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Sleep Meditation with relaxing fire and rain sounds

sleep meditation

      A Meditation Gift For You…

Thank you for visiting Relax Me Online and supporting our work. Today I want to share with you and offer you a 100% free MP3 download.  This download has recently been released on Youtube. and so far, our subscribers are loving it!

“I had the most restful sleep in months after listening to this and just used it with my kids as well. Thank you!”

“This is absolutely amazing and exactly what I needed after a 12 hour day. I love the image, fire crackling and my favorite, rain sounds. I am a huge reader and it’s just so comforting to curl up with a good book and relax. Thank you Jason! Namaste.”

“I feel like I’m floating with relaxation, thank you Sir”


The meditation consists of a guided voice meditation along with fire and rain sounds for the first 20 minutes of meditation, helping you to relax and wind down. The final 25 minutes are natural rain and fire sounds to help you drift off to sleep.


Grab the MP3 version here right now:




Please enjoy this guided meditation, tell your friends, and share the MP3 with them. They will be thanking you!

meditation masters


Learn to meditate online with Jason Stephenson Meditation Masters

Meditation Masters – A new online learn meditation platform

meditation masters program

Are you tired of being stressed out, feeling anxious or unsettled? I may just have the answer for you.

My new online meditation course, Meditation Masters  has been a dream of mine for sometime now – to reach out and build an ongoing community of people who want to begin meditation, or to to be inspired by new guided meditations each week.

What Does Meditation Masters Include?

Meditation Masters is an ongoing meditation training platform that has a 30 Day meditation bootcamp, a 10 day mindfulness meditation course,  new content added each month!

Meditation Masters is not affiliated with any religion, rather it is for all people of all faiths.

Every week we have new material loaded onto the platform to help you keep in touch with your meditation practice and to inspire you to keep up your meditation practice. Here is one of the 5 minute guided meditations. This one is for a Calm Mind.

Meditation Masters also has a forum where questions can be asked by anyone – and I will help out. You will never be left alone. This is my guarantee.

Share your Meditation Experience

There is a new section of the course where I have begun to share my meditation experiences with my followers. And I am hoping that others will share their experiences too. This way we can all learn from each other. I believe that everyone of us are both teachers and students. There are no ‘gurus’ in meditation – only we can master our own minds. Sure, others can help, but we must choose the path that is best for ourselves.

Sharing Meditation Music

Over the years, I’ve come across some of the best new age music artists, and Meditation Masters is now the perfect platform to share this music with you. This music will be updated each month so you will never run out of music to meditate to.  Some of my favorite meditation artists include Jordan Jessep and Paul Headon. We are blessed to have so many amazing musical artists that compose the perfect sounds for our meditation experience.

Who Is Jason Stephenson and What is His Meditation Experience?

I best answer this question so you know a little bit more about me and my interest in meditation. I have been practicing meditation since my early 20’s. I first started to use meditation and affirmations when I hit a crisis point in my life and began to suffer with anxiety. Meditation and the use of affirmations helped to calm me and bring my mind to a peaceful place.

I began to look deeper into meditation and would often go on retreats with Nan Tien Temple in NSW Australia. This is the largest temple in the Southern Hemisphere. The life changer for me was attending a 10 day monastic silence retreat. Wow! What a wonderful and profound experience that was. I’ve completed numerous self healing courses and was blessed to travel to Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore with Nan Tien Temple – competing in a Buddhist song writing contest and staying in temples throughout the world.

Back in 2007, I began to want to share the gift of meditation and composed my first album for children’s meditation. “I Believe In Me” was an album that consisted of a guided meditation for sleep and positive uplifting affirmations in word and song that would help children to believe in their own uniqueness.  I later went to produce a guided meditation for adults, and then came my site Relax Me Online (the site you are now visiting) and my Youtube meditation channel. This channel only started out small and has now had over 50,000,000 views and has a few hundred thousand subscribers.

Consolidating My Meditation Experience

Only recently, I decided that seeing that I am helping so many people on their meditation journeys, it would serve me well to do a meditation teacher course. And so it is. I’ve started learning to teach meditation through the Australian college called Inner Voyages. It is so great to learn new things about meditation.

Also, meditation is a large part of my life. I practice daily, meditate in float tanks weekly and continue to attend meditation lessons myself at Nan Tien Temple. We are always the student of meditation – and so it is important for me to keep up my practice and learning of this beautiful craft.

Where Will Meditation Masters Be In The Future?

I see Meditation Masters as a platform that will one day be a place that anyone can go to to learn about meditation. I plan to bring other teachers onto the platform so there wont be just my voice, but other meditation facilitators you can learn from.  I want the platform to be a storehouse of guided meditations for just about every subject you can think of. So if ever you need to meditate for a particular reason, you will find it at Meditation Masters!

What does the course cost?

As Meditation Masters is an ongoing course with new content added weekly, I’ve decided to make it a monthly subscription fee. It is currently set at $14.90, however, this is expected to rise as more content is added.  I want the platform to be affordable for everyone.  I even offer a free 7 day trial so you can check out the site yourself and see if this is what you’re after when it comes to learning meditation. You can unsubscribe to the course at any time you like at no further fees will be charged.

If you have any questions about meditation or about the course, please feel free to comment. I am more than willing to help you out. Hope to see you at Meditation Masters. Click here to start your free 7 day trial.

meditation masters

Guided Meditation Sleep and Depression Relief


guided meditation for depression


Depression Relief & A Good Sleep Is At Hand

Today Relax Me Online presents to you a beautiful healing guided meditation that is ideal for sleep and depression relief.

This guided meditation is spoken by Jason Stephenson (whose soothing voice will have you relaxing in no time at all) and has been written by script writer extraordinaire, Amelia Schmelzer.

The journey takes the listener on a guided relaxation to where a waterfall meets the edge of the ocean.

It is here where you will have the chance to release any thoughts, anxiety and depression and begin to relax deeply. So deeply in fact, that you will fall asleep!

Depression Relief

If you've been having any deep depressive thoughts of late and want to do some work to help release them, then this meditation maybe of assistance.

We should point out here that this guided meditation is never to take the place of medical advice.

Rather, use this meditation on a daily basis in conjunction with your medical doctors advice. Meditation has been known to assist with depression, anxiety, stress and many other forms of physical and mental issues.

Guided Meditation for Sleep

Not only will this help you let go of unwanted thoughts, it will seriously help you to get to sleep.  During the last 10 minutes of this meditation, there will only be sounds of soothing music, waterfall and the gentle waves crashing on the shore.

Try this guided meditation today to help release your depression and soothe your mind before you sleep.

We suggest using it on a regular basis to deeply quieten your mind… and in the end, have a more peaceful, outlook on life.

Please enjoy this deeply relaxing and healing guided meditation.

Meditation Available as MP3

If you like, we've made the meditation available as a high quality downloadable MP3. Simply purchase and we will send you the download link in an instant.

Please note: IPhone users/IPad users must download to your PC first (Place on iTunes) and then you can sync it with your iPhone.

Price: $4.99

File: Instant MP3 download

Length: 30 minutes

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CD Available at our Ebay store by clicking here.

A Guided Meditation For Those Who Suffer In Silence – In Memory of Robin Williams

Re-Claim Your Power Guided Meditation

Today, like most of the world, I heard the news of the stage and screen actor, Robin Williams death. It was a shock to me as I'm sure it's a shock to you.

It prompted me to devote this guided meditation "Reclaiming Your Power" in memory of Robin Williams and in the hope that this meditation, may also be able to offer hope to others.

Depression is a real black dog of a thing and it can take young and old, rich and poor. It happens.

Robin had been suffering with depression for years, and unfortunately, it claimed him.  May this meditation help you or a friend. Please share it with the world. The MP3 version can be downloaded for FREE – or listen to it on the Youtube video.

CLICK "add to cart" BUTTON BELOW TO DOWNLOAD THE MP3 . If you own a MAC iphone/ipad, please remember you will need to transfer it to your itunes FIRST and then sync your account with your phone.

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RIP Robin Williams  – thanks for shining so bright, you lit up the world! I  still smile seeing you as Mrs Doubtfire. 🙂

A Guided Visualization Meditation On How To Find Your Soulmate

finding your soulmate

A Guided Meditation To Attract Love Into Your LIfe

Relax Me Online present to you a guided sacred space meditation to heal, relax and add gentle direction to your life… ultimately helping you to find your soulmate.

Within this guided meditation, you will gain the power and confidence to shed all the relationships that are weighing you down, and the grace to welcome your ideal romantic partner into your life.

This visualization is effortless, sweet in its simplicity and power to inspire change.

In this space, the only thing you can control is you—but you are the only tool you need to create a beautiful impact on this world, and find your soulmate or perfect partner.



Price: $4.99

Delivery: Instant MP3 file

Running time: 19 minutes.

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Here is an excerpt from this guided meditation: How to attract Your Partner/Soulmate – written by Amelia Schmelzer and Spoken By Jason Stephenson.

    "As you grow even more familiar and comfortable with the lights around you, you begin to sense the presence of someone else nearby. At the core of your being, you know that this presence is that of your ideal partner, someone who is flawed but still shines with the light of all the stars in the sky.

Feel your awareness expand to include this person, who is so near you can almost touch them.

soulmate meditation            Despite your partner’s nearness, you cannot make out the details of their physical appearance. Although this may seem frustrating at the moment, it is perfect—you can already see everything you need to.

Allow your consciousness to take in the brilliance with which this presence shines, happiness, personal power, and laughter undulating in a colorful pattern that reminds you of your own aura, re-spun in a beautifully different way.

This love draws you forward, toward the figure that you feel you may have known for centuries.

When you are near enough, let yourself step into your partner’s outstretched arms. As you do so, both of your lights run together, creating an infinite number of patterns and colors.

Feel the light of unconditional love warm both of you, brightening the air. Notice the way your bright sense of humor combines with your partner’s wisdom, perhaps a blue or purple color, to create a brilliant display of light and pattern.

You know that even if you stayed in this space forever, you would never discover all the possible combinations of your individual lights.

Above all, notice the way your partner’s unconditional love and acceptance swirls around you, wrapping your entire body in safety and comfort.

Even though you cannot tell exactly what this person looks like, you know you are already beloved. Just as you cannot change the brilliance of your own lights, you cannot dampen those of your partner.

Together, you are a unique and unstoppable combination."



Price: $4.99

Delivery: Instant MP3 file

Running time: 19 minutes.

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3 Healing Guided Meditations for DEEP Relaxation

meditation for healing

3 Guided Meditations MP3 Healing Package

We've put together an awesome healing meditation package of 3 super guided  meditations/visualizations. They are as follows:

  • Archangel Saint Raphael Healing Guided Meditation
  • Lucid Dreaming Guided Meditation
  • Walk Along The Beach Guided Meditation For Stress & Anxiety

This entire collection is available now as an MP3 download for a LIMITED time only at $9.99

Price: $9.99

Delivery: X 3 MP3's guided meditations (via email link so you can download instantly)

Length: 14 minutes, 20 minutes and 24 minutes

Click the BUY NOW button below to purchase your copy now

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CD AVAILABLE BY CLICKING HERE (You will be directed to our Ebay Store)


Healing Meditation # 1 "Archangel Raphael Healing Meditation"

healing meditationsThis is a wonderful short but powerful guided meditation, calling on Saint Raphael to help in your healing process.

It's been aimed to help you in soothing both physical  and emotional pain.

Please listen to YouTube video. You will receive this exact meditation on MP3 – only a much higher sound quality.


Healing Meditation # 2 "A Meditation for Stress & Anxiety – A Walk Along The Beach"

good healing meditationWith beautiful healing music from Dr Christopher Lloyd Clarke, "Essence Of Peace", this meditation will give you the chance to dissolve your stress and anxiety by taking a beautiful walk along a peaceful beach.

With the gentle sounds of the ocean surf and the gulls nearby, this is sure to have your stress melting away in no time at all.

This has to be one of Relax Me Online's favorite meditations.


Healing Meditation # 3 "Lucid Dreaming Guided Meditation"

lucid dreaming healing meditationThis meditation is designed to help you achieve self-awareness and the mental confidence to identify and become lucid in your dreams.

In reality, all meditation helps increase your chances of experiencing a lucid dream.

However, this particular recording has been created to help accelerate the process.

Music in this healing guided meditation is spacious and ethereal, allowing freedom for your mind to explore the new world of lucid dreaming.


Price: $9.99

Delivery: X 3 MP3's guided meditations (via email link so you can download instantly)

Length: 14 minutes, 20 minutes and 24 minutes

Click the BUY NOW button and grab your guided healing meditations now!

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CD AVAILABLE BY CLICKING HERE (You will be directed to our Ebay Store)






Relaxing Spoken Word Guided Meditation Package

spoken voice guided meditations

Meditation Program Package # 1 YouTube Special

Here is a wonderful offer from Relax Me Online. This package consists of 4 short spoken word guided meditations. All up, they run for a total of  over 55 minutes. These are perfect if you're on the go and haven't go much time to listen to a full 20-30 minute guided meditation.

Each meditation has been spoken by YouTube Meditation Expert, Jason Stephenson. Jason says of the meditation programs, "I've normally been selling my guided meditations as single recordings, however, I wanted to bundle a package together where I can offer great value for money – and to give to my YouTube subscribers."


$ 9.95 for the lot!

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This meditation program consists of 4 MP3 meditations. Perfect for MP3 players. The meditation package includes the following:

Uplifting Guided Spoken Meditation With Positive Affirmations  – Running time: 16 minutes

Give your confidence a real boost with this guided meditation with positive affirmations. A real power-packed life changing meditation.

Tree Of Life & Grounding Meditation – Running time: 10 minutes

Need to ground yourself? Possibly re-connect after some emotional turmoil? Then this beautiful guided meditation is the one for you! In a short space of time you will feel reconnected to all that is. This one has Theta Binaural Beats embedded within for a quick and deep fast relaxation – (Binaural beats are Not recommended for those under 16 years of age, wear a pacemaker, pregnancy or those who suffer with seizures.)

Calm Down Guided Meditation – No more stress – Running Time: 15 minutes

A great meditation if you are feeling stressed at work on a lunch break. Take time out for 15 minutes and I will guarantee that this meditation will do the job for you!

Floating On Ocean – Beyond Space & Time – Running Time: 10 minutes

Possibly one of the most beautiful short guided meditations by Jason Stephenson. This one not only allows you to float in the ocean, it will connect you to everything. You will feel complete and whole after listening to this entrancing 10 minute guided meditation.

CLICK BELOW NOW – LIMITED TIME ONLY – to purchase this great mega guided spoken word meditation package YouTube Special. Mp3's – Please note: These are NOT CD discs but rather downloadable MP3's.

$ 9.95 for the lot!

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