prayer for world peace

World Peace Meditation Package

world peace meditation

Is world peace possible?

Peace begins with making peace within ourselves first. With this world peace meditation package, we offer hope for a peaceful you and a peaceful world.

This meditation package consists of two beautiful guided meditations, "World Peace Meditation" and "The Secret Garden" Meditation.

Both meditations are spoken by the soothing voice of  Jason Stephenson. (See his successful YouTube meditation channel here.)

Here is what Wikipedia says on World Peace.

For just $9.95, you can have this spiritual meditation package consisting of two peaceful guided meditations, delivered to you in an instant! (MP3 downloads)


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# 1 World Peace Meditation

This guided meditation is perfect for sending peace out to the world. But it all starts from within. First yourself, then your neighbors, community, city, nation, and finally the entire world.

This meditation almost acts as a prayer for world peace. Through meditation, we commune with our God (substitute the word God with your spiritual belief, Buddha, Krishna, Jehovah etc)

By taking time out to use this word peace meditation daily, you are in fact doing your part in praying for world peace.

One step at a time, person by person, and one day the peace we all deserve will be ours for the taking. Please take a listen to the YouTube version here. Our MP3's are of much higher quality.


# 2 The Secret Garden Meditation

Another beautiful guided meditation which focuses on peace. This guided meditation allows you to create your own garden and to release negative thoughts and patterns.

Releasing them into the earths soil, where the earth will nourish the seeds and turn your negative thoughts into more plants within the garden.

This guided meditation is a shorter meditation and is more aimed at peace within.

But we all know, world peace begins with exactly that! Peace inside each individual! Listen to the YouTube meditation here.



Price: $9.95

File: 2 X MP3 downloads

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Let's all work towards world peace. There are some things we don't have power over, however we do have the power to find peace within ourselves. And this the first step towards world peace.