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The Magical Sine Waves


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Oh, the magical sine waves!

Sine waves are the building blocks of sound. All other sounds we hear, whether they be a voice, an instrument, a crackling fire, a car horn, or even a rocket ship, are made up of a series of sine waves layered atop one another. Every sine wave has a frequency and amplitude. The frequency is the pitch. The amplitude is the volume. When multiple sine waves of different frequencies and different amplitudes are combined, they create the timbres that make up a given instrument or sound.
Just playing a single sine wave can have effects on the brain and on our health. There are a number of anecdotal and even some scientific studies[1] which support this. Also, the field of cymatics shows us that playing different sine wave frequencies, for example, into a pile of sand or an aqueous solution, can change the arrangement of the sand or solution into any number of beautiful patterns, like a snowflake. As such, some people have endeavored to outline a long list of metaphysical properties[2] of the different sine wave frequencies, whether they be based on resonances of the earth, resonances of space, or even numerology.
In sound healing, we use simple sine waves to help guide our brain into different states of consciousness using ‘brainwave entrainment.’ The reason is because the sine wave is a very forceful and hypnotic entity that has been scientifically shown through countless studies to have a direct impact on our brain. The most common types of brainwave entrainment are binaural beats and isochronic pulses. Both of these technologies manipulate sine waves to produce entrainment effects.
Binaural beats utilize two sine waves of two different frequencies played simultaneously, one through each ear. The brain interprets the binaural beats drugsdifference in these frequencies and latches on to it. So, for example, if we play a 100hz sine wave in the left ear and a 108hz sine wave in the right ear, the brain interprets a ‘phantom’ frequency of 8hz. This can be perceived as the wave darting back and forth between your two ears at a rate of 8 times per second. There are endless studies showing that this coaxes the brain to ‘resonate’ and begin to output frequencies and overtones of 8hz on eeg equipment.
However, for some people, such as those who are deaf in one ear, binaural beats is not an option. For those, a newer technology called ‘Isochronic pulses’ has been invented. These utilize a single sine wave, which is turned on and off at a particular interval. So, for example, if we wish to synchronize the brain to 8hz, then we could use a sine wave of any frequency (for example, 100hz) and turn this sine wave on and off 8 times per second. The brain resonates with the switching and begins to show this frequency on an eeg monitor.
By selecting ‘carrier’ frequencies that resonate with purposes we wish to achieve (for example, 304.0hz, associated with headaches) and combining this with a binaural beat or isochronic frequency for another purpose (for example, 7hz associated with relaxation), we can create a tone that not only helps us with a headache but relaxes us at the same time.
Guided Meditation Treks has just released a new tool for iOS, called Binaural, which allows you to generate these frequencies and create combinations of binaural beats and isochronic pulses for your own use. The app refers to a library of different frequencies, and it allows you to directly enter the frequencies into the tool to see how they work for you. There’s no guesswork in what’s going into it, and no hidden or unknown effects of what goes into the tones because YOU are the creator.
Also released at the same time is an app-based version of Guided Meditation Treks, Volume 1. Four meditations of spoken word, binaural beats, isochronic tones, pink noise, and nature sounds help you connect to your higher self. The app allows volume control of each element as you take treks to “Meet Your Spirit Guide,” “Reprogram a Counterproductive Thought Pattern,” “Heal a Relationship,” and “Manifestation.” Every meditation has binaural beats and isochronic tones pre-programmed into them, and each frequency was selected with a specific purpose in mind, so all you need to do is sit back and relax while you connect to your higher self.
[1] Goodman, Reba, and Ann S. Henderson. "Sine waves enhance cellular transcription." Bioelectromagnetics 7.1 (1986): 23-29.

How to Use Binaural Beats for Meditation


binaural beat for meditationIn today’s fast paced world, meditation is so important for each and every one of us. The process of meditation has an important objective in taking us from the world of suffering and stress to the world of calm, joy and as Dr Deepak Chopra suggests, anti-aging.  Meditation is all about cultivating mindfulness on daily basis.

For centuries, people have used meditation for relaxing their minds. In addition, meditation has been used for achieving higher levels of consciousness.

However, the problem associated with meditation is that you must have patience coupled with dedication towards the process. Moreover, meditation will be more difficult to achieve when you have loads of anxiety.

How can we overcome these difficulties and meditate?

Binaural Beats Pave the Way to Meditate:

It is possible to improve your meditation by making use of the binaural beats. I would say that the process of meditation using binaural beats will be relatively easy when compared to any other method.

Moreover, the effects could be achieved in lesser duration when compared to the conventional methods of meditation.

I am sure that binaural beats could help you in getting into meditation and from there; you could work on self discovery and any other objective.

Meditate With Binaural Beats:

binaural beats and meditationBefore starting off, realize that meditation lowers your brainwave patterns in a natural way. To achieve this, you must try downloading some of the best meditation music with your binaural beats embedded into it.

Now, plug in your stereo headphones. When you are doing so, eliminate all external noises as well as negative thoughts. Just focus on your objective of relaxation and allow yourself to drift downwards into lower levels of brainwave patterns in order to reach the soothing meditative state.

This is how; you must use your binaural beats for meditation.

Practice is Important!

For achieving best results, I would recommend you practice listening to the relaxation music embedded with your binaural beats on a regular basis.

Doing it daily will make it so much easier to fall into the groove of meditation. This practice will help you in reaching meditative, peaceful states easily.

This way, you could achieve the results in a fraction of the time compared to other traditional methods.

What about Chakra Meditation?

Chakra meditation is one among the ancient practices that were used by  meditation experts for the purpose of heightening spiritual awareness.

The chakra is an energy pump that will be acting to direct energy throughout the system. Herein, ‘To heal’ is all about bringing our chakras into alignment.

Chakra meditation with the help of binaural beats is a powerful way for healing the chakras. This meditation would use the power of your mind to release all the energy of past traumas. Then, the self-healing would begin organically.

How to do Chakra Meditation with Binaural Beats?

In order to do chakra meditation, you must sit with your spine straight. And, your spine must be unsupported. This position is significantmeditation with binaural beats for the proper alignment of your chakras.

Now, put on your binaural beats, close your eyes and relax. Now and then, take few deep breaths. With each of your inhale, you must imagine happiness flowing into you and all the negativity leaving you.

Thus, scan your chakras each and every time you meditate.

Which are the Best Binaural Beats for Meditation?

Now you know how to meditate using binaural beats. But, what kind of binaural beats you would use for meditating? The best binaural beats for meditating are the ones that are embedded in monotonous music.

Or, you may choose sounds like falling rain, ocean waves and so on. These types of binaural beats would slow down your brainwaves thereby aiding in relaxation and promoting the trance state.

I would say that, among all the binaural beats that are available commercially for meditation, those that allow you to adjust/vary the frequencies are the best.

This is because; if you are a beginner, it is not good to start with the frequencies that are very low. Instead of inducing the meditative states, they are more likely to cause discomforts and headaches in you.

A sensible place to start is to hear the frequencies at around 16 Hz. Moreover, this is the good frequency for accompanying your initial breathing exercises.

After sometime, you can reduce the frequency to 12 Hz which would help you to centre the focus. As your brain gets used to this frequency, you can start decreasing the frequencies further.

I would say that the best binaural beats for meditation will be at the range of 3.5 to 7 Hz. At the 3.5 Hz level, you would experience an ultra deep meditative state.

Final Verdict:

Listening to binaural beats without any kind of soothing background music may be dull and boring to you. You and I have different tastes of music and hence, it becomes a matter of personal preference.

If you choose to listen to the music that you like, it will be much easier for your binaural beats to do their job effectively. Binaural beats for meditation is definitely the way to go!

Binaural Beats Drugs – Binaural Beats For Pain Relief

binaural beats drugs

Do Binaural Beats Drugs? You be the Judge!

Do Binaural beats beat drugs? Is this true? Can binaural beats or isochronic tones really  help with pain? Thousands are saying "YES!" But I will let you be the judge. Try them out here – and if you like them, purchase the high quality MP3 versions for your MP3 player.

I make all of my binaural beats and isochronic recordings with a wonderful generator program called NP3. I can't recommend the program highly enough.

I have two great recordings in this "Music Of Hope and Pain Relief" package. One of the recordings has isochronic tones, and the other has binaural beats. The isochronic tone recording can be listened to with either speakers or headphones, whereas the binaural beats recording must be listened to with headphones to reach the desired effect.

Files: X 2 MP3 files (both 30 minutes in length.)


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Music Of Hope Pain Relief – Binaural Beats

Here is the first of the recordings. This one uses binaural beats embedded under the inspiring music. Please wear headphones for this one to work!

For the both of these recordings, I start them off at a Deep Delta Level – as I am attempting to entrain your brain to a deep relaxing level as soon as practical. The frequencies are as follows:  It is important that you don't listen to these tracks whilst driving, operating machinery or if you fall into any of the following categories:

  • Under 16 years of age
  • Pregnant
  • Wear a pacemaker
  • Suffer with seizures
  • Suffer with other pre exisiting mental health conditions (please consult your medical doctor first)

Music Of Hope Pain Relief With Isochronic Tones

This one you can listen to with either speakers or headphones. Isochronic tones can be heard with either.

I've received thousands of comments now from YouTubers saying that pain relief music has helped them. I'm not just making this up, please read the comments here on one of my pain relief albums on youtube. Click here!

Click below now to purchase these 2 High Quality MP3's. The quality of the MP3's is even better than on the videos. Why wait any longer. Get help with these pain relief sound tracks today!

Files: X 2 MP3 files (both 30 minutes in length.)


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Brainwave Entrainment Software – make your own binaural beats

brain wave Neuro Programmer software

Neuro Programmer- Top Generator Binaural Beat Brainwave System

Brainwave Entrainment Software program that Relax Me Online uses is a brilliant professional software program called Neuro-Programmer. It is simple to use, produces amazing sounds and highly effective brainwave entrainment recordings as well as binaural beats.

"So why on earth would I need this," you may ask? Well, if you  were similar to me, I cannot count how much money I spent on individual brainwave entrainment recordings for meditation and relaxation, prior to purchasing this software program. Literally, I must've spent thousands of dollars!

Binaural Beat Brainwave Subliminal Systems

You will have the freedom you will have to produce your very own recordings to YOUR liking. You select if you want nature sounds, ambient music, binaural beats, isochronic tones or whatever works the best for you.

Using the brainwave entrainment software is like you are now the driver at the wheel, rather than paying someone else to try to make what works best for you!

If you don't want to purchase the software and just want to download brainwave entrainment quickly, you can do so right now. Check out our awesome range of brainwave entrainment here.

What the brainwave entrainment software does

There are two versions of this software. You can select either the standard version and the ultimate version. After that, you can also opt to purchase the professional license where you are granted permission to produce and sell your very own tracks on CD/MP3's etc. (Ideal if you have a clinical practise and you want to sell to your clients for relaxation/meditation.)



  The program comes with the following benefits:

  • Over 120 session to choose from (and even more if you purchase the ultimate edition – you can edit to your hearts content!)
  • Choose from sessions with Alpha, Beta, Theta Delta and Gamma brainwave patterns
  • You can download and save your new recordings as MP3's or CD (WAV) files
  • Hypnosis/affirmations scripting buttons where you can record your voice to add to soundtracks
  • Sessions for better sleep, relaxation, study, chronic pain, meditation, physical wellness, attention disorders and much, much more
  • Supported with Isochronic tones, binaural and monaural beats
  • May be used with or without headphones. You make that selection.
  • Text to speech also available if you don't want to record your own voice

brainwave entrainment binaural beat generator software

This program is also excellent to create your very own hypnosis scripts. And believe me, it can make some very complex scripts too, as it has a time-line editor that can make them as complex or as simple as you like. The choice is yours.


A brainwave entrainment software program with unlimited potential…

You will find this entire program is customizable to suit your needs. With its editing capabilities , there is no end to what you will create and achieve.

The program can be used by both professionals and novices alike – this is the joy about this program. You can create professional recordings with the ease of push buttons, click and drag and simplified editing patterns. Working with multi-tracks at one time, there is no limit to the amount of sound tracks you can add and record. 

You can add tones, background nature sounds, ambient music, binaural beats, white noise, Isochronic tones and so many more sounds are available to purchase as well. It is truly unlimited.

After years of using the program, I can still open it now and create yet another new recording… fresh, alive and for a completely different purpose.

For the more professional enthusiast you can even use the pitch optimization based on the brainwave frequency patterns. The noise generation capabilities are amazing.

You can control the 'colour' of the noise and even apply filters to adjust the sounds. The amazing thing is the "noise" can also produce and entrain brainwaves as well! What does this mean? This means that even choosing a noise on its own, and you will have the brainwave entrainment embedded within the sound.

Ideal for assisting those with chronic sleeping disorders. Many sounds are already included in the package including beach sounds (waves and gulls), night time sounds, rain, underwater effects, relaxing music and so much more.

Additional sounds are available for purchase too.  Here is a video to show you the program in action. My apologies in advance for the blur…

And finally, here is a wonderful sample of how this video has assisted so many people with chronic pain – please take a look at the comments in the comments section! This was all built with this brainwave entrainment software.


Some useful links on Brainwave Entrainment

Click here to purchase the Neuro-Programmer Brain Wave Program.

A brief history of Brainwave Entrainment

What are brainwaves

Understanding Beta Alpha Theta Delta Gamma Brainwaves

 A Comprehensive Review of the Psychological Effects of Brainwave Entrainment

Recorded on the Brainwave entrainment software


Muscle Contraction Headache Relief


**** NEW**** NEW**** NEW****

muscle contraction headache relief

Muscle contraction headache relief + binaural beats

      Preview Muscle Contraction Relief for Headaches

Length: 50 minutes

File: Instant MP3 download

Price: $9.95

Use this recording to help relieve muscle contraction headaches, migraines and for deep relaxation. This session should be used in a quiet, comfortable place, free of distraction, in a chair or lying down. After starting the session, close your eyes and relax. Be sure to adjust the volume to a comfortable level. During this “muscle contraction headache relief” recording, please try to remain as calm and relaxed as possible. Headphones are recommended for binaural beats to work, however, as this recording also uses Isochronic tones, it is not an absolute requirement. Personally, we recommend headphones as it will work in two ways rather than just with the Isochronic tones. Binaural beats are used to help with the deep relaxation.

The recording has a deep ambience to it, with drone sounds and various spatial echoing plucks – it is so comforting that customers have found the full recording (50 minutes) so beneficial that not only does it release the headache, but it calms down the mind and has been known to send them into a deep sleep.

Muscle Contraction and headache relief uses the Delta frequency. Among all the frequencies, this is the slowest and can be experienced when you are in a dreamless state and in deep sleep. It can also be experienced when you are in transcendental and very deep meditation where you are not aware of your surroundings. The unconscious mind is where Delta frequencies appear, serving as a channel to the composite unconscious and universal mind, where the information you receive is not available to the conscious mind. Deep sleep is essential for healing, and Delta is connected with regeneration and deep healing.

For 10 minute Sample, see our youtube upload here!

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Preview Muscle Contraction Headache Relief below!

(Please note: Visuals are NOT needed for brainwave entrainment to work.



OM Mantra Theta Binaural Beats Reviews from Youtube

Over the last few months, this wonderful recording from Dr. Christopher Lloyd Clarke (Om Mantra with Theta Binaural Beats) has been receiving some rave reviews on Youtube. In fact, over 38,000 people have witnessed it and many have given it the thumbs up “like button.”

Here is what some are saying:

You can check out the video and reviews here:

“Just got back from chopping wood for an hour and on to the dissertation. I play this while I write. Many thanks.”

By “Kabeezees”

“With love to all from Heavens to the deepest depth of Your Heart. The Divine Power of Life is within Your Soul, Mind, and Body. Let everything vibrate with this sound Om. Amen! Namaste!”

By “Maria De Magdelana”

“oh my gosh – resonates wonderfully – pineal activating – entire body..incredible! Thank you!  Bought the full length MP3 and the awesome samples and freebies and naturally subscribed. I’m a fan now – for sure. I have used sound healing for more than a year and really want to take the MP3s with me into nature where I meditate. I can’t think of anything better than that! We have so many waterfalls here – that my plans include to listen to this a distance from the falls – I can hardly wait. Thanks so much for your work and the work of everyone working with you! Namaste..”

By Eva Trexler-Green

“Wow! Well, this one resonates with me! Loved it! Thank you Jason!”

By Doris Edwards

“<3 Love it Excellent”

By Deepal Goyal

Join the many others and check it out! grab the full length version here now!

Activate your Pineal gland

How to activate your pineal gland and why?

activate your pineal glandToday I have produced a wonderful new soundtrack album that assists in the activation of your pineal gland. You can check it out here now:  112 OM Chants with Deep Theta Binaural Beats. Before I get into it, I would like to explain a little bit about the pineal Gland and why should we activate your pineal gland.

The pineal gland, sometimes called the Third Eye or the pineal body, is a ‘rice grain’ size gland in the brain. Its shape kind of looks like a pine cone, hence the name “pineal.”

The gland is located in the center of the brain and most vertebrate species have a pineal gland.

Many philosophers over the years have called the pineal gland the “mystery gland” and they believe that it had more functions than scientists once believed.

René Descartes, who studied the pineal gland with much enthusiasm, called the pineal gland the “principal seat of the soul.”  He understood this point of the body to be where the intellect and the body connect.  There are many more philosophers that believe the pineal gland as the third eye and the point of metaphysical awakening or spiritual enlightenment.  This idea is also believed and practised in yoga, many new-age philosophies  as well as Pagan religions.


How to activate your pineal gland

This can be done in silence, however, a short cut is to use the 112 OM Chanting here – to activate your pineal gland.

1. Close your eyes lightly (not completely) just so you can still see slightly the bridge of your nose.

2.  You can do this sitting down or laying flat but just make sure your palms are facing upwards.

3.  Press the play button and begin to play the activate your pineal gland 112 OM Chanting music

4.  Now picture your spiritual self escaping your body through your pineal gland. This is one of the first steps in how to activate your pineal gland.  Visualising this intently, you will soon be ‘astral travelling’ or leaving your physical body. Some have even said that a popping sound could be heard once the spirit leaves the physical body.

5. Try to practice this on a daily basis, preferably in the early hours of the morning (5am – 7am). Over time you will find that you will easily leave your body and you will be able to activate your pineal gland.

Why activate your pineal gland?


  • Awaken your ability of psychic talents
  • learn to see beyond space and time
  • Discover the links between the physical and the spiritual world
  • Sharpen your intuition and your visionary thoughts
  • Use crystals  in the aid to assist, in particular Labradorite or Apatite

My experience using the above sountrack has been amazing. I felt myself leaving my body after 15 minutes. Oh wow, it was an intense, yet amazing feeling. Please try it yourself. Activate your pineal gland today and begin to fly free from all of your doubt, worry and stressors that todays modern life throws at you.




Mental Wellness through Brainwave Entrainment and Binaural Beats

Mental Wellness through Brainwave Entrainment and Binaural Beats

The use of brainwave entrainment and binaural beats for therapy and meditation has grown quite popular over the years. Brainwave entrainment is also known as brainwave synchronization. It is the method of bringing your brainwave frequencies to a certain state of mind by synchronizing them to a particular frequency of sound. In general, it helps you produce an ideal brainwave frequency with the help of an external audio influence. For instance, your brain will try to match its activities with the rhythmic beats you are listening to.

On the other hand, binaural beats are produced when two sounds are made together in harmony. They are a form of brainwave entrainment and are only audible for the brain. In binaural beats, the two sounds produced are of different frequencies. While one frequency is played in one ear, the other frequency is played in the other ear. The effect on binaural beats on the brain has been known to help in stress reduction and improved sleep.

Benefiting from brainwave entrainment

 brainwave entrainment, binaural beatsBrainwave entrainment can help you in many ways and provide you with a number of health benefits. Although people have recently started realizing the wonderful benefits of brainwave entrainment, the concept has been alive since ancient times. Shamans would use rhythmic chanting and drumbeats to put people in a trance. It is believed that the rhythmic beats are hypnotic and can put a person into different states of consciousness.

Some of the major health benefits you can see from brainwave entrainment are:

It can help with depression. Brainwave entrainment can reduce the symptoms of depression or eliminate them entirely. The frequency produced can be used to change your brainwave frequencies to feel optimistic and happy.

    • One of the popular uses of brainwave entrainment is that of inducing sleep. It is very effective for treating sleeplessness because it calms your mind and helps you relax. In other words, it helps you get to your delta state of consciousness, where you are in a very deep and dreamless sleep. This also means you get better rest and feel more energetic when you wake up.
    • It helps with stress reduction and relieves anxiety or tension. With the hassle of everyday life, it is easy to start feeling the pressure of earning a living and making a life of your own. Brainwave entrainment can help you reach a state of consciousness where you become optimistic and light-hearted. This helps in relieving stress and maintaining a positive outlook.
    • Brainwave entrainment has also been known to help people with high blood-pressure in maintaining an ideal blood-pressure level. This has a lot to do with the sense of relaxation and happiness it brings. Less worrying also means that your blood-pressure levels remain at a normal state. Brainwave entrainment is also known to regulate and improve your heart rate.
    • People suffering from migraine and chronic headaches have been using brainwave entrainment for pain relief. This practice helps cure the symptoms of these conditions without the help of any medication.
    • Certain frequencies used in brainwave entrainment can affect your immune system and enhance its function. When your brainwaves become out of balance, it can result in a weakened immune system. There are specific frequencies used in brainwave entrainment that help in restoring the natural balance within your body.
    • Many people use brainwave entrainment for improving their sex drives. With the stress of a busy schedule, it is easy to send signals to your brain, which may increase tension in your mind and body. This can have a negative impact on your libido. With the right frequency, brainwave entrainment can help regulate the signals you send to your brain and improve your desire for sex.
    • It has been observed in athletes that their physical performance and energy levels can be improved when they go through a brainwave entrainment session a few minutes before they begin playing.
    • Brainwave entrainment has also proven useful in relieving mood swings and the symptoms of PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) in women. Since it helps with relaxation and happiness, it also makes you less likely to suffer from mood swings during PMS.
    • The use of brainwave entrainment has also been implemented in addiction treatment. Substance addiction can damage your health in many ways, but it is not easy to overcome this issue. Brainwave entrainment can help you in getting rid of your addiction to prescription drugs, alcohol, illegal substances, and even cigarettes.

      The benefits of brainwave entrainment are numerous and experts are continuing to study more on how our health can improve with its help. It gives you the ability to master your mind and control how you think. Brainwave entrainment may be your solution to whatever problem you are facing right now.

Benefiting from binaural beats

 Among all the forms of brainwave entrainment, binaural beats are the most commonly used. They are highly effective for synchronizing your brain hemispheres. In simple terms, binaural beats give you the ability to combine your creative thinking and logical reasoning. This helps you in opening up your mind and welcoming answers that you may not have been able to do with just one brain hemisphere.binaural beats

Binaural beats can give you a number of mental health benefits. Here are some of the benefits:


      • They help in increasing your mental focus, so you can give your full concentration to the task at hand. This means that binaural beats can indirectly enhance your productivity. It is likely that you will be able to achieve more and accomplish more of your daily targets.
      • Binaural beats can help transition your mind into a state of consciousness where you find it easier to comprehend and retain information. Many people have reported that using binaural beats while studying can help them in remembering what they have learnt. They are able to recall the information more easily and remember things more clearly.
      • They are popularly used for boosting creativity in people. Many people have experienced a heightened ability to perform artistic tasks after using binaural beats. They are also known to increase alertness and wake your brain up during the day.


Anyone of any age can benefit from brainwave entrainment and binaural beats. With multiple physical and mental benefits, they can enhance your overall quality of life. If you are interested in making your own brainwave entrainment tracks, here is the software program that we use and recommend:


Theta Binaural Beats with Deeply relaxing meditation music – Letting Go

Want to relax deeper than you have ever gone before? Want to experience Theta binaural beats PLUS the most beautiful relaxation/ meditation music in the world? OK. I know this may sound like a sales pitch, and in some ways it is. However, I ONLY want to sell this music because it NEEDS to be recognised for what it is. Especially in this day and age of craziness, fast action and little compassion.

The album, composed by an Australian composer,  Dr. Christopher Lloyd Clarke, is exceptional. It runs for 1 hour and is continuous music, like the ebb and flow of a gentle tide drifting in and out. It never strays too far from its main theme – and certainly never jolts you out of a pure relaxed state. It is best listened to with headsets for the binaural beats to really sink in.

      Preview Letting Go Theta


Theta binaural beats have been connected to the dream state and DEEP relaxation. So if you want the perfect music for meditation this is the album for you. I have found that Theta binaural beats put me into a ‘trance like’ state. I drift off completely, however, not enough to sleep, but almost a state of leaving my body! I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Let go now…feel yourself sinking into a state of complete relaxation as these gentle sounds sooth your heart and mind. This simple, heartwarming music moves very slowly and gently, and there are no unexpected twists or turns in the music, so it will never jolt you out of a state of deep relaxation. This beautiful music is like a gentle massage for your mind, washing away every last drop of tension and soothing you from head to toe.

Now if you cannot afford to pay for this (it is a small price to pay for a wonderful album at only $9.95), I can recommend you try my FREE album by visiting here  – just add your name and email address and I will send you the links to Musical Rapture (full album) PLUS a full brainwave entrainment album as well. And truly, there are no catches, this is FREE. But please, just take a listen to Letting Go and see what you think:

      Preview Letting Go Theta
I can also send you a newsletter each month to keep you posted with freebies and new releases.

More on Theta Binaural Beats

I have found that Theta Binaural Beats have been the most powerful to use in my years of working on my meditation practice. Theta beats are said to bring your brainwaves patterns into the 4-7 hz stages. This is the state of mind we normally go into when we dream or are in a deep meditative state of mind. So really, what the album “Letting Go” is doing, is taking you  DIRECTLY INTO THAT STATE OF MIND. It’s making it easier for you to reach that relaxed, peaceful state. Meditation masters can take years of practice to reach that goal, however, listening to this MP3, and you can reach it within the hour! That’s how powerful binaural beats are. Don’t take my word for it. Try it! If you are not entirely happy, please let me know and I will refund your money. (I mean that sincerely – you can also check out my feedback with my ebay store here to know that I am a truthful person) You really have nothing to lose here. I believe in this product so much, that I WANT you to experience what I have been experiencing with it. Grab it here now!


Theta  3hz – 8hz  Light sleep or extreme relaxation. Theta is also known as the hyper-suggestible state, where mental programming using recorded affirmations is most effective.

· Theta 1 – (3 – 5 Hz) If suppressed, can improve concentration, ability to focus attention
· Theta 2 – (5 – 8 Hz) Very relaxed and dreamful sleep, good for mental programming


The Temple Gardens Meditation music MP3 and relaxation

As I write this post, I am listening to an amazing new album (meditation music MP3) from Dr Christopher Lloyd Clarke (from Australia) called “The Temple Gardens (with Theta Binaural beats)

This new MP3 is simply so beautiful. It consists of 1 full length track (one hour of continuous play music) that begins with an indian flute, wind chimes and forest sounds… after a few minutes of settling in, the flute finishes  and all you are left with is the subtle sounds of the wind chimes, a gentle flowing river and sounds of forest…  Take a listen here:

      Preview The Temple Gardens

I think this has to be one of his most beautiful recordings to date. So simple, yet so effective. And the wonderful thing is, if you listen to this one with headphones, you will have the added power of the Theta binaural beats doing their thing in the background. Theta binaraul beats are to assist you to go into a deeper state of consciousness.  Yet, even if you don’t want to listen with headphones, the binaural beats are not  a distraction to the peaceful sounds of the wind chimes and nature.

You can check out more on the MP3 meditation download here.  You can also purchase this album and many more just by clicking on any of the above Tabs – all files are delivered as downloadable MP3 files.

Dr Chris’s music is nothing short of the most relaxing music I have ever experienced, and deserves much more recognition than he is currently receiving. I think it is only a matter of time before his work is truly recognized on a global scale. Please take a few moments to check out this meditation MP3 download… you ‘ll be glad you did. Let me know what you think. 🙂