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Thank you for responding to our advert. Allow me to introduce myself. My Name is Jason Stephenson and I reside in Wollongong, NSW Australia. I am calling out to musicians and artists world-wide to become a part in making RELAX ME ONLINE into the PREMIER relaxation website. We cannot do this of course without your music. Would you like to share in the dream? Are you a Musician who plays ambient music/relaxation music/new age/ or record guided meditations?  Would you like to be a part of the meditation music MP3 download craze sweeping the world? If so , please read on…

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We pay our artists 33% – 50% of the final price of the download. Payments are made on a monthly basis – within the first week of each month. Payments are made via paypal.  Our average current download price is $12.90 per album (which would net you between $4.26- $6.45 for that album sold), although this will most likely fluctuate depending upon sales. Of course, if you choose to want more, we will certainly look at each individual and can also adjust our prices to give you what you may require.  For instance, if you wanted $8.00 per album, we would then price your album accordingly – $16.00… but remember, as a download, we try to aim to keep them as low as possible so we can bring more traffic to our site. All prices and payments are in Australian dollars.

We are currently after lounge/chill out music, new age material, hypnosis tracks, guided relaxations, binarual beats, brainwave entrainment tracks etc.. and we are interested in artists with collections of music, rather than just one or two tracks.

You keep the copyrights etc, we only want to assist you to get your work out there – and you get the rewards when your products sell. You will also have your biog published in our artists section with links to your shop/site if required.

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If you would like to be a part of this Global Phenomenon, please contact us by hitting the contact tab above.  We would love to hear from you. Please hit the contact tab above and tell us a little about you 🙂


Thanking you in advance


Jason Stephenson

Relax Me Online CEO.

Meditation: Children can also benefit

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Meditation for children is a great way to raise kids with a sense of focus and well being. After all, children are people too, and they are subject to their own interpretations of stress. Everything is relative. An occurrence might seem trivial to you, but it could be devastating to a child. We need to give them the tools they need to deal with stress, and other worldly concerns. Meditation for children can alleviate stress and anxiety, frustration, fear, anger, restlessness, and many more symptoms children suffer in this fast paced life we live in.

Children are naturally good meditators, so it is quite easy to introduce this concept to your children. Many adults are skeptical about their kid’s ability to meditate, because they, themselves, have a hard time sitting down and focusing. Well, nothing could be more wrong. Children love to meditate. It allows them to use their creative imaginations without boundaries. They may be sitting still, but their minds are like an IMAX Theatre Experience.

Children do not require a dark, quiet room, or a place free from distractions when they meditate. Children can easily jump into, and out of meditation, when something interrupts them. Much of this ability is due to their brainwave state: children naturally exist in a meditative state.

Our brains emit waves that can be detected and measured. The slowest detected waves are delta waves (4 cycles per second). We experience this wave pattern when we are sleeping, or in a deep hypnotic state. Interestingly, children from birth to two years old, spend most of their time in this state. As a child matures, these waves gradually quicken. Between two and six years of age, children spend much of their time in a theta state (4 to 8 cycles per second).

This is a calm, meditative state when the analytical mind is at rest. Later, a child’s brain wave pattern increases to the alpha state (8 to 12 cycles per second). In this state we are quiet, yet open to the workings of the world. Eventually, in adolescence, a child moves into the beta state (12 to 35 cycles per second). This is a state that lends itself well to analytical tasks, and is the state that most of us settle into in adulthood.

Benefits of Meditation for Children

* Reduced Prolonged Stress
* Reduced Anxiety
* Reduction In The Symptoms Of Attention Deficit Disorder
* A Calmer Sense Of Being
* Ability To Sleep On A Regular Schedule And Sleep Well
* Reduced Aggression* A Sense Of Relaxation
* An Improvement In Concentration
* An Improvement In The Ability To Focus
* Better Creativity
* A Clearer Memory
* Better Awareness
* Better Ability To Deal With Stress As It Comes
* Increased Tranquility
* A Healthier Mind And Body
* A Lower Risk Of Possible Future Health Problems

Obviously, practicing meditation for children on a regular basis (even just a few minutes per day), will have great effects for both you and your children. They will also appreciate that you are participating. Imagine having children that begin to show the benefits listed above. I know that as a parent you would be happy if even just one of those things helped your child, and I bet your child would too.

Check out our Meditation for children MP3 here. It also includes fun, positive affirmations in word and song too.

Science and Meditation for Children

[kc_heading_pac_3_headline_sub size=”43″ color=”#000″ ]Science & Meditation[/kc_heading_pac_3_headline_sub]

There have been multitudes of studies over the years on the effects of meditation, and how it can benefit children. Although many studies suggest further studies need to be done to clearly see the true benefits of meditation, according to an article in the 2006 “Psychological Bulletin”, they say that EEG patterns begin to slow as a result of the practice of meditation.(1)

There is no doubt, meditation does change the brain. (2) The benefits  with regular meditation practice have included growth in certain sections of the brain, being able to sustain concentration for longer periods of time and a greater sense of compassion and understanding in others. Meditation practice is similar to learning a new skill such as learning to ride a bike or play a musical instrument (3), hence  an ideal opportunity for children to take up the art of meditation at an early age, since cognitive abilities are fresh and practical ideas learned with much fluidity.

Having learned meditation at a later age in life myself, (I was 20 years of age when I first experienced meditation), I have come to understand how it affects me on a personal level and the benefits I have experienced in all areas of my life. This is the reason why I decided to make a children’s relaxation CD, in the hope that children can gain from meditation at a very young age – giving them a positive start to life, and as a benefit to world peace at large.

On the MP3 “I believe In Me”, I have also included affirmations spoken and sung to uplifting music… reminding children that they are special and unique in all that they are. Ideally I would love to hear that children embrace their differences, rather than be afraid or ashamed of them. This was my goal in the making of this recording.


Please click on the picture  if you would like to hear samples of the album and you will have the opportunity to download the MP3 album “I Believe In Me” instantly.



1.Cahn, Rael; John Polich (March 2006). “Meditation states and traits: EEG, ERP, and neuroimaging studies”. Psychological Bulletin 132 (2): 180–211. DOI:10.1037/0033-2909.132.2.180. PMID 16536641. Retrieved 3/3/12.

2.^ Buddha’s Brain: Neuroplasticity and Meditation by Richard Davidson and Antoine Lutz

3.  “Train Your Mind Change Your Brain” by Sharon Begley pages 229–242, in the chapter “Transforming the Emotional Mind”




Relaxation for children MP3

The relaxation for children CD that started it all!

The relaxation for children CD that started it all! This CD I produced about 4 years ago now and was the reason why I began to sell relaxation and meditation CD’s and MP3’s world wide. Why did I select to produce a relaxation for children MP3? There is an easy answer to this and I will tell you a little about it.

It was when I was in school, way back over 20 years ago now, and there were times when I was bullied by a kid a lot bigger than me – which was easy to find a kid bigger than me as I was one of the smallest in the school! It seemed to happen on most afternoons after I would get off the school bus and he would start pushing me around. I never stood up for myself and no one else seemed to stand up for me either. It was not a very pleasant exchange of energy that’s for sure. I just lived and and kept on living it day after day.

Now, I really believe this bullying happened only because I was unsure of myself and did not believe in who I was… and so I was an easy target for bullies. My bully sensed the weakness in me and did not hesitate to attack me. I wonder if I would have had this CD or Mp3 as a child, could of this all been prevented? Possibly. Regardless, as an adult, I needed to do my part and to assist children to believe in all they have to offer – and so, this MP3 was born.

This children’s relaxation affirmation MP3 has 8 tracks on it. Tracks consisting of affirmations in fun and uplifting songs such as “I believe in me”, “I am a champion”, “I always make good choices”, and morning and afternoon affirmations. Take a listen to a sample here:

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The final part of the relaxation for children MP3 is a guided relaxation that takes each child on their own journey inside a forest and up an enchanted tree. And what makes this CD even more special? The final song called “Found” written by myself and Alex Harding has a chorus of people with disabilities singing along with me. A beautiful and inspirational song. Just click on the picture above if you would like to instantly download this MP3 album for only $9.95

Enjoy, and please, let me know what you think.