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Natural Headache Remedy

natural headache remedyIs there such a thing as a natural headache remedy? In this blog I will answer this question with a resounding YES and point you in the direction to some of the best sound healing companies on the web today. There are many reasons for having headaches and this could possibly be from lack of sleep, poor diet, tinnitus, limited liquid intake and many other health reasons. Even eye strain and poor eye sight can also be a contributing factor. A Natural headache remedy does exist (indeed I believe there would be thousands of different natural headache remedies across the web) and it’s just a matter of choosing one that is right for your special needs. We are all individuals and each of us has our own preferences as to what works and doesn’t work.

There are many sites on the world-wide web that have excellent natural headache remedy and have been around for a good deal of time. These companies are producing some wonderful work and have many followers. Here is a few of the best on the world wide web today that I believe can assist you with headaches – through the use of brainwave entrainment recordings. Ultimately, these really are natural headache remedies.


Brainwave Entrainment Store for Natural headache remedy

Probably one of the biggest on the world-wide web today, “The Unexplainable”online store has it all. These guys offer a 100% guarantee that you are totally happy with their products and this is what I like best. They have programs on their site for chronic pain, stress relief, headache, and meditation.

Chronic headache pains are the worst. There is no doubt about this fact.  I’ve suffered with intense headaches and know how unbearable they can be. This is the very reason why I decided to produce some brainwave entrainment programs myself – to stop my own pain – or at the very least make it bearable.

Natural headache remedy by the brain

Headache sufferers have to go through more than just the headache itself. It is also about putting your life on hold whilst you are experiencing the intense pain. It can stop you from going to work,  attending social events, sleeping, and total lack of focus. Headaches can be so bad that you can easily lose patience and may lash out at close family members or friends for no reason. The negative effects can be far reaching and can even affect our relationships and our love lives!

The Unexplainable Store offers healing sounds that really work. How do I know? I’ve tried them. They’ve soothed my headache to be non-existent and the recordings also relax me and make me feel sleepy. This on-line store is truly a one stop shop and they have lot’s of great programs. On the down side, personally for me I feel they are little on the expensive side… but, if they work for you – then it is worth the expense right? Visit them here.   Try their natural headache remedy and I would be thrilled if you could let me know if it assists you too. 🙂          


Although these guys haven’t got a recording directly aimed at targeting a sore head, they certainly have an awesome product that works in a different natural headache remedyway. The “Deep Sleep” program does heal your headache… by sending you into a deep sleep! The first time I used it when I had a headache that had been around for a few hours, it eased it but did not get rid of it completely and it made me sleepy, but not enough to fall asleep and get rid of the pain. However, about a month later I called upon it again and yes, you guessed it, it naturally eased the headache. After the full recording was finished I was fast asleep and woke up headache free – without taking ONE asprin. 🙂 Actually, I think I fell asleep prior to the end of the recording. You can visit Isobeats here. I think they are also good value for money.

Of course, I do have to be careful here and say that although these products may in fact assist you, they are never to take the place of medical advice. There are some restrictions on listening to the natural headache remedy programs and these are as follows:

    • Not suitable  for children under 16 years of age
    • not for pregnant women
    • Not for those who suffer from Epilepsy or seizures of any kind
    • Not suitable for those with pacemakers
    • Never listen to whilst driving or operating machinery of any kind.


natural headache remedyThere are many reasons for having headaches and this makes it important to seek medical assistance if you have headaches on a continuous basis or if they are very strong ones I would urge you to speak with your local GP. I’m not here to offer medical advice – only to say that these recordings have assisted me in the past.

My Natural Headache Relief Offering

If you would like to try one of my recordings, please do so – and like the other companies above, I will offer you a full 100% money back guarantee. If this recording below does not get rid of your headache, or at least make it bearable, please let me know and I will refund you in full. You can take a listen and sample this product prior to purchase. I wish you well and hope that your headache will vanish quickly.


natural headache remedyMuscle contraction headache migraine relief + binaural beats

      Preview Muscle Contraction Relief for Headaches

Length: 50 minutes

File: Instant MP3 download

Price: $9.95

This recording can be used as a natural headache remedy and for deep relaxation. Simply find a quiet place to listen to, pop on your headphones and sit or lie down. This recording has binaural beats to further assist you in the process of relaxing. This recording runs for 50 minutes and is available as a downloadable MP3 file. It will be delivered instantly to your email address. A natural headache remedy that truly works!

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A Natural headache remedy is possible and is available out there if you look around. They can end up being far less expensive than the alternatives and, are much safer for your liver too.  But please remember to consult your GP for medical advice first and foremost! Good luck!


Disclosure and Disclaimer: I review sites and I am  happy to be of service and supply you with inspiring content free of charge. In order to do this, please note that when you click on some links and purchase items, in most  cases (not all) I will receive a referral commission. Your support in purchasing within this frame enables us to offer great content and to offer you many freebies.  It helps us  to  empower our viewers worldwide and to blog with less stress and hassle.  We are independently owned and operated and please note that the opinions expressed on my page are my own. Thank you for your understanding.

Alpha Confidence Subliminal Affirmations



Alpha Confidence Subliminal Affirmations brainwave entrainment for a new and self-confident you!

Alpha confidence subliminal

File: Instant MP3 download

Length: 60 minutes

      Preview Alpha Confidence Subliminal affirmations

      Preview Alpha Confidence audio Affirmations

PRICE: $9.95

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OR, CD Available here – Alpha Confidence Subliminal on CD

How would you like to…

  •     Build self-confidence?
  •     Increase your sense of personal power?
  •     Learn to love and respect yourself?

With our unique subliminal alpha self help recording “Alpha Confidence,” you
can start changing your life today! You’ve waited long enough. Now it’s
time to find the strength, courage and confidence within to achieve all
of your dreams and ambitions. Yes, you already have these qualities –
you just need to re-member them!

 Alpha confidence subliminal

For years you’ve allowed the negative flow of life to push you down and
beat you up. Possibly you’ve surrounded yourself with the wrong people –
and they too have pulled you under.  Now it’s time to reignite your
inner fire and be the person you were born to be; a person filled with
magnificence, confidence and self love.

Just like playing a sport, confidence is a skill which can be mastered.
Sure there are some that are naturally confident; however this is most
likely due to the fact that they have had positive re-enforcement as
they’ve grown up.  

With Alpha Confidence subliminal, you too can make the positive changes needed and become just like them.

Get comfortable – stretch out, get into your favourite position and try to
keep still. Pop on your headphones for maximum benefit and allow the
Alpha Confidence program to work its magic on you.

How does it work?

Our system works on two levels, unlike many programs that simply work on one, our program is scientifically proven
to work! Hidden beneath the inspiring musical composition are
subliminal affirmations designed to increase confidence, assertiveness
and reignite the ‘belief spark’ within you.  Alpha brainwave frequencies
are added to assist you to go into a dream like state of mind, thus
allowing the subliminal affirmations an even greater chance to enter
your subconscious mind. The Alpha brainwave signals used give you
instantly immersive and resistance-free relaxation.

Affirmations such as;

  • I am confident
  • I boldly go after what I want in life
  • I always express my thoughts and opinions with confidence
  • I am outgoing and confident in social situations
  • I am naturally confident
  • And many more positive affirmations will help you to reprogram your mind for a better, stronger, more confident YOU!

Alpha confidence subliminal

Only 30 minutes each day is all you need. You can even commit yourself and
try listening to Alpha Confidence Subliminal 2-3 times a day, every day, to see added benefits and a deeper sense of well-being.

A common question that has been asked about our subliminal recordings is “if I can’t hear it then how can it benefit me?”

It‘s true that during our subliminal recordings your conscious mind may only
hear occasional words or phrases with the music. On the other hand your
subconscious mind picks up and processes all of the information, stores the information and this is
where change occurs through listening to the recording on a daily basis.
With the use of the subliminal messages and the Alpha brainwaves, our
conscious mind can be bypassed, and the real change can begin from
within.  Remember, your conscious mind is only 10% part of your whole
mind; it’s the subconscious mind that is the larger part!

There have been numerous studies done to prove that subliminal recordings
work. Not as a replacement to professional medical care or assistance,
but rather to be used in conjunction with this aid.

In his study on subliminal recordings, V.A Kaser discovered his students
who listened to subliminal messages whilst asleep, would have dreams
about the suggestions they were listening to, and be able to recall the
affirmations upon awakening.  The subliminal messages therefore made
their way into the students’ subconscious minds. (Kaser, V.A., “The
Effects of an Auditory Subliminal Perception Message Upon the Production
of Images and Dreams”. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease).

So What exactly will I receive?

You will receive our state of the art Alpha Confidence subliminal  program that has
positive confidence boosting suggestions embedded into the inspiring
music. The music alone has been composed so as to uplift you into a
state of positivity! To assist in the process of your subconscious
sponging up the auto -suggestions, alpha brainwaves are played
underneath to put you into a dreamlike, meditative  state. 

Not only will you receive the 30 minute Alpha Confidence subliminal
recording, but for a limited time, you will also receive the 30 minute
Alpha Confidence Audio Affirmations – where you will be able to hear the
affirmations and remember them during your waking time. This will
reinforce the affirmations on a conscious level.  This is ideal if you
want to use the affirmations and speak them aloud whilst listening to

As with all of our recordings you will receive a 90 day money back
guarantee on this product. If after using this product daily for 90
days, and there is no change in your levels of confidence and esteem,
simply notify us for a full 100% , no questions asked guarantee! We
stand firmly behind all of the products we sell. We want you to be happy and to see positive change in your life.

 Begin your new life now. Invest a small amount of money to make an enormous positive change in your life today.

Affirmations that are used on this state of the art recording:

  • Confidence comes naturally to me          
  • I am naturally confident
  • I have unbreakable confidence within myself
  • My confidence commands respect and attention
  • I enjoy being confident and outgoing in social situations
  • I am confident  
  • I boldly go after what I want in life
  • I always express my thoughts and opinions with confidence
  • I am outgoing and confident in social situations
  • I am naturally confident
  • I impress others with my confident assertiveness
  • Confidence empowers me to take action and live life to the fullest
  • When I see something I want, I just go for it without hesitation
  • Developing confidence will improve my life
  • Feeling confident, assured, and strong is a normal part of my every day life


The bottom line here is results. Alpha Confidence Subliminal
is designed to give you a quicker, simpler and more enjoyable solution
to gain confidence – without the mind self-talk, falling asleep or lack
of focus.


dare we say, it does this faster and with more superior results than
anything else on the market today. Give it a try; you have nothing to
lose, and your confidence to gain.


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File: Instant MP3 download

Length: 60 minutes

      Preview Alpha Confidence Subliminal affirmations

      Preview Alpha Confidence audio Affirmations

PRICE: $9.95

OR, CD Available here – Alpha Confidence Subliminal on CD