robin williams

A Guided Meditation For Those Who Suffer In Silence – In Memory of Robin Williams

Re-Claim Your Power Guided Meditation

Today, like most of the world, I heard the news of the stage and screen actor, Robin Williams death. It was a shock to me as I'm sure it's a shock to you.

It prompted me to devote this guided meditation "Reclaiming Your Power" in memory of Robin Williams and in the hope that this meditation, may also be able to offer hope to others.

Depression is a real black dog of a thing and it can take young and old, rich and poor. It happens.

Robin had been suffering with depression for years, and unfortunately, it claimed him.  May this meditation help you or a friend. Please share it with the world. The MP3 version can be downloaded for FREE – or listen to it on the Youtube video.

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RIP Robin Williams  – thanks for shining so bright, you lit up the world! I  still smile seeing you as Mrs Doubtfire. 🙂

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