Ho’oponopono meditation

Ho’oponopono: To make things right again. A meditation within itself


About Ho'oponopono

(I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you)

Ho'oponopono, means to make things right. To make things right with the people you may have done wrong with in the past. And to make things right for the past ancestors.

Ho'oponopono orginated in Hawaii. It's all about forgiveness. And when we forgive others, who are we really forgiving? Ourselves.

I've created a beautiful recording that you can use with Ho'oponopono. As my recording has binaural beats in it, it can also help you relax into a deep Theta state of mind. Use this as a meditation mantra as well. Many Blessings.


More about Ho'oponopono can be found here.

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