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MP3 Player with 22 Guided Meditations

By Jason Stephenson

This sale is for one MP3 Player, headphones, plastic carry case

and instructions to use the player – comes preloaded with 22

guided meditations!



 OVER 10 Hours

of guided meditations & music!


  • MP3 player
  • Headphones
  • Plastic Casing
  • Choose from RED, BLUE, SILVER OR BLACK (If you do not select color a random color will be sent)
  • Comes with 22 Guided Meditations as follows:
  1. The Magic Book Guided Meditation (30 minutes)
  2. Sleep Guided Meditation (1 hour)
  3. Sleep for Chattery Minds Meditation Music (39 minutes)
  4. Self Belief Guided Meditation (28 minutes)
  5. Release Mind Matters Guided Meditation (49 minutes)
  6. Rainfall in the rainforest Nature Sounds (1 hour)
  7. Omnipresent Sun Guided Meditation for stress relief (38 minutes)
  8. Floating on the Ocean Guided Meditation (10 minutes)
  9. Letting go Meditation – the magic book (25 minutes)
  10. Inner Child Meditation (17 minutes)
  11. Ho’oponopono Affirmations with isochronnic tones (45 minutes)
  12. Heat Chakra Crystal singing bowl guided meditation (26 minutes)
  13. Healing Dolphin Guided Meditation (22 minutes)
  14. Gratitude Ho’oponopono Guided Meditation (19 minutes)
  15. Forgiveness Guided meditation (24 minutes)
  16. Massage mind and body Guided meditation (1 hour, ten minutes)
  17. Chakra waterfall Guided Meditation (28 minutes)
  18. Bottom of the sea Guided Meditation (59 minutes)
  19. Awaken the force: Beyond Star wars guided meditation (29 minutes)
  20. Authentic You Guided Meditation (38 minutes)
  21. Astral Body Guided Meditation (27 minutes)
  22. 528 Hz Guided Meditation 36 minutes)


 MP3 Player takes 1 X AAA Battery (NOT included) Battery life is approximately

8-14 hours depending upon battery type and useage


 Please send me a message with what color MP3 player you would like


Australia: Please allow 7-10 days for delivery

International – Please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery






Sleep Meditation with relaxing fire and rain sounds

sleep meditation

      A Meditation Gift For You…

Thank you for visiting Relax Me Online and supporting our work. Today I want to share with you and offer you a 100% free MP3 download.  This download has recently been released on Youtube. and so far, our subscribers are loving it!

“I had the most restful sleep in months after listening to this and just used it with my kids as well. Thank you!”

“This is absolutely amazing and exactly what I needed after a 12 hour day. I love the image, fire crackling and my favorite, rain sounds. I am a huge reader and it’s just so comforting to curl up with a good book and relax. Thank you Jason! Namaste.”

“I feel like I’m floating with relaxation, thank you Sir”


The meditation consists of a guided voice meditation along with fire and rain sounds for the first 20 minutes of meditation, helping you to relax and wind down. The final 25 minutes are natural rain and fire sounds to help you drift off to sleep.


Grab the MP3 version here right now:




Please enjoy this guided meditation, tell your friends, and share the MP3 with them. They will be thanking you!

meditation masters


Meditation and psychic development


Meditation and psychic development


If you are searching for ways to develop your psychic ability and clairvoyant skills such as Tarot reading, you should first learn how to concentrate and tune in, so that you can receive the signals you are picking up. We all belong to the quantum field or cosmic web and understanding this is very important to develop your psychic skills. Everyone is so busy with their day-to-day life and gets buried with their regular issues which make it difficult for them to connect themselves with the cosmic world. One of the most powerful and efficient ways to practice your cosmic connection is through meditation. Meditation allows you to psychically tune in and helps you focus your mind towards energy signals received from the cosmic world.

Psychic meditation helps users to “tune-in” and “tune-out” at their will and helps them realize their intuitive skills. You should get centered with help of meditation before developing your clairvoyant skills such as tarot card readings, working as a medium, love psychics, spiritual readings etc. All the ancient spiritual traditions have encouraged meditation as a way to sharpen mind and get connected with the spiritual world. The more you practice meditation, the stronger your intuitive skills will become which is very similar to doing workouts every day for shaping your muscles. You should regularly practice psychic meditation in order to relieve stress and make effective use of your clairvoyant abilities. Meditation is the key to psychic development and helps you raise your vibrations.

The students of University of Wisconsin conducted a study with the help of Tibetan monks on the use of meditation to improve psychic abilities. They wired these monks while meditating and it was found that meditation increased the generation of gamma waves in left prefrontal-cortex which is one of the regions associated with positive feelings and happiness. It has been scientifically proven that meditation will improve our concentration and also trigger positive thoughts in our mind leading to happiness.



Meditation helps you tap into your sub-conscious mind and figure out how to enhance and find-tune your psychic abilities. Another important advantage of meditation is that it will help us to remove any unwanted thoughts in our mind and help us remain calmer so that we can receive the signals coming from cosmic world. When you meditate regularly, you can easily tune in to the cosmic web at your will and turn off when not required.

There are many Psychic websites that provide tips for practicing psychic mediation and also easy meditation techniques. Some important tips and techniques you should know in order to practice psychic meditation are listed below,

  1. Preparing Yourself for Meditation:

First choose a convenient time and place where you can sit and relax for at least fifteen minutes without any disturbance. Also have a pen and notebook handy to note down your impressions. You should sit in an upright and comfortable position to practice clairvoyance meditation. Also turn off your mobiles or any electronic gadgets nearby to avoid any disturbance during meditation. Choose a place which is very quiet and clean. You should also choose the right lighting that will help you relax and remain calm.

  1. Breathing is very Important:

You should focus on your breathing while doing psychic meditation. Always take deep breathes and avoid taking shallow breathes since this will not help in relaxing your mind. You should close your eyes and inhale deeply through your nose and exhale using your mouth. If you don’t have any previous experience in meditation, then you can place your hands over the stomach and feel it getting expanded while inhaling which will ensure that you are taking deep breaths. Slow and deep breaths will help you relax your mind and focus towards meditation.

  1. Using Meditation Music to relax:

Some people find it difficult to concentrate while doing meditation. You can make use of special meditation music to help you relax easily and it is considered one of the effective techniques for meditation. Music will help you relieve your stress and connect with your inner peace.

  1. Open your third-eye to receive the energy signals:

First step towards psychic meditation is focusing your attention towards crown chakra and gradually towards all other chakras of the body. Once you are relaxed and breathing smoothly, you should start focusing on the region just above your eyes on the center of your forehead and visualize a ball of golden light surrounding that region. You should imagine that ball moving slowly down your body and allow tension to get released from each and every place. Let your thoughts float freely while the golden ball is permeating your complete body. You should learn how to see the aura surrounding you so that you receive the energy signals from the cosmic world. You are now ready to receive the intuitive signals from the spirit guides surrounding you. You should learn to acknowledge the presence of your spirit guides and also thank them for their help. You should ask for protection from the spirit guides and let them know about your good intentions for psychic meditation.

You should try opening your 3rd eye and connect yourself with the cosmic world. Another easy way to start meditation is by visualizing the lighting of a small white candle in front of you. It will symbolize that your mind is open and ready to receive the energy signals from the cosmic web. You can also visualize other positive things in your mind such as “A door opening your path towards heaven” or “A beautiful flower opening up” etc.

  1. Note down your Impressions from Psychic Meditation:

The impressions you receive during psychic meditation can be very subtle but have lot of meaning. You should note down any impressions you receive during your psychic meditation. It can be mental emotions such as sadness, joy etc. or physical sensations like pain, pressure etc. You could also hear certain sounds like chants, phrases or names during the psychic mediation or get enlightened about something which you were not aware of earlier. All these impressions should be noted down carefully so that you can improve the meditation next time.

  1. End your meditation properly:

Some people come out of meditation abruptly which is not a good practice. You should close down and tune out from the cosmic web in order to end your meditation properly. If you don’t close your 3rd eye properly, you will be picking up energy signals throughout the day which can make you lose your psychic ability. The simple way to come out of your psychic meditation is to visualize the opposite version of the image that you imagined while beginning the meditation. For example, if you visualized candle lighting up at the start of meditation, then you should visualize a candle being lit off. Similarly if you visualized a door opening at the start of meditation, then you should visualize the same door getting closed at the end of meditation.

If you feel something is not right, you should ask for clarification from your spirit guides. The meditation process will become smoother and easier over time if you practice regularly. You should thank your spirit guides for all their help and ask them to prevent energies from coming through. You should get grounded so that you can balance the energy and lose any bemused feelings. You should practice meditation daily for few minutes which can help you with psychic development and improving your clairvoyant abilities.

Learn to meditate online with Jason Stephenson Meditation Masters

Meditation Masters – A new online learn meditation platform

meditation masters program

Are you tired of being stressed out, feeling anxious or unsettled? I may just have the answer for you.

My new online meditation course, Meditation Masters  has been a dream of mine for sometime now – to reach out and build an ongoing community of people who want to begin meditation, or to to be inspired by new guided meditations each week.

What Does Meditation Masters Include?

Meditation Masters is an ongoing meditation training platform that has a 30 Day meditation bootcamp, a 10 day mindfulness meditation course,  new content added each month!

Meditation Masters is not affiliated with any religion, rather it is for all people of all faiths.

Every week we have new material loaded onto the platform to help you keep in touch with your meditation practice and to inspire you to keep up your meditation practice. Here is one of the 5 minute guided meditations. This one is for a Calm Mind.

Meditation Masters also has a forum where questions can be asked by anyone – and I will help out. You will never be left alone. This is my guarantee.

Share your Meditation Experience

There is a new section of the course where I have begun to share my meditation experiences with my followers. And I am hoping that others will share their experiences too. This way we can all learn from each other. I believe that everyone of us are both teachers and students. There are no ‘gurus’ in meditation – only we can master our own minds. Sure, others can help, but we must choose the path that is best for ourselves.

Sharing Meditation Music

Over the years, I’ve come across some of the best new age music artists, and Meditation Masters is now the perfect platform to share this music with you. This music will be updated each month so you will never run out of music to meditate to.  Some of my favorite meditation artists include Jordan Jessep and Paul Headon. We are blessed to have so many amazing musical artists that compose the perfect sounds for our meditation experience.

Who Is Jason Stephenson and What is His Meditation Experience?

I best answer this question so you know a little bit more about me and my interest in meditation. I have been practicing meditation since my early 20’s. I first started to use meditation and affirmations when I hit a crisis point in my life and began to suffer with anxiety. Meditation and the use of affirmations helped to calm me and bring my mind to a peaceful place.

I began to look deeper into meditation and would often go on retreats with Nan Tien Temple in NSW Australia. This is the largest temple in the Southern Hemisphere. The life changer for me was attending a 10 day monastic silence retreat. Wow! What a wonderful and profound experience that was. I’ve completed numerous self healing courses and was blessed to travel to Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore with Nan Tien Temple – competing in a Buddhist song writing contest and staying in temples throughout the world.

Back in 2007, I began to want to share the gift of meditation and composed my first album for children’s meditation. “I Believe In Me” was an album that consisted of a guided meditation for sleep and positive uplifting affirmations in word and song that would help children to believe in their own uniqueness.  I later went to produce a guided meditation for adults, and then came my site Relax Me Online (the site you are now visiting) and my Youtube meditation channel. This channel only started out small and has now had over 50,000,000 views and has a few hundred thousand subscribers.

Consolidating My Meditation Experience

Only recently, I decided that seeing that I am helping so many people on their meditation journeys, it would serve me well to do a meditation teacher course. And so it is. I’ve started learning to teach meditation through the Australian college called Inner Voyages. It is so great to learn new things about meditation.

Also, meditation is a large part of my life. I practice daily, meditate in float tanks weekly and continue to attend meditation lessons myself at Nan Tien Temple. We are always the student of meditation – and so it is important for me to keep up my practice and learning of this beautiful craft.

Where Will Meditation Masters Be In The Future?

I see Meditation Masters as a platform that will one day be a place that anyone can go to to learn about meditation. I plan to bring other teachers onto the platform so there wont be just my voice, but other meditation facilitators you can learn from.  I want the platform to be a storehouse of guided meditations for just about every subject you can think of. So if ever you need to meditate for a particular reason, you will find it at Meditation Masters!

What does the course cost?

As Meditation Masters is an ongoing course with new content added weekly, I’ve decided to make it a monthly subscription fee. It is currently set at $14.90, however, this is expected to rise as more content is added.  I want the platform to be affordable for everyone.  I even offer a free 7 day trial so you can check out the site yourself and see if this is what you’re after when it comes to learning meditation. You can unsubscribe to the course at any time you like at no further fees will be charged.

If you have any questions about meditation or about the course, please feel free to comment. I am more than willing to help you out. Hope to see you at Meditation Masters. Click here to start your free 7 day trial.

meditation masters

Secrets To Meditation For Depression

guided meditation pack

Secrets To Meditation For Depression

If you’ve ever experienced depression, or know someone that has, then you know just how much it can impact all areas of personal and professional lives.

Depression is estimated to affect 350 million people of all ages worldwide and based on current research it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon.

While that is certainly disconcerting news, these days not only are there effective treatments for mild or severe depression, recent studies suggests that mindfulness-based meditation is effective at treating anxiety and depression.

How Does Mindfulness-Based Meditation Work?

Mindfulness meditation has been around for thousands of years but has only recently come to the attention of the world at large. It is a form of meditation that trains the mind to pay more attention to the present moment by noticing thoughts and feelings, without getting caught up in them.

It is a simple way to be able to step back from the mind and body, and stay present with what’s going on. This helps prevent being dragged down by thoughts of stress, worry, or negativity that can lead to depression. This simple act of becoming more aware of what’s going on inside our head, or how we are feeling, gives us the power to choose to disengage from them.

Keep in mind though that meditation is not a quick fix or a magic potion that will instantly heal your life. It is a skill that if you take the time to learn it and apply it on a daily basis that has been suggested to be an effective way to prevent relapsing back into depression.

A Simple Mindfulness Meditation To Get Started

For many people mindful meditation is more like a wrestling match than a feeling of peace and calm. It wasn’t until I discovered that the secret to letting it work was to treat all my thoughts and feelings as friends that my meditation suddenly took off in leaps and bounds.

Being compassionate with ourselves in not an easy task when we are used to judging parts of us that we just wish would leave us alone, or go away completely. But that’s exactly what feeds these parts of us and keeps them hanging around. The more we judge our worries, doubts, and fears, the stronger they become.

The simplest way to start out with mindfulness meditation is to find a comfortable place to sit, take a few slow, deep breaths to center yourself, and then close your eyes.

Then just watch or feel your breath coming in and out of your nose. Keep your breathing natural and easy – not forced in any way. Just watching your breath come in and go out. If you notice that your mind wanders (and it will) to positive affirmationsthoughts or feelings of the past or future – just allow them.
No matter how intense or uncomfortable they may be, simply acknowledge them, and then gently bring your attention back to observing your breath coming in and going out of your body. If it helps, keep your focus on your nostrils as this is where you will feel your breath the most.

Do this for up to 20 minutes if you have the time. If not, do whatever amount of time you have. Even 5 minutes will bring noticeable results. Then, when you are finished watching your breath, lie down and be still for a minute or two and let your mind and body relax deeply.

Just like most things of value in life, the real payoff comes with practice over time. If mindfulness meditation feels right for you, then make it a part of your daily routine. It’s best done in the morning as soon as you get out of bed, but anytime you can do is better than none. Even if you can only start with 5 minutes a day, that’s perfectly okay. It’ll bring you a better result than meditating once a week for 20 or 30 minutes.


World Health Organization (2015)
Clinical Psychology Review 33 (2013) 763-771

Michael Atma is a best-selling meditation and personal development author of Master Your Mindspace, which is a revolutionary fitness book for the mind. His books, seminars and online courses have touched the hearts and changed the lives of thousands of people seeking more happiness, health and fulfilment. Recently, he launched Mindspace Club home to his Meditation Made Simple Program, where you can change your life in just 5-minutes a day.  Find out more: www.mindspace.club or check out Michael’s website.

Positive 8 Minute BOOST to start your day

Free Positive Affirmation MP3 download

I wanted to create something for the morning. A recording that will tune our energy to the present day… and ultimately the present moment.  I am offering this for free  – a positive affirmation MP3,  as I want to spread love and joy across the world. This is my contribution.

As you may be aware, if we focus on the negative of the world, we will indeed bring this into our conscious mind. It’s not about burying our heads and not recognising problems, it’s more about saying, YES!, there are problems out there, so what am I going to do to contribute to world peace? Happiness? Or joy in others lives?

I hope this free MP3 will help you. Also, if you want to experience a FREE meditation or MP3 each month, please sign my email box above (the blue box) and you will be added to my email list where I will  send you each month a FREE MP3 as well as let you know of some offers I may have.


Add to Cart 100% FREE DOWNLOAD!

Many blessings to you and may you find the peace that is already within your heart!





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Does The Law Of Attraction Work? – I’m Living Proof!

wealth money affirmations












The Law Of Attraction

Those of you who know me, know that I am a big believer in the law of attraction. It's been called many different terms over the years, however, the principal of it has been around since the biblical days. Basically, it means this; what you sow, you reap. What you think about often, will manifest.

Many programs on the internet today promise things  in a short space of time, such as the Ancient Secrets Of Kings. Yes, this program is great and has a lot to offer in regards to the laws of attraction (I've gone through it – along with many other online attraction courses!), but I am not here to promise you that the law of attraction will work for you in 7 days. But it does work – If YOU work with it.law attraction money

My History

For most of my adult life, I have mis-managed my finances. in a big way! I had always used credit cards, racking up debt time and time again. Debt to pay off debt. I knew of no other way.

I can still remember my dad being upset with me getting into debt, however, no one had taught me differently.

I'm going to add something here now. Whilst I was always clocking up the debt, something in my heart knew that I was going to be wealthy before 50. Don't ask me why I chose 50, however I did. (I'm 48 now by the way). 

Wouldn't this have been interesting if for all that time, I would have said at age 30, I'm going to live the life of a millionaire! Who knows where I would be now. Anyway, as it turned out, I chose age 50, and so the law of attraction had been put into place in my early 20's… I had only heard about positive thinking and what you put out, you get back… , but had no idea that what I was actually doing by continuing to say this statement, was putting attraction into action.

When I look back on it now, I can see clearly as to what was going on. Basically, I played around with money for the first 40 years of my life. Understanding what debt is, and what not to do with my money. I also see clearly that I had made a decision to be wealthy at 50. Not before, not after, but right on!.

Creating New Neural Pathways

Over the past seven years of my life, I have been awakening to this new way of life. (Possibly now because my 50th birthday is coming up!) Whilst working part time for other employers, I began to sell on my EBay store. I created my own meditation CD's and also drop-shipped from my store. This is when I discovered the power of not being a wage slave and earning money whilst I slept.

My mind began to awaken to the fact, that I can indeed earn much more money than I had previously imagined. The neural pathways in my mind of "debt belief" began to change to a fun way of playing with money…. Bringing further cash flow in, and even being able to give money away to others who needed help.

EBay was just the beginning. I then moved on to open my Relax Me Online store (which you are at right now), to sell my products to the world digitally. At first, it was slow. For two years, not much happened… and then bit by bit, it grew. I will tell you, at one point I was about to close it all down as it was costing me more than what was coming in. Thank goodness I didn't!

As time has gone on, I now have various business ventures on the net, including a successful YouTube channel with over 120,000 subscribers now. And they are all passive income. Income that comes in whilst I sleep.. so it is not dependent on how hard I work… but rather how smart I work.

wealthy brain

Money and Love

At this point I need to mention here about love… and I mean the love of self. Yes, this comes into play in regards to the law of attraction. Attraction is not just about wealth, it's about happiness. And true happiness comes when you begin to truly respect and love all that you are.

In my early years of life, I can honestly say I was all over the place with loving who I was. I was radical in my approach to myself and went through a stage of total abuse through putting drugs into my body. I was in the abuse mode.

Now, I have a deep respect for who I am and realize that I am 'valuable cargo' that needs to be carried with care and respect. This also puts me in such a better position to love others – and have a deep respect for others – rather than just a shallow thought of 'Who cares?" As I have grown, it seems that the more I have respect for myself, the more I have respect for my financial situation too. They go together! It's all a win win.

Snowball of Peace, Love and Wealth

Like I mentioned previously with the course the Ancient Secrets Of Kings,  I can't say the law of attraction will happen in 7 days. It may. It may not. This is not the point. The point is, that once you decide what it is you are after, intend it in your mind (write it down too – this is powerful), then let it go. You get on with your life, and never doubt for a second that it will happen, in given time. Gods time. Universal time, whatever you choose to call it. Just have an unwavering faith, that it will come about.

It's not about sitting on your ass and just expecting it to fall into your lap, it is about working towards your goals. BUT, upon saying that, you may not know HOW you are going to get wealthy or find the love of your life etc,  but trust it will happen and move on. Never look back.

My life today is magical. I am already 'living the dream' so to speak. I am doing what I love and am being richly rewarded for it. I am well on track to that magic age of 50. In fact, right now, I have all I need and I am so, so grateful for all I have – including friends, family, love, health, wealth and happiness.

That is another important point I must add here. Gratitude. Don't winge and whine about how bad you have it – as you will get more of that! Focus on all the beauty that there is in your life… no matter how small. – and then watch as more beautiful events and people will show up. Being grateful for the moment is a major key in the law of attraction.

I will leave you with these affirmations. A good place to start "Free to be me!"  Blessings to you my friend and may the love, peace and abundance of all come into your life as you so rightly deserve.



PS. Keep your eye out in future months for a program I am currently developing called 'THE GOLDEN COMPASS" – Which is a course that will point you in the direction of your dreams. Whether that be for career, health, love, happiness! No matter what goal you are after, this course will give you a blueprint for your success and get you started on it right away. ( I will be doing this through Udemy.com) Stay tuned…..



Relaxation MEGA Downloads

After countless YouTube Messages of subscribers of both Sleep Ezy Tonight and The Jason Stephenson Meditation Channel, we’ve teamed up to create 3 Mega Download Packages for Sleep, Anxiety and Healing!

Without further ado, we present to you the Super Mega Download Packages. All instant downloads (MP3’s) that can be used on your computers, MP3 Players and cell phones (If you add them through your iTunes account firstly on your PC).

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This package is comprised of  9 MP3’s of spoken guided meditations, healing music and white noise. They are as follows:

  1. Spoken Meditation For Sleep: Into The Tree House – A Guided Visualization
  2. SPOKEN Sleep Talk Down: Meditation For Healing, Insomnia, Relaxing Sleep
  3. Guided Meditation For Sleep… Floating Amongst The Stars
  4. Can’t Sleep: Hypnosis For sleep Insomnia And Sleeping Disorders
  5. CALMING OUR MINDS: Relaxing Music & Affirmations For A Peaceful Life &a RELAXATION Affirmations
  6. Music For Sleepless Nights, Pain: With Isochronic Tones For A Deep Relaxing Sleep
  7. Floating Clouds Sleep Talk Down Guided Meditation Visualization + Theta Binaural Beats
  8. Can’t Sleep, Meditation For Insomnia, Guided Voice, Gentle Music For Sleepless Nights, Relaxation
  9. Mother And Baby Soft White Noise – Fall Asleep Fast Calming White Noise

Couple relaxing in tropical hammock

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This MEGA download package for healing and pain relief comprises of guided meditations and the wonderful healing isochronic tones that have helped thousands across the world from our YouTube Channels. NOW, you can have them for home use whenever you like – totally offline! Download this package of 8 healing MP3’s and use them whenever pain relief is needed!

This package consists of the following MP3 downloads:

  1. Ancient Miracle Music: Solfeggio 528 Hz, Repair DNA, Healing Tones Of Love
  2. Solfeggio Frequency 528 Hz Mending DNA: Cell Regeneration, Skin Repair, Immune System
  3. Ho’oponopono Hawaiian Healing Technique Prayer Guided Meditation Visualization
  4. Archangel Saint Raphael Guided Healing Pain Meditation: A spoken Word Visualization
  5. Music For Sleepless Nights, Pain: With Isochronic Tones For A Deep Relaxing Sleep
  6. Waterfall Beach Meditation For Sleep And Depression Relief
  7. PTSD Visualization: For Trauma Relief & Healing (Spoken Meditation)
  8. Relief From Chronic Pain And Migraine – 1 Hour Relaxation Music Session

Human brain in abstract medical background

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This package consists of 8 downloadable MP3’s for anxiety relief. Use these meditations on a daily basis for 30 days and we guarantee, you will feel calmer, centered and more at peace with yourself. If not, let us know and we will refund your money in full – no questions asked!

The MEGA download Anxiety Package consists of the following MP3’s:

  1. Guided Spoken Word Meditation For Acute Anxiety: Highly Stressed, Panic Attacks
  2. A Meditation For Stress Relief & Anxiety: Walk Along The Beach Guided Meditation Visualization
  3. WARNING: How To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally With Relaxing Music & Isochronic Tones
  4. River Boat Sleep – Guided Meditation For Relaxation And Sleep
  5. Sleep Peacefully: Music To Help Reduce Stress & Anxiety For Deeper Sleeping With Isochronic Tones
  6. Subliminal Messages For Stress Relief | Sleep Well | Let Go Of Tension
  7. Relaxing Miracles @ Stonehenge: Guided Voice Meditation For Miracles, Relaxation, Healing, Love
  8. Guided Visualization: Havasu Falls Grand Canyon: Release Negative Thoughts Meditation

PTSD guided meditations

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The Magical Sine Waves


binaural beat music


Oh, the magical sine waves!

Sine waves are the building blocks of sound. All other sounds we hear, whether they be a voice, an instrument, a crackling fire, a car horn, or even a rocket ship, are made up of a series of sine waves layered atop one another. Every sine wave has a frequency and amplitude. The frequency is the pitch. The amplitude is the volume. When multiple sine waves of different frequencies and different amplitudes are combined, they create the timbres that make up a given instrument or sound.
Just playing a single sine wave can have effects on the brain and on our health. There are a number of anecdotal and even some scientific studies[1] which support this. Also, the field of cymatics shows us that playing different sine wave frequencies, for example, into a pile of sand or an aqueous solution, can change the arrangement of the sand or solution into any number of beautiful patterns, like a snowflake. As such, some people have endeavored to outline a long list of metaphysical properties[2] of the different sine wave frequencies, whether they be based on resonances of the earth, resonances of space, or even numerology.
In sound healing, we use simple sine waves to help guide our brain into different states of consciousness using ‘brainwave entrainment.’ The reason is because the sine wave is a very forceful and hypnotic entity that has been scientifically shown through countless studies to have a direct impact on our brain. The most common types of brainwave entrainment are binaural beats and isochronic pulses. Both of these technologies manipulate sine waves to produce entrainment effects.
Binaural beats utilize two sine waves of two different frequencies played simultaneously, one through each ear. The brain interprets the binaural beats drugsdifference in these frequencies and latches on to it. So, for example, if we play a 100hz sine wave in the left ear and a 108hz sine wave in the right ear, the brain interprets a ‘phantom’ frequency of 8hz. This can be perceived as the wave darting back and forth between your two ears at a rate of 8 times per second. There are endless studies showing that this coaxes the brain to ‘resonate’ and begin to output frequencies and overtones of 8hz on eeg equipment.
However, for some people, such as those who are deaf in one ear, binaural beats is not an option. For those, a newer technology called ‘Isochronic pulses’ has been invented. These utilize a single sine wave, which is turned on and off at a particular interval. So, for example, if we wish to synchronize the brain to 8hz, then we could use a sine wave of any frequency (for example, 100hz) and turn this sine wave on and off 8 times per second. The brain resonates with the switching and begins to show this frequency on an eeg monitor.
By selecting ‘carrier’ frequencies that resonate with purposes we wish to achieve (for example, 304.0hz, associated with headaches) and combining this with a binaural beat or isochronic frequency for another purpose (for example, 7hz associated with relaxation), we can create a tone that not only helps us with a headache but relaxes us at the same time.
Guided Meditation Treks has just released a new tool for iOS, called Binaural, which allows you to generate these frequencies and create combinations of binaural beats and isochronic pulses for your own use. The app refers to a library of different frequencies, and it allows you to directly enter the frequencies into the tool to see how they work for you. There’s no guesswork in what’s going into it, and no hidden or unknown effects of what goes into the tones because YOU are the creator.
Also released at the same time is an app-based version of Guided Meditation Treks, Volume 1. Four meditations of spoken word, binaural beats, isochronic tones, pink noise, and nature sounds help you connect to your higher self. The app allows volume control of each element as you take treks to “Meet Your Spirit Guide,” “Reprogram a Counterproductive Thought Pattern,” “Heal a Relationship,” and “Manifestation.” Every meditation has binaural beats and isochronic tones pre-programmed into them, and each frequency was selected with a specific purpose in mind, so all you need to do is sit back and relax while you connect to your higher self.
[1] Goodman, Reba, and Ann S. Henderson. "Sine waves enhance cellular transcription." Bioelectromagnetics 7.1 (1986): 23-29.
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