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Meditation and psychic development

Meditation and psychic development


Meditation and psychic development


If you are searching for ways to develop your psychic ability and clairvoyant skills such as Tarot reading, you should first learn how to concentrate and tune in, so that you can receive the signals you are picking up. We all belong to the quantum field or cosmic web and understanding this is very important to develop your psychic skills. Everyone is so busy with their day-to-day life and gets buried with their regular issues which make it difficult for them to connect themselves with the cosmic world. One of the most powerful and efficient ways to practice your cosmic connection is through meditation. Meditation allows you to psychically tune in and helps you focus your mind towards energy signals received from the cosmic world.

Psychic meditation helps users to “tune-in” and “tune-out” at their will and helps them realize their intuitive skills. You should get centered with help of meditation before developing your clairvoyant skills such as tarot card readings, working as a medium, love psychics, spiritual readings etc. All the ancient spiritual traditions have encouraged meditation as a way to sharpen mind and get connected with the spiritual world. The more you practice meditation, the stronger your intuitive skills will become which is very similar to doing workouts every day for shaping your muscles. You should regularly practice psychic meditation in order to relieve stress and make effective use of your clairvoyant abilities. Meditation is the key to psychic development and helps you raise your vibrations.

The students of University of Wisconsin conducted a study with the help of Tibetan monks on the use of meditation to improve psychic abilities. They wired these monks while meditating and it was found that meditation increased the generation of gamma waves in left prefrontal-cortex which is one of the regions associated with positive feelings and happiness. It has been scientifically proven that meditation will improve our concentration and also trigger positive thoughts in our mind leading to happiness.



Meditation helps you tap into your sub-conscious mind and figure out how to enhance and find-tune your psychic abilities. Another important advantage of meditation is that it will help us to remove any unwanted thoughts in our mind and help us remain calmer so that we can receive the signals coming from cosmic world. When you meditate regularly, you can easily tune in to the cosmic web at your will and turn off when not required.

There are many Psychic websites that provide tips for practicing psychic mediation and also easy meditation techniques. Some important tips and techniques you should know in order to practice psychic meditation are listed below,

  1. Preparing Yourself for Meditation:

First choose a convenient time and place where you can sit and relax for at least fifteen minutes without any disturbance. Also have a pen and notebook handy to note down your impressions. You should sit in an upright and comfortable position to practice clairvoyance meditation. Also turn off your mobiles or any electronic gadgets nearby to avoid any disturbance during meditation. Choose a place which is very quiet and clean. You should also choose the right lighting that will help you relax and remain calm.

  1. Breathing is very Important:

You should focus on your breathing while doing psychic meditation. Always take deep breathes and avoid taking shallow breathes since this will not help in relaxing your mind. You should close your eyes and inhale deeply through your nose and exhale using your mouth. If you don’t have any previous experience in meditation, then you can place your hands over the stomach and feel it getting expanded while inhaling which will ensure that you are taking deep breaths. Slow and deep breaths will help you relax your mind and focus towards meditation.

  1. Using Meditation Music to relax:

Some people find it difficult to concentrate while doing meditation. You can make use of special meditation music to help you relax easily and it is considered one of the effective techniques for meditation. Music will help you relieve your stress and connect with your inner peace.

  1. Open your third-eye to receive the energy signals:

First step towards psychic meditation is focusing your attention towards crown chakra and gradually towards all other chakras of the body. Once you are relaxed and breathing smoothly, you should start focusing on the region just above your eyes on the center of your forehead and visualize a ball of golden light surrounding that region. You should imagine that ball moving slowly down your body and allow tension to get released from each and every place. Let your thoughts float freely while the golden ball is permeating your complete body. You should learn how to see the aura surrounding you so that you receive the energy signals from the cosmic world. You are now ready to receive the intuitive signals from the spirit guides surrounding you. You should learn to acknowledge the presence of your spirit guides and also thank them for their help. You should ask for protection from the spirit guides and let them know about your good intentions for psychic meditation.

You should try opening your 3rd eye and connect yourself with the cosmic world. Another easy way to start meditation is by visualizing the lighting of a small white candle in front of you. It will symbolize that your mind is open and ready to receive the energy signals from the cosmic web. You can also visualize other positive things in your mind such as “A door opening your path towards heaven” or “A beautiful flower opening up” etc.

  1. Note down your Impressions from Psychic Meditation:

The impressions you receive during psychic meditation can be very subtle but have lot of meaning. You should note down any impressions you receive during your psychic meditation. It can be mental emotions such as sadness, joy etc. or physical sensations like pain, pressure etc. You could also hear certain sounds like chants, phrases or names during the psychic mediation or get enlightened about something which you were not aware of earlier. All these impressions should be noted down carefully so that you can improve the meditation next time.

  1. End your meditation properly:

Some people come out of meditation abruptly which is not a good practice. You should close down and tune out from the cosmic web in order to end your meditation properly. If you don’t close your 3rd eye properly, you will be picking up energy signals throughout the day which can make you lose your psychic ability. The simple way to come out of your psychic meditation is to visualize the opposite version of the image that you imagined while beginning the meditation. For example, if you visualized candle lighting up at the start of meditation, then you should visualize a candle being lit off. Similarly if you visualized a door opening at the start of meditation, then you should visualize the same door getting closed at the end of meditation.

If you feel something is not right, you should ask for clarification from your spirit guides. The meditation process will become smoother and easier over time if you practice regularly. You should thank your spirit guides for all their help and ask them to prevent energies from coming through. You should get grounded so that you can balance the energy and lose any bemused feelings. You should practice meditation daily for few minutes which can help you with psychic development and improving your clairvoyant abilities.

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  • This article is helpful. Thank you.??

  • Thank you so much. Born remembering my senses.. Being able to give readings, im still always needing to learn. Im always in search for a mentor to help teach me how to become the best that i can become. Higher vibrations, clearer senses, stronger feelings etc. Im self taught with very helpful guidance from my beautiful Guide who i call Christine, my Angels and of course God. Im always willing to learn if youre willing to teach in the name of God and loving light.

    • Blessings to you Tammy. I hope you can learn something from my work that I do… Kind wishes to you across the miles, Jason.