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Meditation Masters – A new online learn meditation platform

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Are you tired of being stressed out, feeling anxious or unsettled? I may just have the answer for you.

My new online meditation course, Meditation Masters  has been a dream of mine for sometime now – to reach out and build an ongoing community of people who want to begin meditation, or to to be inspired by new guided meditations each week.

What Does Meditation Masters Include?

Meditation Masters is an ongoing meditation training platform that has a 30 Day meditation bootcamp, a 10 day mindfulness meditation course,  new content added each month!

Meditation Masters is not affiliated with any religion, rather it is for all people of all faiths.

Every week we have new material loaded onto the platform to help you keep in touch with your meditation practice and to inspire you to keep up your meditation practice. Here is one of the 5 minute guided meditations. This one is for a Calm Mind.

Meditation Masters also has a forum where questions can be asked by anyone – and I will help out. You will never be left alone. This is my guarantee.

Share your Meditation Experience

There is a new section of the course where I have begun to share my meditation experiences with my followers. And I am hoping that others will share their experiences too. This way we can all learn from each other. I believe that everyone of us are both teachers and students. There are no ‘gurus’ in meditation – only we can master our own minds. Sure, others can help, but we must choose the path that is best for ourselves.

Sharing Meditation Music

Over the years, I’ve come across some of the best new age music artists, and Meditation Masters is now the perfect platform to share this music with you. This music will be updated each month so you will never run out of music to meditate to.  Some of my favorite meditation artists include Jordan Jessep and Paul Headon. We are blessed to have so many amazing musical artists that compose the perfect sounds for our meditation experience.

Who Is Jason Stephenson and What is His Meditation Experience?

I best answer this question so you know a little bit more about me and my interest in meditation. I have been practicing meditation since my early 20’s. I first started to use meditation and affirmations when I hit a crisis point in my life and began to suffer with anxiety. Meditation and the use of affirmations helped to calm me and bring my mind to a peaceful place.

I began to look deeper into meditation and would often go on retreats with Nan Tien Temple in NSW Australia. This is the largest temple in the Southern Hemisphere. The life changer for me was attending a 10 day monastic silence retreat. Wow! What a wonderful and profound experience that was. I’ve completed numerous self healing courses and was blessed to travel to Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore with Nan Tien Temple – competing in a Buddhist song writing contest and staying in temples throughout the world.

Back in 2007, I began to want to share the gift of meditation and composed my first album for children’s meditation. “I Believe In Me” was an album that consisted of a guided meditation for sleep and positive uplifting affirmations in word and song that would help children to believe in their own uniqueness.  I later went to produce a guided meditation for adults, and then came my site Relax Me Online (the site you are now visiting) and my Youtube meditation channel. This channel only started out small and has now had over 50,000,000 views and has a few hundred thousand subscribers.

Consolidating My Meditation Experience

Only recently, I decided that seeing that I am helping so many people on their meditation journeys, it would serve me well to do a meditation teacher course. And so it is. I’ve started learning to teach meditation through the Australian college called Inner Voyages. It is so great to learn new things about meditation.

Also, meditation is a large part of my life. I practice daily, meditate in float tanks weekly and continue to attend meditation lessons myself at Nan Tien Temple. We are always the student of meditation – and so it is important for me to keep up my practice and learning of this beautiful craft.

Where Will Meditation Masters Be In The Future?

I see Meditation Masters as a platform that will one day be a place that anyone can go to to learn about meditation. I plan to bring other teachers onto the platform so there wont be just my voice, but other meditation facilitators you can learn from.  I want the platform to be a storehouse of guided meditations for just about every subject you can think of. So if ever you need to meditate for a particular reason, you will find it at Meditation Masters!

What does the course cost?

As Meditation Masters is an ongoing course with new content added weekly, I’ve decided to make it a monthly subscription fee. It is currently set at $14.90, however, this is expected to rise as more content is added.  I want the platform to be affordable for everyone.  I even offer a free 7 day trial so you can check out the site yourself and see if this is what you’re after when it comes to learning meditation. You can unsubscribe to the course at any time you like at no further fees will be charged.

If you have any questions about meditation or about the course, please feel free to comment. I am more than willing to help you out. Hope to see you at Meditation Masters. Click here to start your free 7 day trial.

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Relaxation MEGA Downloads

After countless YouTube Messages of subscribers of both Sleep Ezy Tonight and The Jason Stephenson Meditation Channel, we’ve teamed up to create 3 Mega Download Packages for Sleep, Anxiety and Healing!

Without further ado, we present to you the Super Mega Download Packages. All instant downloads (MP3’s) that can be used on your computers, MP3 Players and cell phones (If you add them through your iTunes account firstly on your PC).

CLICK ON the blue LINKS below to hear the actual recording (MP3) you will receive!


This package is comprised of  9 MP3’s of spoken guided meditations, healing music and white noise. They are as follows:

  1. Spoken Meditation For Sleep: Into The Tree House – A Guided Visualization
  2. SPOKEN Sleep Talk Down: Meditation For Healing, Insomnia, Relaxing Sleep
  3. Guided Meditation For Sleep… Floating Amongst The Stars
  4. Can’t Sleep: Hypnosis For sleep Insomnia And Sleeping Disorders
  5. CALMING OUR MINDS: Relaxing Music & Affirmations For A Peaceful Life &a RELAXATION Affirmations
  6. Music For Sleepless Nights, Pain: With Isochronic Tones For A Deep Relaxing Sleep
  7. Floating Clouds Sleep Talk Down Guided Meditation Visualization + Theta Binaural Beats
  8. Can’t Sleep, Meditation For Insomnia, Guided Voice, Gentle Music For Sleepless Nights, Relaxation
  9. Mother And Baby Soft White Noise – Fall Asleep Fast Calming White Noise

Couple relaxing in tropical hammock

This package would normally sell for over $50.00! But with this offer, it’s only $29.99 Hit the ADD TO CART BUTTON BELOW!


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This MEGA download package for healing and pain relief comprises of guided meditations and the wonderful healing isochronic tones that have helped thousands across the world from our YouTube Channels. NOW, you can have them for home use whenever you like – totally offline! Download this package of 8 healing MP3’s and use them whenever pain relief is needed!

This package consists of the following MP3 downloads:

  1. Ancient Miracle Music: Solfeggio 528 Hz, Repair DNA, Healing Tones Of Love
  2. Solfeggio Frequency 528 Hz Mending DNA: Cell Regeneration, Skin Repair, Immune System
  3. Ho’oponopono Hawaiian Healing Technique Prayer Guided Meditation Visualization
  4. Archangel Saint Raphael Guided Healing Pain Meditation: A spoken Word Visualization
  5. Music For Sleepless Nights, Pain: With Isochronic Tones For A Deep Relaxing Sleep
  6. Waterfall Beach Meditation For Sleep And Depression Relief
  7. PTSD Visualization: For Trauma Relief & Healing (Spoken Meditation)
  8. Relief From Chronic Pain And Migraine – 1 Hour Relaxation Music Session

Human brain in abstract medical background

These MP3’s have already helped 1000’s across the world. Add them to your cart now and give your body, mind and spirit the relief it deserves!


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This package consists of 8 downloadable MP3’s for anxiety relief. Use these meditations on a daily basis for 30 days and we guarantee, you will feel calmer, centered and more at peace with yourself. If not, let us know and we will refund your money in full – no questions asked!

The MEGA download Anxiety Package consists of the following MP3’s:

  1. Guided Spoken Word Meditation For Acute Anxiety: Highly Stressed, Panic Attacks
  2. A Meditation For Stress Relief & Anxiety: Walk Along The Beach Guided Meditation Visualization
  3. WARNING: How To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally With Relaxing Music & Isochronic Tones
  4. River Boat Sleep – Guided Meditation For Relaxation And Sleep
  5. Sleep Peacefully: Music To Help Reduce Stress & Anxiety For Deeper Sleeping With Isochronic Tones
  6. Subliminal Messages For Stress Relief | Sleep Well | Let Go Of Tension
  7. Relaxing Miracles @ Stonehenge: Guided Voice Meditation For Miracles, Relaxation, Healing, Love
  8. Guided Visualization: Havasu Falls Grand Canyon: Release Negative Thoughts Meditation

PTSD guided meditations

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World Peace Meditation Package

world peace meditation

Is world peace possible?

Peace begins with making peace within ourselves first. With this world peace meditation package, we offer hope for a peaceful you and a peaceful world.

This meditation package consists of two beautiful guided meditations, "World Peace Meditation" and "The Secret Garden" Meditation.

Both meditations are spoken by the soothing voice of  Jason Stephenson. (See his successful YouTube meditation channel here.)

Here is what Wikipedia says on World Peace.

For just $9.95, you can have this spiritual meditation package consisting of two peaceful guided meditations, delivered to you in an instant! (MP3 downloads)


Price: $9.95

File: 2 X MP3 downloads

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# 1 World Peace Meditation

This guided meditation is perfect for sending peace out to the world. But it all starts from within. First yourself, then your neighbors, community, city, nation, and finally the entire world.

This meditation almost acts as a prayer for world peace. Through meditation, we commune with our God (substitute the word God with your spiritual belief, Buddha, Krishna, Jehovah etc)

By taking time out to use this word peace meditation daily, you are in fact doing your part in praying for world peace.

One step at a time, person by person, and one day the peace we all deserve will be ours for the taking. Please take a listen to the YouTube version here. Our MP3's are of much higher quality.


# 2 The Secret Garden Meditation

Another beautiful guided meditation which focuses on peace. This guided meditation allows you to create your own garden and to release negative thoughts and patterns.

Releasing them into the earths soil, where the earth will nourish the seeds and turn your negative thoughts into more plants within the garden.

This guided meditation is a shorter meditation and is more aimed at peace within.

But we all know, world peace begins with exactly that! Peace inside each individual! Listen to the YouTube meditation here.



Price: $9.95

File: 2 X MP3 downloads

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Let's all work towards world peace. There are some things we don't have power over, however we do have the power to find peace within ourselves. And this the first step towards world peace.



The Great Great Silence


"Japetus" "The Great Great Silence"

A journey beyond the stars…


This is where it all began. The Great Great Silence is a spacey two part adventure that takes you from within to travel out into the vast cosmos. On this inner expedition you encounter strange other worlds and other beings navigating their way across the dimensions. This universe exists within and without… and traveling in consciousness can take us further than any other vehicle. In our minds eye we can move our focus, from the grass, the tree and body devas, right out to the limit of awareness… and beyond.

Space is vast and, although it is hard to comprehend infinity, we can still use our sojourns to gather information on how it feels to evoke it. On Their side, things are progressing well and all we need do is offer up our tiny daily invocations to help create the bridge of love and light. Learning to explore the universe… learning how to explore it… is an essential part of coming to terms with the universal Plan.

The more proficient we are at holding the highest perspective… the further we will see… beyond times and spaces. At the end of the visualisations, you return with a real feeling of transcendence having contacted this deeper sense of being and opened up a pathway for its expression. Now you can hear… the still small voice within, whispering echoes of the great great silence.

Double album – Album 1: music with spoken visualisations plus Album 2: music only.


Part One: Morning (29:21)

1 – Dawn (5:38), 2 – Chakras (4:14), 3 – Exit (0:42), 4 – Space (4:49), 5 – Guides (0:54), 6 – Realms (3:27), 7 – Procession (3:29), 8 – Sunset (6:06)

Part Two: Evening (28:33)

9 – Storm (2:47), 10 – Evaporation (4:17), 11 – Exit (0:57), 12 – Space (0:44), 13 – Ships (5:08), 14 – Journey (7:57), 15 – Re-entry (1:04), 16 – Stream (4:59)


WHOLE LIFE TIMES: From Sydney, New Age composer – Japetus – similar in style to Kitaro and Vangelis, has released two very good albums ‘The Great Great Silence’ and ‘Once Around The Sun’. Melodic interpretations of natural cycles within and without using synthesisers to create a peaceful, spacious yet awe inspiring atmosphere. As good or better than Kitaro, this is by far the best New Age music to emerge from an Australian composer so far.

The Great Great Silence By Japetus

      Preview The Great Great Silence – Music only

      Preview The Great Great Silence – Guided Visualisation

Length: 2 hours (Double Album)

File: Instant MP3 download

Price: $16.95

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Please Note: Japetus music is very rich, deep and powerful  and is actually designed to be played just slightly above the threshold of hearing – when it is almost unconscious.

Japetus Biography can be found here