Do Subliminal Messages Work?

do subliminal messages work

In this article I'll give you a run down on subliminal messaging, the history, science and even some information on how you can build your very own subliminal messages through a software program called MindZoom.

History Of The Subliminal Message

Subliminal messages first hit the USA big time during the mid 1950's when a researcher/marketer by the name of James Vicary put subliminal messages to trial via the big movie screen in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Using a special instrument called a tachistoscope, this device would flash images on the movie screen that could only be recognised by the subconscious mind.

Over a six week period over 45,000 patrons were flashed subliminal messages that went straight to the subconscious mind of subliminal affirmationsthe theatergoer. The messages were "Hungry? Eat Popcorn" & "Drink CocaCola."

The results of this test were astounding! During that time the tests were run, the sales of popcorn rose to 57.7% and Coca Cola sales rose 18.1%. This was no fairytale. Subliminal Messages worked!

Experiments continued in the 50's which led to subliminal messages being placed in print and media content. In the 60's more experiments took place on how subliminal messages can effect human behavior. 

After these experiments, researches had no doubt that this type of messaging (where the user was completely unaware of the stimulus) does and can influence the behavior of others.

In 1992, a group of researchers from the University of California studied and tested more than 350 subliminal science media articles on the topic, and they found no convincing evidence that subliminal messages do in fact influence purchasing powers. 

There is still to this day debate in regards to the powers of subliminal messaging, however,  many marketing companies still claim to use it – and with positive results.

Scientists and researchers  in  the UK also have released studies that confirm that the mind does register subliminal images – even if the person subjected to the image was not consciously aware of them.

Dr Bahrami, from the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience states "If there is 'spare capacity', in terms of attention, the brain will allocate that resource to subliminal activity."

The Science  & Workings Behind Subliminal Messages

Basically, the science is based on the fact that a message is presented to the listener (or viewer) under the threshold of hearing  consciousness. Sometimes the sound might be masked with a 'white noise' effect or ocean sounds etc.

But the point is, once this masking sound is taken away, you should be left with a clear sound of the subliminal affirmation or message.

how do subliminal messages really workSubliminal messages can be ideal to re-program negative thought patterns, beliefs and attitudes f that have been built up over the years.

Many people who cannot accomplish their goals like to blame external events or people that have hindered them from achieving.

I would say we must begin to take a  serious look at our own thought patterns and what we may subconsciously be doing to stop us from achieving our very own dreams. 

There is a saying "We are a product of our own thinking." There is so much truth in this. Over the years we've had major influences to mold our brains  (or re-wire our minds) to think a certain way. The input has been from teachers, media, parents, society,  friends, work colleagues and even our families.

These patterns or ways of being have sunk deep into our subconscious and the only way to change these is through reaching the subconscious mind once more. This you could say is where the root of the problem lies. This is where subliminal affirmations can come into play.

Where Can I get Subliminal Messages from?

If you are ready to take a leap of faith and change your life once and for all with positive, life chaning subliminal affirmations, then a program such as MindZoom subliminal messagingor Subliminal MP3's may be for you.

MindZoom is a software program where not only can you use the thousands of positive subliminal affirmations that are flashed up on your PC screen, you can also create and add your very own subliminal affirmations yourself to a recording.

And the great thing is with this program, is that it has a text to speech recorder – so you won't even have to record your own voice (Many feel uncomfortable recording their own voices)

MindZoom has been used world-wide by thousands of people and some have had success in using it for weight loss, fitness, confidence, sleep, quitting smoking, stress and more.

Mind Zoom even comes with an 8 week guarantee.

If you're unhappy with the results after 8 weeks, you simply write to the producers of the program and they will give you your money back. (All sales are made through click bank which guarantees your safety!) For $47.00, it's a small price to pay for a complete change of mindset and lifestyle.


  subliminal messages work      where can you find subliminal messages



Subliminal MP3's

Subliminal MP3's are pre-made recordings selling around the $15.00 mark for each recording. Again, these guys have recordings for virtually any subliminal message you hope to find.




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Affirmations For Weight Loss

positive affirmations for weight loss

Affirmations For Weight Loss – Begin Today!

Affirmations are not the be all and end all, however, they must become a part of your daily routine if you are to lose weight. Weight loss is not only about eating correctly, exercise and counting calories, it's also being very aware of all that you allow into your mind – both negative and positive. Make affirmations a part of your daily goals

How many times have you caught yourself saying things like 'I was born this way' 'I'll never lose weight!' or even 'Weight loss is fine for others but not for me!' All of this is negative self talk and does not help your cause. No matter how well you eat you must  begin to change the negative self talk and replace with quality affirmations.

affirmations for weight loss

What exactly is an affirmation?

An affirmation is a positive statement set in the present tense to help you to change your life for the better. Affirmations for weight loss are used  in conjunction with a good diet plan and exercise. Here are a few examples of good affirmations for weight loss;

  • Every day in every way I'm feeling better and better
  • I am now choosing the right foods for my body
  • I am now feeling alive and radiant
  • My exercises are working for me
  • I'm now losing weight daily

Notice these affirmations are in the present tense and are about YOU – they are not said in the third person. Make the affirmations personal. Allow the affirmations for losing weight to connect with your emotions. Say the affirmations with emotion – this adds much more power to them – so you are connecting on an emotional level as well.

Losing weight (and gaining weight) is emotional based, so it is more important that you connect to that emotional part of yourself.

How to Use the Weight Loss Affirmations

Affirmations can be used in a number of different ways. Firstly, you can record your affirmations and listen to them over and over again on a daily basis. There are many software programs out there that can take care of this for you! I've often put affirmations on my ipod and found them really beneficial when I'm out walking.

When no one is around, say them losing weight affirmationsout loud – really feel them and enjoy them. Believe in them! I know this is hard  at first, but this is only because you're only use to your negative self talk! Begin today to get use to a new way of life – a positive way. Here you can see The Top 20 Weight Loss positive affirmations here.

This is the NEW YOU! Speak them out loud over and over again with as much excitement and emotional packed charge as possible.

You can also go to sleep with them playing on your ipod. What better way to finish the day off with positive affirmations playing for weight loss! Even whilst you sleep, they are still entering your subconscious mind.

Write Down Your Affirmations For Weight Loss

Write affirmations out and pin them up on the mirror. I still have affirmations up on my mirror that I wrote many years ago. They are now just a regular part of my life. Every day I would be forced to see it when I looked in the mirror. If you can't yet look in the mirror, then pin them up on a wall near your bedroom – or put them in the car when you are diving. Anywhere that you can see them, is a good place to place them.

Here are Some Subliminal Affirmations You Can Use For Weight Loss and Food Addicts












Losing Weight With Subliminal Affirmations

Subliminal Affirmationsare even better! These affirmations are set under the normal threshold of hearing. Your conscious mind can't hear these so you cannot reject them. They enter straight into your subconscious mind – this is where the real change takes place – within your subconscious.

Usually they're played with music in the background. So all you will hear initially is beautiful music, yet underneath this music are positive statements that are spoken – helping you to lose weight.

Want to take it to the next level?

OK, so you're feeling like a major positive shift in your life and you really want to begin to lose weight. What next? Here is a little program that is available now as a download from the trusted website MIndZoom.

Here you can begin to reprogram your mind and body in an instant. Not only will the MIndZoom Program help you with weight loss, in fact it can help you with whatever you would like to achieve! Mindzoom (through subliminal affirmations) speaks right to your heart and soul through your subconscious mind.

Click here to Purchase it now and be using it in an instant!

With MindZoom you can use pre-recorded affirmations or even create your very own. Personally, I LOVE this little software program.

Not only that, positive affirmations can also be flashed upon your screen safely and easily that fast that you can't even read them – but your subconscious mind is taking it all in.

It also comes with a money back guarantee. If after 8 weeks you are not satisfied, they offer a money back guarantee 🙂 The program is worth every cent! It's $47.00 and comes also with over $400.00 worth of bonus products.

You can even purchase beautiful nature sounds to go with it as well to enhance your listening experience and help you chill out.


Losing weight with affirmations has never been so easy. Try MindZoom now for affirmations for weight loss.

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Please also visit for further tips on Weight loss and affirmations

How to make subliminal messages that work

how to make subliminal messages


How to make subliminal messages

So, you want to know how to make subliminal messages in your music? If so, you've come to the right place.

In this blog, I will be explaining how you can make subliminal messages from home yourself, also some wonderful software programs that has many benefits of making subliminal recordings.

I will also cover the benefits of subliminal affirmations versus audible affirmations and the benefits of creating them yourself verses purchasing audios already made. You want to know how to make subliminal messages? Then read on.

How to make subliminal messages from home

I've made a number of subliminal recordings from home using regular recording software such as audacity or any free recording system you can get your hands on the world-wide web. Just google "free recording software" and you will come up making subliminal messages at homewith a handful of items.

Now, granted these aren't as professional as the subliminal recordings you can make from the software, however, contrary to what others say, they do work. I know as they have worked for me.

To do this you simply select any music that you want to mask the subliminal affirmations, and then on a separate track, add the affirmations at a level of hearing that is just audible.

Choosing the subliminal messages

This is an important step in how to make subliminal messages. The messages must be in the present tense and of a positive nature. A perfect example would be " I surround myself with love and wealth." This will work much better than saying "One day I will be surrounded by love and wealth."

You see the subconscious mind always works in the NOW moment. It only works in the present, therefore, we must 'trick' our subconscious mind in telling it that we have what we are after already… and not tomorrow.

As far as our mind is concerned, if we continue to say tomorrow, then it will continue to never give what you want today! I hope this makes sense.

Make  subliminal messages yourself


How to make subliminal recordings on youtube:

The sentences must be short and to the point. It needs to be a sentence that the mind can recall if it was to hear it aloud.  For instance it would be better to say an affirmation such as " I am healthy, wealthy and wise" rather than saying "Today I am going make your own subliminal messageto be healthy all throughout the day and will be wealth and wise as well."

That's a bit of an exaggeration but I'm sure you get where I'm coming from.  I feel it is better to have about 10-15 affirmations played on a 30 minute track and repeat those affirmations rather than have about 50 different ones.

You see, you want those few to really sink into your subconscious mind and by playing the same ones a number of times, they will have a far better chance of sinking in and staying there. Leave about a 5-10 second gap between each of the affirmations for maximum benefit.

How to make subliminal messages with recording software

There are a number of subliminal recording software programs around. I use the Subliminal Recording System Software and have found this works well. It has benefits such as speech to text recorder, a screen strobe, and what is more important is a lifetime membership to their online subliminal audio centre. 

mindzoom subliminal softwareHowever, since purchasing this software, another program called MindZoom has come out on the market and looks even better. (and I think it's cheaper too!!!) I guess as time progresses, software programs can become more advanced and have so many more added features for a lesser price tag.

But in all honesty, my one works well for me so I am not going to choose another one.

There are many benefits of a software recording program and the main one being the high quality of the end product, not to mention the extra support you will receive.

You may even want to look into subliminal  success videos for extra power. You can find a series here.

Should I purchase ready made Subliminal Message MP3's or CD's?

This is a personal choice. Of course you can and there are many on the market to choose from. Subliminal MP3's are probably the largest supplier of individual subliminal message recordings on the world -wide web today – and they are reasonably priced too.

They have subliminal recordings for virtually anything you can possibly think of! I have produced a few subliminal message MP3's  here (I plan to do more later).

The only problem of purchasing ready made recordings and not making your own, is the fact that you cannot choose the affirmations that may suit you perfectly.

With making them yourself, you know exactly the words that will be in them and you can target the affirmations to be of most benefit to you.

How to make subliminal messages work

So how to make subliminal messages that really work? The best place and time to listen to subliminal messages are when you are laying in bed (yes, you can even sleep and your subconscious mind will continue to take them in.) or as you are exercising.

This is a great way to motivate yourself too. Choose music that is uplifting for you. This will have a greater positive effect in the long term.

I hope this blog will help you on your quest in making subliminal messages – and whether you choose to make them at home with or without software or purchase them ready made, the trick is is to begin to use them… They've worked for me during rough times in my life – and I know they can work for you too.

Put them to the test. I'm hoping my blog "how to make subliminal messages" has been inspiring for you.

Here is one subliminal recording in action that I've made myself!


Millionaire Mindset Subliminal Affirmations


Want To Take It To The Next Level?

If you're really keen to make quality Subliminal Messages, MINDZOOM is the way to go. The awesome thing is this program is how to make a subliminal trackavailable for Windows OR MAC, You can use pre-recorded affirmations of you can make your own. The choice is yours. I like this one as you can even add binaural beats to your messages to make them super powerful! They also have a TON of bonus products you get with the download with a value of $400.00 bucks. This is worth gold 🙂 Comes with an 8 week guarantee as well. No questions asked money back guarantee.


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More about goal setting can be found here.


And affirmations for weight loss can be found here!

Alpha Confidence Subliminal Affirmations



Alpha Confidence Subliminal Affirmations brainwave entrainment for a new and self-confident you!

Alpha confidence subliminal

File: Instant MP3 download

Length: 60 minutes

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How would you like to…

  •     Build self-confidence?
  •     Increase your sense of personal power?
  •     Learn to love and respect yourself?

With our unique subliminal alpha self help recording “Alpha Confidence,” you
can start changing your life today! You’ve waited long enough. Now it’s
time to find the strength, courage and confidence within to achieve all
of your dreams and ambitions. Yes, you already have these qualities –
you just need to re-member them!

 Alpha confidence subliminal

For years you’ve allowed the negative flow of life to push you down and
beat you up. Possibly you’ve surrounded yourself with the wrong people –
and they too have pulled you under.  Now it’s time to reignite your
inner fire and be the person you were born to be; a person filled with
magnificence, confidence and self love.

Just like playing a sport, confidence is a skill which can be mastered.
Sure there are some that are naturally confident; however this is most
likely due to the fact that they have had positive re-enforcement as
they’ve grown up.  

With Alpha Confidence subliminal, you too can make the positive changes needed and become just like them.

Get comfortable – stretch out, get into your favourite position and try to
keep still. Pop on your headphones for maximum benefit and allow the
Alpha Confidence program to work its magic on you.

How does it work?

Our system works on two levels, unlike many programs that simply work on one, our program is scientifically proven
to work! Hidden beneath the inspiring musical composition are
subliminal affirmations designed to increase confidence, assertiveness
and reignite the ‘belief spark’ within you.  Alpha brainwave frequencies
are added to assist you to go into a dream like state of mind, thus
allowing the subliminal affirmations an even greater chance to enter
your subconscious mind. The Alpha brainwave signals used give you
instantly immersive and resistance-free relaxation.

Affirmations such as;

  • I am confident
  • I boldly go after what I want in life
  • I always express my thoughts and opinions with confidence
  • I am outgoing and confident in social situations
  • I am naturally confident
  • And many more positive affirmations will help you to reprogram your mind for a better, stronger, more confident YOU!

Alpha confidence subliminal

Only 30 minutes each day is all you need. You can even commit yourself and
try listening to Alpha Confidence Subliminal 2-3 times a day, every day, to see added benefits and a deeper sense of well-being.

A common question that has been asked about our subliminal recordings is “if I can’t hear it then how can it benefit me?”

It‘s true that during our subliminal recordings your conscious mind may only
hear occasional words or phrases with the music. On the other hand your
subconscious mind picks up and processes all of the information, stores the information and this is
where change occurs through listening to the recording on a daily basis.
With the use of the subliminal messages and the Alpha brainwaves, our
conscious mind can be bypassed, and the real change can begin from
within.  Remember, your conscious mind is only 10% part of your whole
mind; it’s the subconscious mind that is the larger part!

There have been numerous studies done to prove that subliminal recordings
work. Not as a replacement to professional medical care or assistance,
but rather to be used in conjunction with this aid.

In his study on subliminal recordings, V.A Kaser discovered his students
who listened to subliminal messages whilst asleep, would have dreams
about the suggestions they were listening to, and be able to recall the
affirmations upon awakening.  The subliminal messages therefore made
their way into the students’ subconscious minds. (Kaser, V.A., “The
Effects of an Auditory Subliminal Perception Message Upon the Production
of Images and Dreams”. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease).

So What exactly will I receive?

You will receive our state of the art Alpha Confidence subliminal  program that has
positive confidence boosting suggestions embedded into the inspiring
music. The music alone has been composed so as to uplift you into a
state of positivity! To assist in the process of your subconscious
sponging up the auto -suggestions, alpha brainwaves are played
underneath to put you into a dreamlike, meditative  state. 

Not only will you receive the 30 minute Alpha Confidence subliminal
recording, but for a limited time, you will also receive the 30 minute
Alpha Confidence Audio Affirmations – where you will be able to hear the
affirmations and remember them during your waking time. This will
reinforce the affirmations on a conscious level.  This is ideal if you
want to use the affirmations and speak them aloud whilst listening to

As with all of our recordings you will receive a 90 day money back
guarantee on this product. If after using this product daily for 90
days, and there is no change in your levels of confidence and esteem,
simply notify us for a full 100% , no questions asked guarantee! We
stand firmly behind all of the products we sell. We want you to be happy and to see positive change in your life.

 Begin your new life now. Invest a small amount of money to make an enormous positive change in your life today.

Affirmations that are used on this state of the art recording:

  • Confidence comes naturally to me          
  • I am naturally confident
  • I have unbreakable confidence within myself
  • My confidence commands respect and attention
  • I enjoy being confident and outgoing in social situations
  • I am confident  
  • I boldly go after what I want in life
  • I always express my thoughts and opinions with confidence
  • I am outgoing and confident in social situations
  • I am naturally confident
  • I impress others with my confident assertiveness
  • Confidence empowers me to take action and live life to the fullest
  • When I see something I want, I just go for it without hesitation
  • Developing confidence will improve my life
  • Feeling confident, assured, and strong is a normal part of my every day life


The bottom line here is results. Alpha Confidence Subliminal
is designed to give you a quicker, simpler and more enjoyable solution
to gain confidence – without the mind self-talk, falling asleep or lack
of focus.


dare we say, it does this faster and with more superior results than
anything else on the market today. Give it a try; you have nothing to
lose, and your confidence to gain.


Add to Cart

File: Instant MP3 download

Length: 60 minutes

      Preview Alpha Confidence Subliminal affirmations

      Preview Alpha Confidence audio Affirmations

PRICE: $9.95

OR, CD Available here – Alpha Confidence Subliminal on CD