A Guided Visualization Meditation On How To Find Your Soulmate

finding your soulmate

A Guided Meditation To Attract Love Into Your LIfe

Relax Me Online present to you a guided sacred space meditation to heal, relax and add gentle direction to your life… ultimately helping you to find your soulmate.

Within this guided meditation, you will gain the power and confidence to shed all the relationships that are weighing you down, and the grace to welcome your ideal romantic partner into your life.

This visualization is effortless, sweet in its simplicity and power to inspire change.

In this space, the only thing you can control is you—but you are the only tool you need to create a beautiful impact on this world, and find your soulmate or perfect partner.



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Running time: 19 minutes.

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Here is an excerpt from this guided meditation: How to attract Your Partner/Soulmate – written by Amelia Schmelzer and Spoken By Jason Stephenson.

    "As you grow even more familiar and comfortable with the lights around you, you begin to sense the presence of someone else nearby. At the core of your being, you know that this presence is that of your ideal partner, someone who is flawed but still shines with the light of all the stars in the sky.

Feel your awareness expand to include this person, who is so near you can almost touch them.

soulmate meditation            Despite your partner’s nearness, you cannot make out the details of their physical appearance. Although this may seem frustrating at the moment, it is perfect—you can already see everything you need to.

Allow your consciousness to take in the brilliance with which this presence shines, happiness, personal power, and laughter undulating in a colorful pattern that reminds you of your own aura, re-spun in a beautifully different way.

This love draws you forward, toward the figure that you feel you may have known for centuries.

When you are near enough, let yourself step into your partner’s outstretched arms. As you do so, both of your lights run together, creating an infinite number of patterns and colors.

Feel the light of unconditional love warm both of you, brightening the air. Notice the way your bright sense of humor combines with your partner’s wisdom, perhaps a blue or purple color, to create a brilliant display of light and pattern.

You know that even if you stayed in this space forever, you would never discover all the possible combinations of your individual lights.

Above all, notice the way your partner’s unconditional love and acceptance swirls around you, wrapping your entire body in safety and comfort.

Even though you cannot tell exactly what this person looks like, you know you are already beloved. Just as you cannot change the brilliance of your own lights, you cannot dampen those of your partner.

Together, you are a unique and unstoppable combination."



Price: $4.99

Delivery: Instant MP3 file

Running time: 19 minutes.

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  • Hi Jason can you provide me mp3 audio file for attracting ideal soulmate.

    Best regards
    Parth patel

    • Hello Parth, it is actually available on this page – you can purchase the MP3 here. 🙂 Kind wishes to you, Jason.

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