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A Guided Meditation For Those Who Suffer In Silence – In Memory of Robin Williams

Re-Claim Your Power Guided Meditation

Today, like most of the world, I heard the news of the stage and screen actor, Robin Williams death. It was a shock to me as I'm sure it's a shock to you.

It prompted me to devote this guided meditation "Reclaiming Your Power" in memory of Robin Williams and in the hope that this meditation, may also be able to offer hope to others.

Depression is a real black dog of a thing and it can take young and old, rich and poor. It happens.

Robin had been suffering with depression for years, and unfortunately, it claimed him.  May this meditation help you or a friend. Please share it with the world. The MP3 version can be downloaded for FREE – or listen to it on the Youtube video.

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RIP Robin Williams  – thanks for shining so bright, you lit up the world! I  still smile seeing you as Mrs Doubtfire. 🙂

Relaxing Spoken Word Guided Meditation Package

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Meditation Program Package # 1 YouTube Special

Here is a wonderful offer from Relax Me Online. This package consists of 4 short spoken word guided meditations. All up, they run for a total of  over 55 minutes. These are perfect if you're on the go and haven't go much time to listen to a full 20-30 minute guided meditation.

Each meditation has been spoken by YouTube Meditation Expert, Jason Stephenson. Jason says of the meditation programs, "I've normally been selling my guided meditations as single recordings, however, I wanted to bundle a package together where I can offer great value for money – and to give to my YouTube subscribers."


$ 9.95 for the lot!

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This meditation program consists of 4 MP3 meditations. Perfect for MP3 players. The meditation package includes the following:

Uplifting Guided Spoken Meditation With Positive Affirmations  – Running time: 16 minutes

Give your confidence a real boost with this guided meditation with positive affirmations. A real power-packed life changing meditation.

Tree Of Life & Grounding Meditation – Running time: 10 minutes

Need to ground yourself? Possibly re-connect after some emotional turmoil? Then this beautiful guided meditation is the one for you! In a short space of time you will feel reconnected to all that is. This one has Theta Binaural Beats embedded within for a quick and deep fast relaxation – (Binaural beats are Not recommended for those under 16 years of age, wear a pacemaker, pregnancy or those who suffer with seizures.)

Calm Down Guided Meditation – No more stress – Running Time: 15 minutes

A great meditation if you are feeling stressed at work on a lunch break. Take time out for 15 minutes and I will guarantee that this meditation will do the job for you!

Floating On Ocean – Beyond Space & Time – Running Time: 10 minutes

Possibly one of the most beautiful short guided meditations by Jason Stephenson. This one not only allows you to float in the ocean, it will connect you to everything. You will feel complete and whole after listening to this entrancing 10 minute guided meditation.

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$ 9.95 for the lot!

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