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Lower Blood Pressure Naturally With Healing Relaxation Music

naturally lower your blood pressureYouTube Special to help  lower your blood pressure

Here is a package I've put together to help you lower your blood pressure. This package consists of the following:

  • Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally (30 minutes)
  • Healthy Blood Pressure (30 minutes)
  • The Magic Book Guided Meditation # 1 "Relaxation" (30 minutes)

This is an ideal package to help you to relax on a deeper level, and therefore, through doing this on a regular basis, you can begin to lower your blood pressure. I must point out here that this is not a substitue for medical advice, so please always consult your medical doctor first before doing anything drastic  – and coming off medications!

This program would be best used in conjunction with your doctor and his monitoring of your condition. The package consists of 3 X MP3 downloads – which are delivered to you instantly via email. (This is NOT a CD package)

Cost: $9.95

Files: MP3 (Three files

Time: 1 1/2 Hours in total

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# 1 Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally (30 minutes)

This is the latest program to assist in lowering your blood pressure. This has isochronic tones that are set at frequencies that center around the Deep Delta levels of  1.00 Hz – 0.5 Hz. This is the frequencies that can help you relax deeply, thus helping your body to heal and repair itself.

The YouTube Video here is exactly what it sounds like – except the MP3 version is of a much higher quality.

# 2 Guided Relaxation – The Magic Book Relaxation (30 minutes)

This spoken guided meditation is sure to have you relaxing in no time. This relaxation takes you on a journey where you discover a set of stairs, walk up them to find yourself surrounded by books… and then there is one magic book that is sure to take you on an amazing relaxation journey. Perfect to help with lowering of your blood pressure.

# 3 Healthy Blood Pressure

This MP3 has already helped countless people from my Ebay Store. It uses sub delta frequencies which has been known to sooth the Amygdala and Hypothalamus – this in turn helps to lower the blood pressure. Take a listen to this preview here:

      Preview Healthy Blood Pressure


It is my hope that these recordings can at least assist you to relax and hopefully, through this, your blood pressure will slowly decrease. I recommend listening to these recordings on a daily basis. You don't have to listen to each one every day. One in the morning and one at night would be ideal. if you can only listen to one a day, this is still a great plan.

Cost: $9.95

Files: MP3 (Three files)

Time: 1 1/2 Hours in total

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Please remember to never listen to branwave entrainment if you fall into any of the following categories: suffer with seizures, pregnancy, wear a pacemaker, under 16 years of age or suffer from any mental health conditions. This is never to take the place of professional medical advice.