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Meditation Masters – A new online learn meditation platform

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Are you tired of being stressed out, feeling anxious or unsettled? I may just have the answer for you.

My new online meditation course, Meditation Masters  has been a dream of mine for sometime now – to reach out and build an ongoing community of people who want to begin meditation, or to to be inspired by new guided meditations each week.

What Does Meditation Masters Include?

Meditation Masters is an ongoing meditation training platform that has a 30 Day meditation bootcamp, a 10 day mindfulness meditation course,  new content added each month!

Meditation Masters is not affiliated with any religion, rather it is for all people of all faiths.

Every week we have new material loaded onto the platform to help you keep in touch with your meditation practice and to inspire you to keep up your meditation practice. Here is one of the 5 minute guided meditations. This one is for a Calm Mind.

Meditation Masters also has a forum where questions can be asked by anyone – and I will help out. You will never be left alone. This is my guarantee.

Share your Meditation Experience

There is a new section of the course where I have begun to share my meditation experiences with my followers. And I am hoping that others will share their experiences too. This way we can all learn from each other. I believe that everyone of us are both teachers and students. There are no ‘gurus’ in meditation – only we can master our own minds. Sure, others can help, but we must choose the path that is best for ourselves.

Sharing Meditation Music

Over the years, I’ve come across some of the best new age music artists, and Meditation Masters is now the perfect platform to share this music with you. This music will be updated each month so you will never run out of music to meditate to.  Some of my favorite meditation artists include Jordan Jessep and Paul Headon. We are blessed to have so many amazing musical artists that compose the perfect sounds for our meditation experience.

Who Is Jason Stephenson and What is His Meditation Experience?

I best answer this question so you know a little bit more about me and my interest in meditation. I have been practicing meditation since my early 20’s. I first started to use meditation and affirmations when I hit a crisis point in my life and began to suffer with anxiety. Meditation and the use of affirmations helped to calm me and bring my mind to a peaceful place.

I began to look deeper into meditation and would often go on retreats with Nan Tien Temple in NSW Australia. This is the largest temple in the Southern Hemisphere. The life changer for me was attending a 10 day monastic silence retreat. Wow! What a wonderful and profound experience that was. I’ve completed numerous self healing courses and was blessed to travel to Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore with Nan Tien Temple – competing in a Buddhist song writing contest and staying in temples throughout the world.

Back in 2007, I began to want to share the gift of meditation and composed my first album for children’s meditation. “I Believe In Me” was an album that consisted of a guided meditation for sleep and positive uplifting affirmations in word and song that would help children to believe in their own uniqueness.  I later went to produce a guided meditation for adults, and then came my site Relax Me Online (the site you are now visiting) and my Youtube meditation channel. This channel only started out small and has now had over 50,000,000 views and has a few hundred thousand subscribers.

Consolidating My Meditation Experience

Only recently, I decided that seeing that I am helping so many people on their meditation journeys, it would serve me well to do a meditation teacher course. And so it is. I’ve started learning to teach meditation through the Australian college called Inner Voyages. It is so great to learn new things about meditation.

Also, meditation is a large part of my life. I practice daily, meditate in float tanks weekly and continue to attend meditation lessons myself at Nan Tien Temple. We are always the student of meditation – and so it is important for me to keep up my practice and learning of this beautiful craft.

Where Will Meditation Masters Be In The Future?

I see Meditation Masters as a platform that will one day be a place that anyone can go to to learn about meditation. I plan to bring other teachers onto the platform so there wont be just my voice, but other meditation facilitators you can learn from.  I want the platform to be a storehouse of guided meditations for just about every subject you can think of. So if ever you need to meditate for a particular reason, you will find it at Meditation Masters!

What does the course cost?

As Meditation Masters is an ongoing course with new content added weekly, I’ve decided to make it a monthly subscription fee. It is currently set at $14.90, however, this is expected to rise as more content is added.  I want the platform to be affordable for everyone.  I even offer a free 7 day trial so you can check out the site yourself and see if this is what you’re after when it comes to learning meditation. You can unsubscribe to the course at any time you like at no further fees will be charged.

If you have any questions about meditation or about the course, please feel free to comment. I am more than willing to help you out. Hope to see you at Meditation Masters. Click here to start your free 7 day trial.

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How to meditate for beginners

This is a HUGE question… in this video I will give you a few ideas on how you can meditate, and where you can meditate. Also, I will share with you how you can get your free meditations each month – without paying a single penny. Trust me on this one. 🙂

Meditation is open to everyone. This is not some new fad and in fact has been around for thousands of years. Meditation has been scientifically proven to assist those with anxiety, depression, high blood pressure and even those with chronic illness and disease.

Please note that I’m not condoning in any way to come off any medications you may be on, but rather meditation can be a useful tool in conjunction with your MD orders.

There are many ways to meditate as I’ve stated and this is just one way. Take a moment to watch the video now, or simply read on…


I sit in a chair, close my eyes, and begin to focus on my breathing. I start off by taking two deep breaths – in through the nose and exhale out the mouth… nice slow deep breaths. Let it all go.


I then allow the breath to turn into a natural rhythm. Still continue to breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. now whilst you are doing this, it will be normal for you that thoughts will come and go in your mind. This is OK. Allow it to happen. Don’t try and fight off these thoughts as this just defeats the purpose of meditation. Simply do this… if you see a thought or pictures in your mind arising, simply see them for what they are, and then blow them out on your exhaling breath. Actually see the thought being blown away. If it doesn’t go the first time, then continue your breathing and once again, allow the thought to let go on your outward breath, and continue then to focus on your breathing.  It really is that simple. The trick is not to get too hung up if you dont experience peace within the first few weeks. It may not happen. This is OK. Remember meditation is a practice and takes practice! The more you do it, the better you will get at it, and the less these thoughts will come. And if they do, you simply let them go.

I’ve been meditating for years now, and still, yes these thoughts come and go. And I allow it to happen. It’s OK. It’s all a part of the letting go process. Once they go, you are left with moments of space. Moments of being totally in the present moment – spaces of nothingness. It’s truly a wonderful place to be. BUT don’t strive to be in this place. It will happen in its own course. Meditation is NOT about striving for anything. It is simply about being. Being in the moment.


Now you can even meditate at the shopping center! Yes, this is the truth – and I do this even now. Here’s how. You know when you are waiting at the checkout and there is a line up? The line is moving VERY slowly and you are getting frustrated right? You know the story here. Well, I have since turned this around and use this now to my advantage – I begin to focus on my breathing and enjoy the process of blowing out the frustrations and instead rejoice in having time to quieten my mind. It’s brilliant. And before you know it, you are being served and you will really WANT to thank the person at the checkout for the long wait. You’ve had time to wind down and have an awesome meditation. Just focus on your breathing in and out, clear your mind and let go. I now do this at shopping centres, banks, and even waiting for the traffic lights to turn green. No more frustrations, only thank yous!

I hope this will assist in your quest in how to meditate for beginners.