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Deep Relaxation Music: Music for Healing and Relaxation Therapy

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New Music For DEEP Relaxation and Body Healing

I hope you enjoy this powerful healing music I've produced today. I believe it is one of my best ones yet – a deeply relaxation journey with drone like sounds, strings and sparse guitar plucks.

The magic in this recording comes from the Isochronic tones which are set from am Alpha level (13Hz), taking you down to Theta, then finally Delta. (1.05 Hz) Right at the end, I bring you out of a meditation state of mind right up to a Beta state. (17Hz) So you will not feel drowsy at the end.

This music can be listened to with headphones or speakers. Both are OK.

Not only is the music designed to relax you deeply, or for meditation purposes, it is also designed to help relieve pain, aching bodies. This is done through the brain waves mimicking a Delta brain pattern. Delta brain waves are when we are deeply relaxed and this is when healing can take place.

All of my music has been produced with the wonderful Neuro-Programmer. The beneifts of this program are amazing. I really hope you enjoy this video/recording and please let me know how you go with the deep relaxation and if it will help you to heal. Namaste.