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Theta Binaural Beats with Deeply relaxing meditation music – Letting Go

Want to relax deeper than you have ever gone before? Want to experience Theta binaural beats PLUS the most beautiful relaxation/ meditation music in the world? OK. I know this may sound like a sales pitch, and in some ways it is. However, I ONLY want to sell this music because it NEEDS to be recognised for what it is. Especially in this day and age of craziness, fast action and little compassion.

The album, composed by an Australian composer,  Dr. Christopher Lloyd Clarke, is exceptional. It runs for 1 hour and is continuous music, like the ebb and flow of a gentle tide drifting in and out. It never strays too far from its main theme – and certainly never jolts you out of a pure relaxed state. It is best listened to with headsets for the binaural beats to really sink in.

      Preview Letting Go Theta


Theta binaural beats have been connected to the dream state and DEEP relaxation. So if you want the perfect music for meditation this is the album for you. I have found that Theta binaural beats put me into a ‘trance like’ state. I drift off completely, however, not enough to sleep, but almost a state of leaving my body! I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Let go now…feel yourself sinking into a state of complete relaxation as these gentle sounds sooth your heart and mind. This simple, heartwarming music moves very slowly and gently, and there are no unexpected twists or turns in the music, so it will never jolt you out of a state of deep relaxation. This beautiful music is like a gentle massage for your mind, washing away every last drop of tension and soothing you from head to toe.

Now if you cannot afford to pay for this (it is a small price to pay for a wonderful album at only $9.95), I can recommend you try my FREE album by visiting here  – just add your name and email address and I will send you the links to Musical Rapture (full album) PLUS a full brainwave entrainment album as well. And truly, there are no catches, this is FREE. But please, just take a listen to Letting Go and see what you think:

      Preview Letting Go Theta
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More on Theta Binaural Beats

I have found that Theta Binaural Beats have been the most powerful to use in my years of working on my meditation practice. Theta beats are said to bring your brainwaves patterns into the 4-7 hz stages. This is the state of mind we normally go into when we dream or are in a deep meditative state of mind. So really, what the album “Letting Go” is doing, is taking you  DIRECTLY INTO THAT STATE OF MIND. It’s making it easier for you to reach that relaxed, peaceful state. Meditation masters can take years of practice to reach that goal, however, listening to this MP3, and you can reach it within the hour! That’s how powerful binaural beats are. Don’t take my word for it. Try it! If you are not entirely happy, please let me know and I will refund your money. (I mean that sincerely – you can also check out my feedback with my ebay store here to know that I am a truthful person) You really have nothing to lose here. I believe in this product so much, that I WANT you to experience what I have been experiencing with it. Grab it here now!


Theta  3hz – 8hz  Light sleep or extreme relaxation. Theta is also known as the hyper-suggestible state, where mental programming using recorded affirmations is most effective.

· Theta 1 – (3 – 5 Hz) If suppressed, can improve concentration, ability to focus attention
· Theta 2 – (5 – 8 Hz) Very relaxed and dreamful sleep, good for mental programming


New age Musicians for meditation music MP3 download sales

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Thanking you in advance


Jason Stephenson

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