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positive affirmations

“Pick Me Up” Affirmations | Law Of Attraction works wonders!

Length:15 minutes

File: Instant MP3 download

Price: $3.99

These law of attraction affirmations can be used as a “pick me up” whenever you find yourself feeling a little flat. Within 3 minutes, be assured you can change your mindset and feel alive, energized and ready to give 100% to your day. People will want to be around you as you draw posititvity  towards yourself and others. Check out the pick me up inspiring affirmations on YouTube now.

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morning affirmations

Ho’oponopono -Hawaiian Mantra Prayer of forgiveness. Affirmations

Length: 45 minutes

File: Instant MP3 download

Price: $4.99

Use this meditation healing prayer ritual daily for a total release and cleansing. Forgive, let go, apologize, move on. Say this mantra out loud with the recording. Ho’oponopono helps us to heal ourselves and through healing ourselves it can have a ripple effect and we can heal others too. This Ho’oponopono also has theta binaural beats embedded within to make you really relax, and then finally brings you back to normal waking life at the end.

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morning affirmations

17 of the BEST Affirmations for Your Morning. Kick Start your day. (Dyer/Abraham)

Length: 30 minutes

File: Instant MP3 download

Price: $4.99

Kick start your day with these powerful morning time affirmations.   After reading Co-Creating At It’s best by Dr Wayne Dyer and Esther Hicks (Abraham), I was compelled to select some of their words and use them with a twist for good use in affirmations. Sample 17 of the Best Affirmations on Youtube here.

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power words affirmation

Power Words: One word Affirmations for a MAGNIFICENT lifestyle change

Length: 12 minutes

File: Instant MP3 download

Price: $2.99

You’ve tried and liked affirmations right? Then take a listen to these Power Word affirmations and you will never see affirmations in the same way again! These are one word affirmations that are ‘stand alone.’, meaning, they don’t need other words to clutter or confuse your subconscious mind. It’s all here in this jam packed 12 minute recording. Sample Power Words Affirmations on Youtube here.

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self love affirmations

Self-Love Affirmations: “I am Beautiful” Affirm your Self Worth

Length: 31 minutes

File: Instant MP3 download

Price: $4.99

Affirm your self worth and love with these spoken affirmations. Affirmations include ones such as:I am beautiful in all ways, I respect who I am, I am confident in all aspects of myself, My beauty is natural and more! Self Love Affirmations on Youtube here.

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success affirmations

Affirmations for Success (LOA) and For Sleeping (X 2 recordings)

Length: 50 minutes/ 45 minutes

File: Instant MP3 download

Price: $7.95

This package comes with 2 MP3’s. The first one is based on the law of attraction for success and abundance. The Sleeping one is for those who have trouble getting to sleep due to an overactive mind.

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wealth money affirmations

Money Magnet Wealth affirmations: The Law Of Attraction, with Alpha Binaural Beats

Length: 30 minutes

File: Instant MP3 download

Price: $4.95

MONEY FLOWS INTO MY LIFE WITH EASE AND ABUNDANCE. MONEY FLOWS OUT WITH GRATITUDE AND LOVE . Remember, that thoughts are energy – we become what we think about! This recording has 30 minutes of the above affirmation repeated over and over. It includes embedded Alpha Binaural Beats to put you into a dreamy state of mind, to easily accept the affirmations into your subconscious mind.

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subliminal affirmations

SUBLIMINAL: Attitude of Gratitude | Law of attraction | subliminal Audio messages | binaural tones

Length: 30 minutes

File: Instant MP3 download

Price: $4.95

Having an ‘Attitude of gratitude’ is a great one to get more of what you would like to receive. We cannot move too far ahead in life without first starting to be thankful for what we already have. This subliminal affirmations with music and binaural beats recording is a sure way to help reporgram our minds. Click here to listen to the Youtube version.

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calming affirmations

CALMING OUR MINDS: Relaxing music & Affirmations for a Peaceful life & RELAXATION


Length: 55 minutes

File: Instant MP3 download

Price: $6.95

Probably the most Calming affirmations and music I’ve ever produced. With gorgeously relaxing music by Jordan Jessep, and Jason Stephenson’s gentle voice, this affirmation MP3 is bound to have you deeply relaxing in no time flat! This is ideal to help dissolve fear, anxiety, stress, worry – and great for sleep too!

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The Millionaire Mindset – Prosperity –  with Subliminal affirmations By Jason Stephenson

      Preview The Millionaire Mindset - Subliminal Prosperity Affirmations

Length: 40 minutes

File: Instant MP3 download OR CD Available here

Price: $6.95

Everybody wants to be wealthy, don’t they? Why is it that only a few out of every hundred get to make it rich whilst others continue to struggle day in and day out? It’s a mind set. And even the wealthiest will tell you that. Prosperity is your birthright. It’s time to get rid of the ‘mind programme’ that you have been taught over the years (most likely all of your life!) and replace these old programmes with positive thoughts of abundance and prosperity.

This track uses an Alpha brainwave entrainment track to take you into a ‘dreamy’ state of mind and whilst this is happening your mind is open to be able to take in the embedded subliminal affirmations. Affirmations such as ‘Every day in every way I am becoming more and more prosperous’, ‘I create prosperity easily and effortlessly’, ‘I am thankful for the abundance and prosperity in my life’ and seven other affirmations that are repeated throughout the recording. On the surface you may hear what sounds like whispers and words and phrases only. But don’t be concerned, with subliminal affirmations they enter straight into your subconscious mind – without time for your conscious mind to judge or criticise them. It’s time to build an unshakeable belief in yourself. It’s time to have what you deserve in life.  It’s time to prove the nay-sayers wrong. You are wealthy!

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Power For Teens – Affirmations for Youth Success By Jason Stephenson

      Preview Power For Teens

Length: 1 hour

File: Instant MP3 Download

Price: $6.95

This MP3 is to assist teenagers through the ‘teen trials and tribulations’ period.  It  acts as a reminder that you have the power within to achieve whatever dreams and goals you aspire to have in your life, through as series of affirmations and finally a relaxation at the end. Track Listing: 1. Introduction, 2. Fitness Power, 3. Creative Power, 4. Study Power, 5. Power For Me!, 5. Chill Out Power

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Rainmaker Weight loss + Affirmations

      Preview Weight loss with Affirmations

File: Instant MP3 download

Length: 50 minutes

Price: $6.95

This Rain Maker brainwave entrainment MP3 runs for 50 minutes. Headphones are recommended for this technology to work at its peak although not essential. (A great idea is to transfer it to your ipod)

This is an Alpha relaxation session with a gentle rain and spoken affirmations which ramps down to 8.4 Hz, or low Alpha. This MP3 is designed to put the listener into a deeply relaxed state without inducing sleep and while still maintaining a level of consciousness that will allow the use of WEIGHT LOSS auto-suggestions (affirmations or suggestions repeated to one’s self, mentally). The affirmations kick in ten minutes into the MP3 and they pan from the right to left ear for a more powerful message. There is enough room after each affirmation is spoken for the user to repeat the affirmation out loud themselves. Headphones are recommended for this MP3 to work more effectively. The weight loss affirmations are spoken with a gentle rain falling behind them, isochronic tones and a beautiful combination melody with the Ethic flute, Steinway piano and rolling synth sounds. This MP3 also uses a protocol which alternates stimulation between the left and right ears, which is particularly useful for people who are hyperactive.

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I Believe in Me By Jason Stephenson

      The Enchanted Tree Relaxation - Preview

      I Can Create Affirmations - Preview

      Morning Affirmations - Preview
Length: 46 minutes (8 tracks)

File: Instant MP3 download

Price: $6.95

A best selling children’s relaxation and affirmation CD since 2009, is now available as an MP3 instant download. This MP3 is aimed to give children between the ages of 2-10 years of age a positive start in life through the use of fun and uplifting affirmations in word and song PLUS a guided visualisation and meditation where the child is taken on a wondrous journey into a forest and up a magic enchanted tree. This relaxation for children MP3 is positively refreshing and the guided relaxation is magical and ideal to assist children to fall asleep after an active day! This MP3 comes ready to place on your child’s iPod or MP3 player, or burn to a CD and have a group of children listen and enjoy.

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Morning Affirmations
  • 3. I can create
  • 4. I have lots of fun
  • 5. I am a Champion
  • 6. I always make good choices
  • 7. This makes me happy
  • 8. Afternoon affirmations
  • 9. The enchanted tree (Guided relaxation)

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17 Responses to Affirmations

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  • you know, jason, on the self-love affirmations. and any time you use the word “naturally”

    such as:
    i am naturally fearless
    i am naturally strong

    my inner critic/negative voice makes it sound like
    i am not really fearless
    i am not really strong

    so i try writing them out but still, that voice says,
    “sounds like you are saying you are not really strong”

    has that ever occurred to you or anyone whose used your products?
    what would you do about it?
    i come from a highly critical/undermining background
    and could use some help here!

    til then just gonna keep pumpin’ em out sayin’ em out loud anyway!


    • Hi Charles… Yes, of course, the inner critic is going to keep doing this… until we change our pathways…. change the word naturally….. say whatever feels best for you. Keep drowning in this sea of good vibes. Change will take place – please remember it has taken years to be where you are now with your thought process. It will take time to change this. Kind wishes, Jason

    • hi i am a fellow meditator but thought i would respond to your question.(apologies for the capital letters my caps lock is playing up)
      what you are describing is a common problem and it may help if you do bridging statements such as i am becoming fearless, i am beginning to go with the flow of life . this way you are not ignoring your negative thoughts/beliefs but allowing your sub concious to contemplate that you can change. hope that helps

    • Charles, your upbringing is more common than you might think. Most people feel as you do at first, so keep on listening, and repeat the comments. Jason leaves time for you to repeat in your own words outloud. consciously change the word from not really to naturally…overtime your automatic thought will change from not really to naturally. Good luck and dont give up!

  • Jason,

    I’m wondering if you might offer something, or at least share some hope in it. (caps lock is showing–can’t undo it 🙂 )

    I’ve been using subliminal affirmations for the last 8 months or so, and the ones most useful have been afformations, which are affirmations made into positive questions. I’ve seen lots of increased awareness using them for money, procrastination, etc.

    But I’ve been (fearful) mostly of asking myself positive questions. It’s likely connected to a fear of change. I am doing personal recovery work in 12 step groups–heavily now.

    I am seeking to know if you have some self affirmations focused on believing in my own worth, and if possible, if I may receive help writing a good subliminal script for it using questions.

    I’d like your imput. I’m considering both a script and a custom recording if needed. I do seek some imput on this though. thank you.

    • Hello thanks for your note. IN regards to the scripting. I get a lot of my ideas from freeaffirmations.org They are an awesome resource. Most of my meditation scripts are written for me now as I simply have no longer got the time to write. I use upworks.com to select from my writers.

      I hope this may point you in some great directions and I wish you well on your journey. Peace.

  • Hi I was wondering if it would be possible to get the following affirmations on CD
    1. Uplifting, 2. Confidence, 3. loving myself/ I am beautiful, 4 personal power, and 5.calm mind 6.Power words, 7. releasing negative Thoughts

    i just love to listen to these and it helps me alot, is it possible I can purchase this? or you can arrange this for me in the order it is best listened to for maximum benefit?

  • JASON, i JUST LISTENED TO your ptsd meditation on youtube. It is absolutely beautiful. I have a patient who is trying to recover from being sexually assaulted, and I am definitely going to “prescribe” this for her. Is it possible to get a written transcript so she can also read the words as affirmations when she can’t listen to the meditation?
    Thanks so much for all that you do 🙂

    • Hi Cindy,

      Your most welcome and so glad your patient can enjoy this. I am sorry I have no longer got the written script of this meditation.

      I hope you can somehow copy them in…. Kind wishes to you and blessings Jason.

  • Hi

    Is it possible to buy this Afformation somewhere.

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