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Ho’oponopono: To make things right again. A meditation within itself


About Ho'oponopono

(I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you)

Ho'oponopono, means to make things right. To make things right with the people you may have done wrong with in the past. And to make things right for the past ancestors.

Ho'oponopono orginated in Hawaii. It's all about forgiveness. And when we forgive others, who are we really forgiving? Ourselves.

I've created a beautiful recording that you can use with Ho'oponopono. As my recording has binaural beats in it, it can also help you relax into a deep Theta state of mind. Use this as a meditation mantra as well. Many Blessings.


More about Ho'oponopono can be found here.

The MP3 version (exactly as clip above) can be purchased here for $6.95. Click on "BUY NOW" button below and you will be taken to our safe and secure shopping cart and the MP3 file link will be delivered to you – where you will be able to download instantly.

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Stress Relief Music: The Best sites for Epic Relaxing Music

The Best Sites For Stress Relief Music and  Epic Relaxing Music

Need to de-stress? Want some stress relief music that will soothe your soul and uplift you? You've come to the right place as we share with you the greatest websites for epic relaxing music.

1. Relax Me Online

Firstly it would be silly of me not to tell you of the best relaxing music here at Relax Me Online. One of my favourite composers – stress relief musicand the most popular seller at our store, is none other than Australian composer Dr. Christopher Lloyd Clarke.

Chris lives in Torquay, Victoria Australia and has been composing new age/meditation music for many years now. His compositions are perfect for deep meditation and even to play as relaxing background music.

Many artists also use his royalty free music to use as background music on their guided meditation audios.

One of my favourite relaxation albums of his is called Ascension. It is purely just heaven!

You might have also started playing the youtube video above and are enjoying that music. If you would like your MP3 copy of that production – at no charge, simply add your name and email in the blue box at the top of this page and we will send you instantly your download link.

You will also be notified each month of free relaxation music each month too 🙂

2. The Unexplainable Store

epic relaxing musicThe stress relief music store with a difference. The unexplainable Store has been around for many years now and they've helped thousands of people across the world with their brainwave entrainment, binaural beats and isochronic tones music.

This is scientifically proven music to help in all areas of your life from weight loss, to meditation, stress relief and so much more.

Their music is not normally something you would listen to as 'pretty' background music, however it is extremely powerful if you want changed  results in your life.

They also offer a 100% money back guarantee as well. If you're not happy with their music or it has not worked for you, simply write to them and they will refund your money in full. No questions asked.

I've ordered a number of MP3's from these guys – in particular the Lucid dreaming MP3 – and have had some epic relaxing results too 🙂 I cannot recommend these guys enough and so they go to the top of my list for quality and service.


3. Subliminal MP3's (with Nature Sounds)

Relaxing music with a difference? Then this might be the one for you. These are subliminal MP3's that come with various nature sounds of fire, ocean, wind, thunderstorm or silent.

All of these tracks are embedded with subliminal messages (meaning you cannot hear them consciously) that help you with things such as stress relief, financial worries, weight loss, personal development, positive attitude, improving concentration and much, much more.

Each purchase comes with the 5 tracks so you can listen to what nature sound you feel like at the time – and know that all of them have the subliminal messages in the background, helping you to achieve your desires, whilst you are relaxing.


4. Thought Sounds (Soundtracks For Relaxation)

Now this is HUGE set of downloadable royalty free meditation and relaxation music that I've even been using for my recordings here at Relax Me Online. What can I say? This is an awesome package – it's divided into 3 packages "Light Relaxation", "Deep Relaxation" and "Warm Tracks".

This music is perfect for spa relaxing music, yoga, massage music and of course, meditation.

In this collection there is over 70 soothing stress relief music sound files  (14 hours of music) which can be looped with a program that is supplied as well. This means you can play them seamlessly ongoing. AND if you want meditation background music to play in your class or office, you can even do this as they are royalty free. Meaning you will pay no more money to use them.

Here you have some of the greatest collection of meditation and deep relaxation music you will find on the world wide web spa relaxing musictoday. I cannot recommend this package highly enough.  It is priced a little higher than the rest – but remember, you're getting an endless list of music with this package! I just love them.

The instruments that have been recorded include; acoustic guitar, vocals, strings, crystalline piano, chimes, organ, bells, synthesizers and more!


I hope this article has helped you to find some epic relaxing music and stress relief music. All of these companies that I suggest I highly recommend due to the fact that I've purchased from them and love their work. 

I do make a small commission if you click on some of the links above. This helps me to keep making and producing my free music which I offer to at no charge each month to my subscribers.


Soothing Stress Relief Sounds Course Review: The Sensational Music and Sound Therapy Program

soothing sounds stress relief course review

Soothing Stress Relief Sounds Course Review: The Sensational Music and Sound Therapy Program

Experiencing stress is nothing unfamiliar to our human systems. We have long been the victims of it and its malicious by-products. It works like a plague and infects our whole balance, providing us with different physical and mental complaints.

The main problem is that stress can be inflicted from anything. It can well be caused due to long working hours or some domestic tensions, uncertainty about future or unrealistic expectations. In short, stress is within our surroundings and is always in search of ways to attack our life’s balance.

However, it does not mean that we should continue living with our stressful lives and ignore all its consequences. The mantra for a contented life is to stay happy and it is obvious that no one with an unstable self can achieve it.

Therefore, it is extremely important to control stress in order to pursue a composed life. And this is exactly where a course like Soothing Stress Relief Sounds is so valuable.

Here in this review, I would share my personal experience and disclose all the primary contents of this authentic stress release program.

What Soothing Stress Relief Sounds Course is all about?

Soothing Stress Relief Sounds Course is a program that is constructed upon the concepts of Music and Sound therapies. These techniques have been proven medically and are used to eliminate stress. soothing stress relief sounds

The program is carefully planned for every individual who has been experiencing stress in his everyday life. It contains detailed guides, e-books and workbooks. To induce excitement this program also comes with 43 pacifying tracks which are divided into four different albums.

The sole motive for this program is to assist those people who have been battling against stress or its side effects. The course offers simple and easy stress release techniques to soothe soul and revitalize one’s mind and body; thus executing its motive.

Soothing Stress Relief Sounds Course is Ideal For?

Stress has lots of different forms. But since Soothing Stress Relief Sounds Course counters stress, it is also equally effective against its various by-products. Therefore, this program is ideal for anyone who experiences:

  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Sleepless nights
  • Mood Swings
  • Difficulty to Adapt Changes
  • Depression
  • Chronic Pain
  • Anger Management Problems
  • Mental Weariness


My Experience with Soothing Stress Relief Sounds Course

To start off with, I want to make it clear that Soothing Stress Relief Sounds Course is not a program that can be questioned with its claims of being the ultimate stress-release module.

And I believe, this above statement alone can easily tell you as how helpful this program has turned out for me.

After receiving the product in my inbox and then downloading it, my first impression was a positive one. I was delighted to see as how well-organized this program is and soon I was going through the ‘quick-start’ guide.

Soothing stress relief course reviewPersonally I found this introductory guide really useful as it prepared me for what I was about to experience. It provided me with ways to make the best out of the offered e-books and soundtracks.

After getting a strong insight about the overall program, I made my way into the chief portion of the course. Here I was greeted with e-books on Music Therapy and Relaxation Therapy.

The purpose of these e-books was to educate its users with the concepts of music therapy, brainwave entrainment, meditation sounds as well as introduce them with the finest relaxation techniques.

Although this portion was very descriptive, I would recommend everyone to sit through it as without these basics it would be hard to get the desired results.

Both these e-books are assisted with their own Workbook and 10 Day Action Planner which helped me to keep track of my personal progress. The plan directed me to a number of different tracks and sound therapy exercises and very soon I was able to figure out the right stress release strategy for myself. However, since it can differ from person to person, it is better that I leave my strategy unrevealed.

Altogether there are 43 soundtracks with 6 free bonuses within this entire course. A number that is truly astonishing considering the quality of its content.

The Verdict

For me, Soothing Stress Relief Sounds Course is the most comprehensive, enlightening and exciting program on stress control. It is for anyone who is craving for a composed life, far from the tortures of stress.

The course comes in Premium and Classical packages with 60days money back guarantee. Personally, I would recommend opting for the Premium as it includes practical techniques to counter stress. However, choosing it can prove a little costly.Stress relief course

Considering the overwhelming benefits which I have experienced, this course has to be my best recommendation. So, if you are also one of those unfortunate victims of stress, it’s time that you step up and take control of your life through this sensational stress management program.






Please note: If you click on the links above (some of them, not all of them) and purchase the product, I will receive a small commission. This helps me to keep my site operating and to keep writing and offer you freebies from time to time. Many thanks for your understanding.

Muscle Contraction Headache Relief


**** NEW**** NEW**** NEW****

muscle contraction headache relief

Muscle contraction headache relief + binaural beats

      Preview Muscle Contraction Relief for Headaches

Length: 50 minutes

File: Instant MP3 download

Price: $9.95

Use this recording to help relieve muscle contraction headaches, migraines and for deep relaxation. This session should be used in a quiet, comfortable place, free of distraction, in a chair or lying down. After starting the session, close your eyes and relax. Be sure to adjust the volume to a comfortable level. During this “muscle contraction headache relief” recording, please try to remain as calm and relaxed as possible. Headphones are recommended for binaural beats to work, however, as this recording also uses Isochronic tones, it is not an absolute requirement. Personally, we recommend headphones as it will work in two ways rather than just with the Isochronic tones. Binaural beats are used to help with the deep relaxation.

The recording has a deep ambience to it, with drone sounds and various spatial echoing plucks – it is so comforting that customers have found the full recording (50 minutes) so beneficial that not only does it release the headache, but it calms down the mind and has been known to send them into a deep sleep.

Muscle Contraction and headache relief uses the Delta frequency. Among all the frequencies, this is the slowest and can be experienced when you are in a dreamless state and in deep sleep. It can also be experienced when you are in transcendental and very deep meditation where you are not aware of your surroundings. The unconscious mind is where Delta frequencies appear, serving as a channel to the composite unconscious and universal mind, where the information you receive is not available to the conscious mind. Deep sleep is essential for healing, and Delta is connected with regeneration and deep healing.

For 10 minute Sample, see our youtube upload here!

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Preview Muscle Contraction Headache Relief below!

(Please note: Visuals are NOT needed for brainwave entrainment to work.



OM Mantra Theta Binaural Beats Reviews from Youtube

Over the last few months, this wonderful recording from Dr. Christopher Lloyd Clarke (Om Mantra with Theta Binaural Beats) has been receiving some rave reviews on Youtube. In fact, over 38,000 people have witnessed it and many have given it the thumbs up “like button.”

Here is what some are saying:

You can check out the video and reviews here:

“Just got back from chopping wood for an hour and on to the dissertation. I play this while I write. Many thanks.”

By “Kabeezees”

“With love to all from Heavens to the deepest depth of Your Heart. The Divine Power of Life is within Your Soul, Mind, and Body. Let everything vibrate with this sound Om. Amen! Namaste!”

By “Maria De Magdelana”

“oh my gosh – resonates wonderfully – pineal activating – entire body..incredible! Thank you!  Bought the full length MP3 and the awesome samples and freebies and naturally subscribed. I’m a fan now – for sure. I have used sound healing for more than a year and really want to take the MP3s with me into nature where I meditate. I can’t think of anything better than that! We have so many waterfalls here – that my plans include to listen to this a distance from the falls – I can hardly wait. Thanks so much for your work and the work of everyone working with you! Namaste..”

By Eva Trexler-Green

“Wow! Well, this one resonates with me! Loved it! Thank you Jason!”

By Doris Edwards

“<3 Love it Excellent”

By Deepal Goyal

Join the many others and check it out! grab the full length version here now!

Activate your Pineal gland

How to activate your pineal gland and why?

activate your pineal glandToday I have produced a wonderful new soundtrack album that assists in the activation of your pineal gland. You can check it out here now:  112 OM Chants with Deep Theta Binaural Beats. Before I get into it, I would like to explain a little bit about the pineal Gland and why should we activate your pineal gland.

The pineal gland, sometimes called the Third Eye or the pineal body, is a ‘rice grain’ size gland in the brain. Its shape kind of looks like a pine cone, hence the name “pineal.”

The gland is located in the center of the brain and most vertebrate species have a pineal gland.

Many philosophers over the years have called the pineal gland the “mystery gland” and they believe that it had more functions than scientists once believed.

RenĂ© Descartes, who studied the pineal gland with much enthusiasm, called the pineal gland the “principal seat of the soul.”  He understood this point of the body to be where the intellect and the body connect.  There are many more philosophers that believe the pineal gland as the third eye and the point of metaphysical awakening or spiritual enlightenment.  This idea is also believed and practised in yoga, many new-age philosophies  as well as Pagan religions.


How to activate your pineal gland

This can be done in silence, however, a short cut is to use the 112 OM Chanting here – to activate your pineal gland.

1. Close your eyes lightly (not completely) just so you can still see slightly the bridge of your nose.

2.  You can do this sitting down or laying flat but just make sure your palms are facing upwards.

3.  Press the play button and begin to play the activate your pineal gland 112 OM Chanting music

4.  Now picture your spiritual self escaping your body through your pineal gland. This is one of the first steps in how to activate your pineal gland.  Visualising this intently, you will soon be ‘astral travelling’ or leaving your physical body. Some have even said that a popping sound could be heard once the spirit leaves the physical body.

5. Try to practice this on a daily basis, preferably in the early hours of the morning (5am – 7am). Over time you will find that you will easily leave your body and you will be able to activate your pineal gland.

Why activate your pineal gland?


  • Awaken your ability of psychic talents
  • learn to see beyond space and time
  • Discover the links between the physical and the spiritual world
  • Sharpen your intuition and your visionary thoughts
  • Use crystals  in the aid to assist, in particular Labradorite or Apatite

My experience using the above sountrack has been amazing. I felt myself leaving my body after 15 minutes. Oh wow, it was an intense, yet amazing feeling. Please try it yourself. Activate your pineal gland today and begin to fly free from all of your doubt, worry and stressors that todays modern life throws at you.




Deep Space By Japetus


relaxation music


An unconstrained collage of cosmic moods


Final absorption into the One


Deep Space is an unconstrained and inspiring collage of cosmic moods that wash and flow over, around and through you as you journey to the far reaches of liquid space and time. On this album there are two tracks.

The first one Starlite is pure abstract… letting go… and letting go… into the oneness… the constancy of life… and feeling yourself expand and grow… coming home yet disappearing all at the same time (Starlite is the ‘2000 Dolphin Award’ winning track).

The second track Celestial Ocean captures the ebb and flow, the coming and the going; rising, unfolding, only to disappear again… a momentary wave amidst a sea of being… rising up from the deep waters of our soul… Above or below… within or without… learning the ways of the Path and how to travel still remain a primary training focus for the adept.

Being ‘out there’ and to be able to see from the highest and deepest is so valuable, as is being able to move through the cycles of space and time and rebecoming… Deep Space is the final album in the New Age series and represents the end of the journey as we can know it from here… just being in the peace and an awareness of the path… completely free yet with the power to choose to be or not to be. …for now we can but practice and focus.

Deep Space By Japetus (Dolphin Award Winning, 2000)

      Preview Deep Space

      Preview Deep Space # 2

Length: 62 minutes

File: Instant MP3 download

Price: $9.95

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NEXUS magazine

“Japetus has been a leading ambient and New Age musician in Australia since the 1980s. Over the last year he has been remastering all his earlier works. Deep Space is a collage of cosmic moods that wash through you, taking the soul on a trip through the universal mind. The CD is divided into to lengthy tracks: ‘Starlite’ – winner of a 2000 Dolphin Music Award and ‘Celestial Ocean’ which ebbs and flows into the soul. Deep Space is a broad sweep, taking you on an extra-human journey, not unlike Kubrick’s 2001. Very powerful and profound music.”


Peace And Quiet By Japetus


relaxation music



To help support a stress-free lifestyle…

Peace & Quiet is a superb compilation of relaxing music tracks released by Japetus over the last 20 years. These compositions are ideal for use with any positive healing process including massage, counseling, tai chi, yoga and various types of therapy.

This blissful music can also create a restful sleep environment for people of all ages to help support a stress-free lifestyle. The music is rich and colourful providing inspiration for guided meditations. It can be played very quietly during study or at work and still have a positive influence even at low volume.

There are two albums in this relaxation set. The first album Peace contains the tracks with more movement and the second album called Quiet has the still tracks. Each track is taken out of context from its original concept album and carefully blended together by Japetus in an unbroken flow without compromising the original musical work.

This is a comprehensive collection of beautiful soothing music that everyone will enjoy… any time you need some Peace & Quiet in your life.

Peace And Quiet By Japetus

      Preview Peace and Quiet

      Preview Peace and Quiet # 2

Length: 2 hours  (Double Album)

File: Instant MP3 download

Price: $16.95

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Japetus Biography can be found here



Tales from Atlantis


Echoing songs of worlds before…


Tales From Atlantis is a musical expose of times long passed… back when humanity was young. The 30 minute title track is a watery collage of fluid and bubbling sound that washes over and around… a sea of emotion… with an ocean of mind flooding in. Distant songs.

From the physical animal, humanity reached out through the mysterious etheric tides of swirling delusion. Crossing the bridge of the lower concrete mind to explore the expanse of imagination and the infinity of spirit. The other three pieces on the album are echoes from the domes… short melodic stories from days gone by.

Those from Atlantis sensed the pull of the godhead but were seduced by the distraction of the physical. Initiates in those times had control and vision not unlike those moderately advanced today. Their cities were connected by ultrasonic transporter tubes that would hum as they floated between domes. We can reflect on how far humanity has come and take measure of what is to come.


1 – Tales From Atlantis (30:19), 2 – New Horizons (8.34), 3 – Reflections (4.03), 4) The Nine (3.48), 5 – Tranquility (10.51)

Tales from Atlantis By Japetus

      Preview Tales from Atlantis 1

      Preview Tales from Atlantis 2

Length: 57 minutes

File: Instant MP3 download

Price: $9.95

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Please Note: Japetus music is very rich, deep and powerful  and is actually designed to be played just slightly above the threshold of hearing – when it is almost unconscious.

Japetus Biography can be found here


Royalty Free Meditation Music


The Great Great Silence


"Japetus" "The Great Great Silence"

A journey beyond the stars…


This is where it all began. The Great Great Silence is a spacey two part adventure that takes you from within to travel out into the vast cosmos. On this inner expedition you encounter strange other worlds and other beings navigating their way across the dimensions. This universe exists within and without… and traveling in consciousness can take us further than any other vehicle. In our minds eye we can move our focus, from the grass, the tree and body devas, right out to the limit of awareness… and beyond.

Space is vast and, although it is hard to comprehend infinity, we can still use our sojourns to gather information on how it feels to evoke it. On Their side, things are progressing well and all we need do is offer up our tiny daily invocations to help create the bridge of love and light. Learning to explore the universe… learning how to explore it… is an essential part of coming to terms with the universal Plan.

The more proficient we are at holding the highest perspective… the further we will see… beyond times and spaces. At the end of the visualisations, you return with a real feeling of transcendence having contacted this deeper sense of being and opened up a pathway for its expression. Now you can hear… the still small voice within, whispering echoes of the great great silence.

Double album – Album 1: music with spoken visualisations plus Album 2: music only.


Part One: Morning (29:21)

1 – Dawn (5:38), 2 – Chakras (4:14), 3 – Exit (0:42), 4 – Space (4:49), 5 – Guides (0:54), 6 – Realms (3:27), 7 – Procession (3:29), 8 – Sunset (6:06)

Part Two: Evening (28:33)

9 – Storm (2:47), 10 – Evaporation (4:17), 11 – Exit (0:57), 12 – Space (0:44), 13 – Ships (5:08), 14 – Journey (7:57), 15 – Re-entry (1:04), 16 – Stream (4:59)


WHOLE LIFE TIMES: From Sydney, New Age composer – Japetus – similar in style to Kitaro and Vangelis, has released two very good albums ‘The Great Great Silence’ and ‘Once Around The Sun’. Melodic interpretations of natural cycles within and without using synthesisers to create a peaceful, spacious yet awe inspiring atmosphere. As good or better than Kitaro, this is by far the best New Age music to emerge from an Australian composer so far.

The Great Great Silence By Japetus

      Preview The Great Great Silence – Music only

      Preview The Great Great Silence – Guided Visualisation

Length: 2 hours (Double Album)

File: Instant MP3 download

Price: $16.95

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Please Note: Japetus music is very rich, deep and powerful  and is actually designed to be played just slightly above the threshold of hearing – when it is almost unconscious.

Japetus Biography can be found here