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Pregnancy Meditation MP3 Download Package

Pregnancy Meditation MP3 Download Package

 pregnancy meditation

After so  many requests from my youtube channel related to pregnancy and meditations, Here it is!  The long awaited super "Pregnancy Meditation Package" consisting of the best loved pregnancy work on Youtube to help pregnant mothers during and after pregnancy.

This pregnancy meditation package consists of 4 MP3 downloads including the following:

  • Pregnancy Guided Meditation
  • My First meditation (For baby and you!)
  • Zen Mother and Baby Soft White Noise
  • Coping with Crying Baby (Hypnosis)

This package is ideal for both pre natal and post natal times.

The package has been designed to cover and help wtih communication between you and your baby, stress and deep relaxation, to help baby sleep and even a hypnosis to use at a later time if you are having trouble coping with your babies crying.

And for $14.95, that works out less than $4.00 per recording. Not bad for peace of mind for you and your newborn.

Click the BUY NOW button below for instant delivery of your new high quality MP3's for your ipod or MP3 player. (Please note: Apple Mac computers – Must be sent to your itunes account before you can play MP3's)

Price: $14.95

File: MP3 instant downloads

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#1 Pregnancy Guided Meditation (11 minutes)

A beautifully presented guided meditation by Jason Stephenson to soothe you and your baby. This guided meditation for pregnancy encourages communication between you and your baby.

It even includes a live recording of a heart beat to help you connect with your baby on a deeper level.

You can take a listen to the YouTube version below. Please remember our MP3 versions are of superior quality.


# 2 My First Meditation (30 minutes)

A beautiful music meditation package for baby comprising of ocean sounds with gentle music box lullabies to help baby (and you too!) drift off into a meditation for pregnancypeaceful sleep.

This is the ideal sound recording to play from the moment your baby is born, and well into his or her first years of life.

Here is a sample of the recording here:

      Preview My First Meditation

# 3 Zen Mother And Baby Soft White Noise

White noise has been helping many of my YouTube subscribers to relax and calm down. Not only that, it's perfect for sleep!

Please play at LOWER volumes. It almost sounds like you're at the ocean or static on a television. The secret is within the sound frequencies that are played throughout the static.

When you continue to listen to it, you and baby will find this white noise so soothing, that you will slowly be drifting off into a deep and pleasant sleep. This can also be listened to as a pregnancy meditation to relax as well. Take a listen here:


# 4 Hypnosis For Crying Baby

Your baby is now born. You haven't slept well for days. Want to stop your baby from screaming and crying? We can't promise that, but we can promise that we can help you deal with your baby crying.

In this guided hypnosis by Tarek Bibi, you learn techniques and ways to cope with your baby crying. Both  you and your baby will be able to relax within no time at all.

Take a listen to a preview here:

      Preview Crying Baby Hypnosis


Price: $14.95

File: MP3 instant downloads

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I hope you enjoy this pregnancy meditation package. May it provide much peace and relaxation for you and baby…. for years to come!