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christians and meditation

christians and meditation

Where to Find The Best Christian Meditation

Christian Meditation

Christian Meditation Music and Guided Relaxation

In this article I would like to take some time to point you in the direction for the best Christian Meditations on the web today.

For many years I've been developing Guided Meditations, producing relaxation and beautiful music. However, upon reflection I feel like I've failed when it comes to creating a Christian meditation. Why? Because as of yet, I'm still yet to create one specifically for Christians. Yes, some think that meditation is just for monks. This is simply not true.

I have created many meditations and even sell music created by composers  for both eastern religions and Christians, such as Dr meditation for christiansChristopher Lloyd Clarke. My goal this year is to definitely compose some beautiful healing guided meditations for Christians – and as soon as they're complete, I will add them to this page so you can see them on YouTube and use them.

Right now, I can tell that there are specifically not too many fundamental differences when it comes to the physics of meditation – no matter who does it.  Although I speak this with some reluctance as I don't want you to jump to conclusions and discount the fact that Christian meditation is NOT unique. It is.

A Meditation For Christians Program Created By Rhonda Jones

For now, I feel it is my obligation to point you in the direction to one of the best Christian sources for meditation on the web today. Rhonda Jones speaks her guided meditations with a beautiful soothing voice, and the music is sublime. You can hear a seven minute sample here.

The program, "The best of Christian and Meditation Relaxation", produced by Rhonda Jones is well worth the $49.00 price tag. Normally, the seven individual meditations sell for $9.90 each – however this package has seven for the prices of  5 meditations! (This may change at a later date, at the time of writing this it is correct)

The package also comes with a bonus 21 page e-book packed with tips on Christian Meditations. Here are the meditations (All MP3 recordings)  that this course comes with.

#1. In his Presence Christian Meditation

In this meditation/ creative visualization Rhonda will take you on a journey where you will fill at one with God and feel his love and illumination flowing from your heart to all parts of your body. You can really feel the Holy Spirits presence in this recording.

#2. Quietening The Restless Mind Guided Christian Visualization

This is a beautiful guided meditation where you will be walking aside a beautiful flowing stream. This meditation reminds you that you're never alone and God is always with you…. always – even in the most difficult times. He is there with us.

Guided relaxation for Christians#3. Morning Devotion Guided Christian Meditation

A perfect way to start each day, every day. Here you can meet guide and enter into his presence and be surrounded by love each and every day.

#4. The Secret Place

Allow Jesus to guide you to his secret place.This is where you will be safe and secure and always guided and loved. This is one of my favorite meditations!

#5. Taking Control Of your Thoughts Meditation

In this meditation, Rhonda brings to light to remind us to always keeping and focusing on the positive thoughts and not allowing the negative thoughts to override our thinking.

#6. Eliminate Stress and Toxic Emotions Guided Meditation

You are never alone with your thinking. It's time now to turn your cares and worries over to the Lord Jesus Christ and stop trying to control things yourself. When we trust in the Lord with faith in our hearts, we are rewarded with so much love from God.

#7. Abundantly Blessed Guided Visualization

There is so much trouble in the world at the moment, at least on the surface. This meditation reminds us of the blessings we have through the Lord Jesus. We ARE blessed. And sometimes we need to be reminded of this in a gentle way. This is a beautiful meditation to do on a daily basis.

Here is a review (YouTube) of The Christian Meditation Program:




All of these guided meditation will not only help you to solidify your relationship with God, but they can assist in the aid of anxiety, depression and to help you to have a more relaxed and peaceful lifestyle.

I truly hope that these guided Christian  meditations  will help you. I do promise as soon as I record some this year, i will be putting them up here on my site too.


Please note: This course also comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee. If you do happen to purchase the course through clicking on my links, I will let you know that I will receive a small commission. This also helps me to keep doing my reviews and to offer free meditation music each month to my subscribers. Thanks for your understanding.

I really do believe that this is the best Christian meditation you will find on the world wide web to date.


Kind wishes and God Bless, Jason.