without judgment from you. There are software programs for this. And Mind Zoom is one of them.

Here are some subliminal affirmations.  Listen to these affirmations twice per day for 30 days, and you are well on your way to achieving success with weight loss.

Are affirmations enough to help me lose weight?

No! Weight loss is a complex issue and involves a mix of programs, really, a lifestyle change. Diet, emotions, physical, mental, spiritual thinking all comes into play when wanting to lose weight. Having a positive mindset for weight loss can be used as a part of your program. And contrary to what others say, it is an important aspect of losing weight.

What is best for Weight Loss? Subliminal Messages Or Messages That Can Be Heard?

Personally, for me, I think a balance of the both of them is ideal. Take time out each day to listen to subliminal affirmations. Allow them to sink into your mind without you even knowing what is being said. Just know that it is good for you and a positive approach to losing weight.

On every other day, speak your affirmations out loud. Use them with passion. Record yourself speaking them and listen to them on your iPod. Morning and night. Use the ones I've suggested on YouTube above to change your life for the better.

Make Your Own Subliminal Affirmations For Weight Loss

As mentioned before, I use a great program called MindZoom. It's the best program on the web today (by far) for making subliminal affirmations for almost ANYTHING you can think of. Use it for more confidence (confidence plays a huge part in weight loss), to lose weight, exercise, changing your ways as you do.

losing weight with affirmationsWith this program, you can add your own music (best to use music without words) and you can either use the affirmations they suggest, or make up your own. You then can listen to this music, transfer it to your iTunes account or iPod, and enjoy your favorite music whilst knowing that you're changing your old negative thought patterns.

Another wonderful feature of this program is that you can have this program running whilst you're working at your computer. And it flashes on the screen affirmations before your very eyes. It is that fast, that you wont see them consciously, however, they are entering directly into your subconscious mind.

Please listen to this video on YouTube to help you with making your own subliminal positive affirmations. Really, it's so simple. It really is.

Take Your Affirmations For Weight Loss To The Next Level.

If you're ready to begin to make positive  subliminal affirmations for weight loss a part of your life, please visit the official and trusted site of Mind Zoom by clicking here.  It's $47.00 for the program (at the time of writing this blog), and for me, it's been the best $47.00 I've ever spent.

If you have any questions on subliminal affirmations for weight loss or any questions on affirmations, please feel free to chat with me. I wish you the very best of luck on your weight loss journey and hope you've enjoyed my article on weight loss affirmations.


8 Responses to Subliminal Weight Loss Affirmations; Does Positive Thinking Help With Weight Loss?

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  • Hello: can you help me?


    I have been listening to the weight loss affirmations, this is great.


    What I am wondering is if you have something for Menopause.  Here is my history.


    I am a 55 year old woman

    I eat very healthy, lots of fruits, veggies and whole grains such as oatmeal. I do eat eggs but no other animal; I have not eaten animal since I was 16.


    I take the following supplements every day.

    Evening prim rose

    Black cohosh

    Vit D

    Vit K



    Dong qui




    Multi vitamin




    Cla tonalin

    I drink 4 cups of green tea a day.

    I drink about 25 8 oz. glasses of water.


    I exercise, each day, sometimes 2 twice a day. Doing interval running on the treadmill, calisthenics, and yoga.


    I cannot get rid of this weight, my headaches are horrible, and hot flashes and night sweats awful.

    Since 2005 I have lost 179 pounds, on my own. I still need to lose 50 more as my height has decreased


    I do not take any medications at all.


    Any suggestions.

    • Hi Sharon, it seems all I can offer you is some encouragement to keep doing all that you are doing. Losing so much weight over this time is fantastic! And possibly it’s good to take time to reflect and be grateful how far you have come. You are doing all the right things… Now, allow your work to take it’s coure. Let go of the outcome, keep doing what you’re doing and watch the results when they appear! best wishes to you!

  • i forgot some suplliments, tumerric and cyanne and CoQ10.

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