guided meditation for acute anxiety

A Sunday Body & Soul Relaxation Meditation PLUS Anxiety Visualization

Today, we present to you two guided meditations. A "Sunday Meditation (for body and soul)" and A meditation for Acute Anxiety (or highly stressed) PLUS as a bonus, (limited time only!) recieve a FULL 1 hour recording of rolling thunder and gentle rainfall.

The Sunday Meditation for Body & Soul

sunday meditationThis is a guided meditation designed to use on a regular basis on your day off. Hence the term "Sunday Meditation."

This meditation comes with truly beautiful music that has been enhanced with Alpha Isochronic tones – to send you into a dreamy state of mind.

The first few minutes of the meditation aim to help slow your breathing down.

The next stage is a body relaxation where you begin to relax your entire body.

We do this by shifting the focus each time to a certain part of your body.

Making sure that each part is totally relaxed and heavy… Once this has been achieved, we then move on to other places in your body.

When we reach the shoulders and neck area, this is when we use the warmth of the sun as a healing tool to really melt away the stress and tension stored in these parts of your body. The neck and shoulders for most of us, are storehouses of stress and tension.

The final 10 minutes are yours to enjoy the healing music in peace.

This is where you begin to let go of all your thoughts and simply melt into the music. The MP3 is of high quality and is an amazing 25 minutes.

Please try to do this on a regular basis. Once a week is great. Once a day (if you have the time) would be super for change. But even if you challenge yourself to do this once per week each Sunday, you will start to see the benefits in time.

Meditation is key for a relaxed life. And this is possibly the key that you're looking for.

Price: $9.95

Length: 3 recordings ( 1 hour/ 25 minutes/ 20 minutes)

File: MP3 Package (NOT on CD)

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A Guided Meditation For Acute Anxiety (For the highly stressed)

This initially focuses on your breathing. This is so important intially to allow anxiety to begin to dissolve.

The guided visualization then takes you on a wondrous journey where you will meet up with an animal that is special to you.

This is where you will begin to focus your attention on giving to the animal.

Once you shift your focus away from yourself, and onto the protection of something you love, your anxiety and stress will begin to lift.

This meditation uses music and the sounds of natures wind to relax you, whilst blowing away your stress and anxiety.

This meditation runs for 20 minutes.


PLUS – With this package you will receive a quality 1 hour peaceful recording of rain and rolling thunder.

The thunder is a "gentle" thunder – simply rolling in so as not to startle you. It's a glorious full length recording and this alone is worth the $9.95!

Please enjoy this wonderful and deeply relaxing meditation package for stress, anxiety, and simply to take time out to relax.

Price: $9.95

Length: 3 recordings ( 1 hour/ 25 minutes/ 20 minutes)

File: MP3 Package (NOT on CD)

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