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More about Relax Me Online…

Relax Me Online is a relative newcomer to the world-wide-web. Established in 2012, after recognising a much needed site where people can go to find any type of quality relaxation MP3 downloads. Relax Me Online specialises in music for massage, meditation, reiki healing, yoga, hypnosis, brainwave entrainment, binaural beats and new age music.  ALL PRICES ARE IN USD.

Relax Me Online is currently seeking musicians, artists and healers who may have MP3′s that they would like to sell online.  Recently, we've added our favourite selections of New Age and relaxation CD's to our store. Although these are under the banner of Amazon, they are the ones we strongly recommend. You can find more of these here and in the category sections. Please enjoy Relax Me Online and if there is any music you would like that you cannot find, please drop us a line and we will do our best to seek it for you.


What Products are available at Relax Me Online

All of our products are of 100% highest quality MP3's you can purchase on the web today. Once purchased they can be downloaded instantly  and used again and again. All of our brainwave entrainment tracks come with a  3 for 2 offer. if you purchase two brainwave entrainment recordings, simply let us know after making your payment which 3rd one you would like for FREE, and we will send you a further brainwave entrainment album of your choice – totally free!


Meditation Music

A wide selection of quality meditation music for all of your relaxation and meditation purposes including yoga, Reiki, relaxation, Tai Chi, Healing, Massage and general well-being.  Music has been composed from various ambient artists world-wide who have first hand experience in meditation and relaxation compositions. You cannot go past the high quality of these instant download meditation MP3's.


Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave Entrainment is a rapidly growing field that involves the study of how changing brainwaves by natural means, will allow people to effortlessly enter states of increased intelligence, creativity, relaxation, pure energy, and more. Our MP3 entrainment downloads are affordable and reliable. What's more is we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase and it's not working for you, please let us know and we will refund your money in full. No questions asked. Begin to take charge of your life, by simply popping on your headphones and allowing the brainwave entrainment recordings do their work. More about Brainwave Entrainment Here.


Binaural Beats

With over 170 years of research behind them, binaural beats are a scientifically proven way of relaxation, mediation and entering deeper states of consciousness. Binaural beats work by playing two separate sound frequencies in each ear. Here's how it works. If you wanted to enter into a Theta state of consciousness, around 7Hz sound frequency, you could play 200Hz in your left ear and 207Hz in your right ear. The brain then makes its own signal  with the difference of the two tones and comes up with a tone of  7 Hz. This is why headphones are required for binaural beats to work effectively. Click on the link above now to be taken directly to our 100% effective  binaural beat recordings.



Hypnosis is simply a state of highly focused concentration, which includes a person becoming less aware of their surroundings. Hypnotherapy treats both physical and psychological disorders with the use of Hypnosis. During a hypnotic state (trance-like), an individual is open to accept suggestions that can alter their behavior.

 Hypnosis is really meant to relieve the symptoms of a disorder, rather than to cure a disease. It has been very effective in resolving pain resulting from surgery, paralysis, and childbirth. Hypnosis has been widely accepted as an effective therapy to reverse addictions to drugs, food, alcohol, and smoking. Stress and Anxiety are reduced as a result of deep relaxation, receiving positive suggestions, and purging negative thoughts.

Research has proven that Hypnosis is a recommended therapy for anxiety, insomnia, phobias, obesity, asthma, and irritable bowel syndrome. Self-hypnosis is considered safe, even when performed by individuals with no experience. No cases have been reported of harm as a result of self-hypnosis, but it should not be performed while driving a vehicle, or operating machinery.

We have a great selection of MP3′s that will guide you into a state most conducive to this type of therapy. Click the link above and try out one of our 100% fully guaranteed hypnosis sessions.

Children's Meditation

Especially designed for infants, children and teenagers, these relaxation and affirmation recordings are sure to give your child a positive start in life.

MP3's consist of music for meditation, guided relaxations, affirmations in word and song and proven meditations that WORK at relaxing children. The benefits of children relaxing from a younger age are enormous and include better self-esteem, higher functioning levels, self confidence, and expanded learning abilities. Click on the link above to give your child all the positive energy needed.

Jason Stephenson Creator of Relax Me Online

Jason Stephenson is the founder of Relax Me Online and has been involved in the meditation/relaxation healing field for the past 15 years.  Having come from a musical background (his parents both professional musicians), Jason understands the importance of music and its healing capabilities.

He says "Music  has always been a profound part of my life. When I would arrive home from school,  the first thing I would hear as I walked in the door was my Mum playing classics on the piano. It would soothe me, even back then as a child. I loved to sing when Mum played the piano too."

The importance of meditation came to Jason in his early 20's, when he was entering some troubled times in his personal development. Jason says, "I relied on meditation at this time in my life and understanding that there was more to my life than just the  surface physical appearances. I will never forget one experience I had whilst meditating in a local National Park , totally at one with nature, and I felt like in those few moments, I had everything I had ever wanted, could want right here right now. It was an intense experience that left me wanting more, and seeking out more."

Having an interest in Buddhism, Jason attended a 10 day Monastic retreat at Nan Tien Temple in NSW, Australia, where those days really changed his outlook. It was from this point that Jason knew he had to continue on this path of seeking a deeper peace within himself and his world he lives in. In 2009, Nan Tien Temple asked Jason if would like to perform in a Buddhist  song contest in Taiwan. It was here Jason  performed on stage in Taiwan and won an award in an International Buddhist song contest.  Combining his love of music and love of meditation, Jason knew he was on the right path.

Recently, Jason completed a Diploma with H & H Colleges in QLD Australia for Neuro-Psychological Immunity – a course where Jason says, "I really began to understand the power and connection between health of the mind and body."

It is Jason's hope that Relax me Online will assist others world-wide to relax, achieve their dreams, begin to meditate and seek and find the love that is already within us all.

Currently, Jason operates a highly successful eBay crystal and relaxation CD shop at Zen Mans Crystals.


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