Deep Sleep Music with Isochronic Tones |Sleep, meditation, relaxation

Hope you like this deep sleep music that I've produced today. It has isochronic tones within it that do their magic.

Isochronic tones are almost like a hypnotic pulsing sound that can work by changing the neural pathways within your mind.

Deep Sleeping Music

The tones take you down to a deep frequency level of 6.5 Hz. This can be used for meditation, sleeping, or deep relaxation. They do also bring you back out of the 'trance' state towards the end, however, it seems that many people will fall asleep at the very beginning anyway.

If you would like to purchase the quality MP3 version, just click on the button below to receive your link emailed to you where you can download in an instant. (Ipad and iPhone users must download to a iTunes account (PC) first and then transfer it across to your iPad by synching it.

deep sleep musicName: SLEEPING DEEP deepest relaxation music for meditation, sleep & well-being

File: MP3

Length: 50 minutes

Price: $4.99

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I hope you enjoy this deep sleep music as much as I've enjoyed creating it for you.

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