How To Create A Personal Development Plan: Improving Self Esteem

create a personal development plan

2014 is the year for change. It's time to create a personal development plan and improve your self esteem. It's the beginning of a fresh start and you're no longer the person you were yesterday.

The exciting thing about starting a new year afresh is the fact that you have an excuse to re-invent yourself and become the person you've longed to be. Now is the time.


So what is a Personal Development Plan?


A personal development plan (It has also been shortened to be a PDP or an IDP – Individual Development Plan) is basically a call to action, a written plan to develop new goals and aspirations.

Goals can be for personal relationships, career, work, education, self esteem; in fact whatever it is you want to look at and improve within your life.

PDP's are often used in business with empolyees to make sure they are happy and working towards their targets.

It's interesting though how often in our personal lives, we don't make any plans what so ever, and hope and pray that everything will turn out the best for us.

It doesn't have to be this way any longer. Make a start and begin to write up your own PDP.


How Do I Create My Personal Development Plan?















1. Firstly, think about what exactly you want tobe improved in your life.

What would you like to change? If there are a few things you would like to change, you may want to break it down further into groups of items.

For instance you might have one list is for improvement in self esteem, another is for a healthy body and yet how to create a personal development plananother one may be work related.

Let's go with the improved self-esteem as an example.

You begin by writing "Self Esteem Plan" on one page and underneath add your resource list – what you're going to need to make this improvement. an example might be:

A. Find books on self esteem

B. Find great affirmations to use to promote a healthy self esteem

C. Support person to help me through tough times.

Whatever it is you might need to help you with your esteem, write it down in this list.

2. Next, mark it in the calendar as to when you will begin to work on these ideas. For example;

Wednesday 3-4pm Read books on self esteem

Friday 6pm – 7pm – Practise my affirmations

Monday – 12pm – 1pm  – Go out with friend for lunch

No matter how trivial this sounds, write it down. It's all a part of the larger plan.

3. Keep A Journal Of How You're Goals Are Going

A really important step is to start a journal and write in it each and every day. Try not to skip one entry.

This is not only  a great idea to look back later and see how far you've come, it's also a place where you can speak safely about your fears.

Write in this journal like no one is watching and will read it. This is your space and your notes. Don't foget to express how you feel as well.

4. Take Action

Write down the steps you will need to take to reach your goals.

For instance, you may want to write down that you will be going out 3 times per week to the gym. Who are you going with? How will you get there? How long will you stay and what will you do?

Write down these in an ACTION PLAN. So you can be sure of what you are going to do and how you are going to do it.


Time To Celebrate!

5. Celebrate Success

how to improving self esteemEach time you work towards a goal, celebrate it! Give yourself a reward. Take yourself out for a treat.

Go and visit a friend. Do whatever it takes to reward yourself.

Rewards are important. This is a part of the plan to get you where you want to be. Reward times are fun times for you!


Want Your Own Personal Trainer To Keep You On Track Of Your Goals?

Here is one software program that is ideal for your personal development goals. How do I know? I've got one and use it often.

It's called MindZoom and is a great affirmation software program that you can use on your computer to help you achieve whatever it is you want to achieve. And it is all done subliminally!

That's right, you use a software program that you can adjust and set as you would like to play subliminal affirmations to help you with all aspects of PDP's such as weight loss, give up smoking, self-esteem, relationships and more.

Whatever it is you want to achieve, this software program can be like your "buddy" to help you get there faster. 

It is $47.00 (at the time of writing this article) and comes with a full money back guarantee too. If it does not do what you would like, simply write to the creators for a money back guarantee! That easy!

Please note that if you do purchase this program, I will be given a small commission fee.

This only helps me to keep researching my work and to be able to offer free recordings each month on my site. I only promote products that I have and that I BELIEVE IN. Otherwise I won't promote them at all.




Not only will you now be able to create a personal development plan, but you will be improving your self esteem as well. Go for it!

More on subliminal messaging can be found here too.

Tips for Self Confidence

Feeling shy or awkward in some situations is understandable. There are times when all of us have some nervousness before we go talk to that man or girl, or get sweaty palms before giving a speech. A little nerves can even be beneficial for us. For some, though, shyness & social awkwardness may not be just once in a while, but constant. This can be frustrating & hard to overcome, but there’s some things you can do to help overcome your shyness & approach people in social situations. Here are some tips.

Laughter is the best medicine

There is something about laughter that makes everyone feel more comfortable. This is why “ice breaker” activities at parties are often designed to get the participants laughing. So don’t be afraid to laugh at someone’s jokes, or learn a few comic lines yourself (not canned “pick-up” lines, but smart observations or comments).

You really have the strength you need!

Sometimes, shy people feel so uncomfortable in a social situation that they need it to end; they need to get away. Consciously resist this impulse. Tell yourself to stand your ground, stay put, & interact. Keep in mind, the other person is not going to breathe fire; he or he wishes to have a conversation & get to know you.

Learn to be Comfortable with Silence

Social situations can feel awkward in the event you are uncomfortable with mutual silence. This may trigger shy people to “babble” to fill the silence, which then makes them feel even more awkward because they feel like what they are saying is foolish or nonsensical. So be at ease – some silence between people is all right. In fact, it helps give the other person a chance to think before he or he speaks. The person you are speaking with will appreciate this!

Like physical stretching, socially & psychologically stretching can be uncomfortable, even painful. But also like physical stretching, it is necessary. If your first instinct is to say “No” when someone asks you to do something, cease & think first. Tell the person you will get back to him or her in the event you are unsure. This will give you some time to pluck up your bravery & say “Yes.”

When to Seek a Professional

There is a point when simple shyness & social awkwardness may be an actual disorder. Social anxiety disorder & social phobia are actual disorders that may need the help of a professional. The difference between shyness & these disorders is how much it affects your life.

For example, in the event you are so shy & embarrassed by the thought of having to introduce yourself to others or attend a party that you go to great lengths to keep away from the situation, it might be a social disorder. When it is social anxiety or phobia, you have trouble living a traditional & productive life due to your social fears.

You may like to check out our hypnosis to help you improve your confidence levels. Listen to the hypnosis on a daily basis for faster results. We even have specially designed recording programs for teenagers and children. These recordings consist of spoken affirmations for change.