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Deep Space By Japetus


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An unconstrained collage of cosmic moods


Final absorption into the One


Deep Space is an unconstrained and inspiring collage of cosmic moods that wash and flow over, around and through you as you journey to the far reaches of liquid space and time. On this album there are two tracks.

The first one Starlite is pure abstract… letting go… and letting go… into the oneness… the constancy of life… and feeling yourself expand and grow… coming home yet disappearing all at the same time (Starlite is the ‘2000 Dolphin Award’ winning track).

The second track Celestial Ocean captures the ebb and flow, the coming and the going; rising, unfolding, only to disappear again… a momentary wave amidst a sea of being… rising up from the deep waters of our soul… Above or below… within or without… learning the ways of the Path and how to travel still remain a primary training focus for the adept.

Being ‘out there’ and to be able to see from the highest and deepest is so valuable, as is being able to move through the cycles of space and time and rebecoming… Deep Space is the final album in the New Age series and represents the end of the journey as we can know it from here… just being in the peace and an awareness of the path… completely free yet with the power to choose to be or not to be. …for now we can but practice and focus.

Deep Space By Japetus (Dolphin Award Winning, 2000)

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Length: 62 minutes

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NEXUS magazine

“Japetus has been a leading ambient and New Age musician in Australia since the 1980s. Over the last year he has been remastering all his earlier works. Deep Space is a collage of cosmic moods that wash through you, taking the soul on a trip through the universal mind. The CD is divided into to lengthy tracks: ‘Starlite’ – winner of a 2000 Dolphin Music Award and ‘Celestial Ocean’ which ebbs and flows into the soul. Deep Space is a broad sweep, taking you on an extra-human journey, not unlike Kubrick’s 2001. Very powerful and profound music.”


Deep Delta Stress Relief Meditation MP3

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Deep Delta Stress Relief Meditation MP3 gives you all the benefits of meditation, in short amount of time. No need to spend years practicing meditation – begin today!

What if I could tell you that you could begin to meditate like a Zen Monk just by the push of your play button on iPod?

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So what will THIS MP3 do for you?

It will aide in increasing your threshold for stress. You will be greater equipped to deal with the ups and downs of life with ease.

You will be happier, more at peace and MUCH more at ease.

You will feel refreshed, alive and rejuvenated.

You can lose all fear, anxiety and STRESS LESS!


There is no doubt about it, this MP3 is the lazy mans way to meditation. Listening to this Deep Delta Meditation MP3 using brainwave technology has been scientifically proven to assist in numerous ways. Just check out Wikipedia and look up “Brainwave Entrainment” and see for yourself. Here at Relax Me Online Studios in NSW Australia, we only use the finest state of the art brainwave entrainment recording equipment, helping you to meditate with much less effort and so much ease. Anybody can use this MP3. Meditation is the best way to lower stress levels and create a serene peace of mind.

[kc_background_pac_2_highlight_1 size=”36″ color=”#000000″] With the DEEP DELTA MP3  you can begin today to create peace of mind…[/kc_background_pac_2_highlight_1]

and not in weeks or months or even years like other meditation forms… BUT literally the FIRST time you play this MP3. It will work the first time, the next and the next… every time. And will switch the chemicals in your brain to receive happy thoughts and trigger new neural pathways that will be beneficial to you – working for you, rather than against you. It’s easy, inexpensive, and feels good. And what’s more, it’s 100% guaranteed to work.

TheMP3 consists of a Deep Delta Power Meditation which runs for 20 minutes. A perfect time for meditation This track uses Delta brainwave entrainment patterns which is the equivalent of having a power nap.  This track ramps slowly down to the deepest Delta levels. Many people using this session will fall asleep, since it resembles the sleep induction sessions.The track consists of wind sounds and deep meditation music. A beautiful, relaxing way to start the MP3 album. Unlike some other relaxation MP3’s, this can be listened to with or without headphones to gain FULL BENEFITS!

The second track runs for 30 minutes and uses an alpha/theta protocol to quickly relieve stress and deeply relax the listener. Additionally, the track acts to train the user to have better control over their own mental states in the future using brainwave frequencies near the end. Dr Thomas Budzynski, a noted researcher in the field of Brainwave Entrainment says of Theta waves:

 “Critical and self-sabotaging filters of the left brain are bypassed in a theta state, and that in terms of making positive changes in beliefs or habit patterns a lot of work gets done very quickly.”

Length: 50 minutes

File: Instant MP3 download

Price: $7.95

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